Council of Australian University Librarians (CAUL)

Sponsorship of Library Facilities
ANU 10/9/99
Responses as of 7 March 00
Updated 17 April, 2000
A total of 21 Libraries responded to this survey with the following results (answers refer to Library sponsorship only as opposed to sponsorship of University facilities). In general very little sponsorship is available.

1. Does your library have sponsorship or naming rights for any of the following or other services?

Buildings    4;21
Patron Card / SmartCard   1:21
Carrels / Seats    3:21
PC/MAC Labs 2:21
Electronic publishing initiatives  1:21
Website advertising   0:21
Adopt a book / personalised bookplates 8:21
Alumni appeals 7:21 (with one Library exploring options)
Other     5:21 Adelaide journal subscriptions
Queensland AV material
UWS (Hawkesbury) refurbishment
VUT Staff Quality Award sponsored by Fuji Xerox
2. If you do not already have sponsorship arrangements will you be seeking sponsorship in the near future and if so for what services? 10 of the 21 responses wish to pursue sponsorship in the future. QUT regularly discusses the issues with their University Development Office. 3. What public documents are available if any on these processes? NTU foundation prospectus availabale
University of Queensland details major sponsorship in its Annual Report
UTS currently producing Adopt-a-book leaflets and new book plates
UWA buy a book leaflet available and appeal brochure available shortly
VUT alumni enrolment form refers to donations for book purchases
4. Any other comments? Nil comments other than the Libraries that responded seem interested in sponsorship but would be happy to have some ideas forwarded to them.


Colin Steele

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