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Summary of CAUL Questionnaire - Local Titles (ANU - 25/9/95)

Page updated 7 December, 1996

ANU received twenty three responses to this questionnaire: ANU; Adelaide; ADFA; Canberra; Central Queensland; Curtin; Deakin; Edith Cowan; James Cook; La Trobe; Macquarie; Melbourne; New South Wales, Northern Territory; Queensland; Queensland University of Technology (QUT); South Australia; Southern Cross; Southern Queensland; Sydney; Western Australia; Western Sydney, Hawkesbury; Wollongong.

Q. 1. Are you still using traditional titles such as Readers' Advisers, Lending Services Librarian, or Acquisitions Librarian?



Q. 2. Do you plan to change these titles in the near future (or have you recently changed them) to titles such as Information Adviser, Information Manager, Director Lending Services, Manager, Information Services, ...?



Q. 2 (a) If so, why?

Q. 2 (b) If you are changing titles what will you call them (or what do you call them if you have already done so)?

Q. 3. Do you plan to retain the use of the word 'librarian' for any positions e.g. Senior Librarian Acquisitions?

Q. 4. If you are changing to different terminology are you changing that terminology across the whole Library or only certain positions?

Q. 5 Any other comments?

Colin Steele,
University Librarian,
The Australian National University
7 November 1995

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