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Results of Questionnaire - User Pays: Space (ACU 10/9/97)

Updated 1 June, 1998

Dear Colleagues,

In early September I sent out a questionnaire regarding institutional charges for floor space. This was prompted by an internal ACU decision to look at charging the various functional units (faculties, library, admin sections, etc) for the amount of space they used. Fortunately the idea has been dropped as far as our Library is concerned, although it may still apply to teaching areas within ACU.

Thank you to the 32 institutions who responded.

Only one, RMIT, indicated that it had a full blown system of charging the library (and all other areas) for space used in its day to day operations. This also included costs for cleaning, maintenance, security, utilities, etc.

For those interested the contact person at RMIT is Andrew Jephcott - email

Two others, University of Tasmania and Curtin University of Technology, said that such a scheme was under consideration while a number of other libraries reported that there were some charges for using space outside of the library, e.g., a lecture theatre, but not for the day to day operations.

Thanks again for your responses.

Chris Sheargold Director, Libraries Australian Catholic University
21 October 1997

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