Council of Australian University Librarians (CAUL)

Short Loan/Reserve Collection Usage
CAUL Questionaire - (NNCU - 1/10/97)

Updated 1 June, 1998

University       Question 1.       Question 2.       Question 3.           Question 4.                    Question 5.        Question 6.       
Do you operate a  What are your     What type of          Can you provide an estimate    Can you provide    If there has      
closed access or  loan policies     materials do you      of the Number of items held    short loan         been a            
open access       for Short Loan    accept for inclusion  in your Short Loan collection  statistics for     decrease/increase 
Short Loan        items?            into Short Loans?     by material type?              1995 and 1996? If   in the 1995.96   
Service?                                                                                 Open Access        loan figures,     
indicate number    and any           
of external        particular        
loans.             reason?           

ADFA             Open Access       2 items for 2     Monographs,           Total = 4,000                                     change to open    
                                   hrs +             p/copies, lecture     a)  monographs 2,844                              access            
                                   2 items for 3     notes, personal       b)  photocopies    819                                              
                                   days              copies, videos.       c)  lecture notes      64                                           
                                                                           d)  other   65                                                      

NCSU             Closed Access     2 items for 2     All items listed, +   Total = 1,353                  Bathurst           Bathurst -        
Charles Sturt                      hrs +             videos, slides, some  a)  monographs  593            1995               supplying usage   
Uni                                2 items for 2     student assignments   b)  photocopies  491             25,418           reports to        
                                   days                                    c)  lecture notes    13        1996               lecturers of      
                                                                           d)  other  256                 20,839             items in S.L      
                                                                                                          Wagga              Books of          
                                                                                                          1996               readings sold to  
                                                                                                          18,517             students by       
                                                                                                          Albury             depts.            

NMQU             Open Access       2 items for 2     All items listed      Total = 17,801                 1995               Better            
Macquarie Uni                      hrs               (except exam papers   a)  monographs  7,444          129,261            Photocopiers      
                                                     & jnls) + lecture     b)  photocopies 7,000          1996               Books of reading  
                                                     tapes                 c)  lecture notes + lecture    114,065            for sale          
                                                                           tapes  3,344                                      Not lending       
                                                                           d)  other                                         lecture tapes     


NNCU:A           Open Access       2 items for 2     All items listed +    Total = 15,523                 1995               More              
Newcastle Uni                      hrs               private copies, ABS   a)  monographs    7,132          65,850           photocopiers so   
                                                     + Australian          b) photocopies    5,502        1996               lower loans but   
                                                     Standards             c)  lecture notes    1,247     56, 322            higher internal   
                                                                           d)  other    1,642              %                 use               

NSCU             Open Access       1 item for 2 hrs  All items listed      Total = 2,500                  1995               decrease in 1996  
Southern Cross                     +                 (except journals) +                                  10,181             but increase in   
Uni                                2 items for 2     videos, CD's & CD                                    1996               1997              
                                   days              ROMs                                                  8,432                               

NUN              Open Access       1 item for 3 hrs  All items listed +    Total = 22,180                 1995               N/A               
Uni of NSW                                           cassettes & recorded  a)  monographs     13,000      192,358                              
                                                     lectures              b)  p/copies & exam papers     1996                                 
                                                                            5,000                         185,271                              
                                                                           c)  lecture cassettes                                               
                                                                           d)  other          180                                              

NUNE             Closed Access     2 items for 1 hr  All items listed      Total = 9,088                  1995               Growth due to     
Uni of New                                           (except journals ) +  a)  monographs   4,858         35,854             p/copying for     
England                                              private copies        b)  photocopies    3895        1996               off-campus        
                                                                           c)  lecture notes        41    42,083             students          
                                                                           d)  other 294                                                       

NWU              Open Access       2 items for 2     All items listed      Total = 5,507                  1995               1997 loans        
Wollongong Uni                     hrs               (except journals) +   a)  monographs 2,477           20,500             similar to 1995,  
                                                     some AV items         b)  photocopies 2,506          1996               due to            
                                                                           c)  other    524               44,144             encouraging 3     
                                                                                                                             day loans &       
                                                                                                                             having course     
                                                                                                                             notes pre-bound   

QBON             Open Access       2 items for 2     All items listed +    Total = 2,223                  1995               N/A               
Bond Uni                           hrs               laser & video discs   a)  monographs 1,207           5,153                                
                                                     & computer software   b)  photocopies    799         1996                                 
                                                                           c)  other    217               4,044                                

QCX              Open Access       2 items, for      monographs, software  Total = 7,200                  N/A                1997 slight       
Central QLD Uni                    overnight loan    & PC files +                                                            decrease on 1996  
                                   only              personal copies                                                                           

QGU              Open Access       2 items for 2     All items listed &    Total = 35,484                 1995               Growth due to     
Griffith Uni                       hrs               some loose-leaf       a)  monographs   3,244         27,837             increase in       
                                                     binders               b)  photocopies 18,297         1996               student numbers   
                                                                           c)  private copies 13,000      30,361                               
                                                                           d)  other      943                                                  

QJCU:A           Closed Access     1 book + 2        All items listed      Total = 4,721                  1995               Growth till       
James Cook Uni                     p/copies for 2    (except jnls & exam   a)  monographs   1,759         126,768            1995, but         
                                   hrs               papers) + private     b)  photocopies   2,442        1996               decrease since    
                                   Also 9 hr + 24    copies, disks &       c)  other 520                  99,945             then              
                                   hr loans for      videos                                                                                    
                                   certain material                                                                                            

QAET             Closed Access     2 items.  Loan    All items listed +    Total = 15,523                 1995               Growth due to     
Uni Southern                       periods vary,     keys to rooms         a)  monographs   7,132         30,939             increase in       
QLD                                but usually 3                           b)  photocopies   5,502        1996               student numbers.  
                                   hrs or 24 hrs                           c)  lecture notes   1,247      35,347              Decrease in      
                                                                           d)  exam papers   1,224        %         +14.2%   1997 due to       
                                                                           e)  other      418                                additions to the  

QUT              Varies between    2 books for 2     All items listed,     Total = 5,249                  N/A                Decrease due to   
QLD Uni of       branches, mostly  hrs + 2           except exam papers    a)  monographs   1,692                            electronic        
Technology       open access       photocopies for   which are in          b)  photocopies   3,557                           reserve & more    
                                   1 hr              electronic form on                                                      photocopiers      
                                                     the web                                                                                   

SFU              Close Access      2 books + 3       All items including   Total = 60,834                 1995               Decrease due to   
Flinders Uni of                    p/copies for 2    audio & video         a)  monographs 17,422          147,369            S.L items         
SA                                 hr                cassette players.     b)  photocopies 42,057         1996               transferring to   
                                                     Copies of audio       c)  audio & video taped        114,091            open shelves      
                                                     lecture notes         lectures      935                                 during            
                                                     provided for a fee    d)  other      420                                renovations.      

VDU              Closed Access     3 items for 2     monographs &          N/A                            1995               Increase in 1996  
Deakin Uni                         hrs               p/copies                                             105,328            Decrease in 1997  
                                                     Electronic Reserve                                   1996                                 
                                                     has exam papers,                                     136,839                              
                                                     lecture notes etc.                                                                        

VLU:A            Closed Access     2 items for 3     All items listed      Total = 12,243                 1995               Decrease due to   
LaTrobe Uni                        hrs                                                                    141,471            sale of course    
                                                                                                          1996               readings          
                                                                                                          %           -6%                      

VMOU             Open Access       2 items for 2     All items listed      Total  = 26,000                1995               N/A               
Monash Uni                         hrs +                                   a)  monographs   6,000         74,843                               
                                   2 items for 2                           b)  photocopies & lecture      1996                                 
                                   days                                    notes 20,000                   77,980                               

VSWT             Closed Access     2 items for 2     All items listed      Total = 15,768                 N/A                N/A               
Swinburne Uni                      hrs               (except journals) +   a)  monographs 2,361                                                
of Technology                                        personal copies,      b)  p/copies & lecture notes                                        
                                                     Australian            2,425                                                               
                                                     Standards, AV         c)  journals 5,901                                                  
                                                     material              d)  standards 4,177                                                 
                                                                           e)  other    898                                                    

                 Open Access       2 items for 2     All items listed +    Total  = 10,944                N/A                Decrease due to   
VU                                 hrs               private copies +      a)  monographs 8,101                              pre-packaged      
Uni of                                               University handbooks  b)  p/copies & lecture notes                      readings          
Melbourne                                                                  2,497                                                               
                                                                           c)  other    346                                                    

WCX              Open Access       2 items for 2     All items listed &    Total = 5,000                  N/A                Decrease due to   
Edith Cowan Uni                    hrs               videos & audio        a)  monographs 3,200                              in-house binding  
                                                     cassettes             b)  photocopies    850                            of articles       
                                                                           c)  lecture notes                                                   
                                                                           d)  other     585                                                   

WMU              Open Access       overnight loans   All items listed +    Total = 12,382                 N/A                N/A               
Murdoch Uni                        only              videos & theses       a)  monographs & p/copies                                           
                                                                           b)  other 7,882                                                     

XNTU             Open Access       2 items for       All items listed +    Total = 15,986                 1995               Decrease due to   
Northern                           varying loan      videos, audiotapes,   a)  monographs 4,876           38,443             extra             
Territory Uni                      periods: - 2      CDS & personal        b)  photocopies 9,948          1996               photocopier       
                                   hrs; 24 hrs; 72   copies                c)  other 1,162                34,361                               
                                   hrs; 7 days                                                            %                                    

University          Question 7.     Question 8.      Question 9.      Question   Question 11.   Question     Question   Question     Question     
                    For open        How many staff   Do you have      10.        Do you accept  12.          13.        14.          15.          
                    access          are dedicated    policies to      Do you     multiple       Do you       Do you     For open     Do you       
                    operations do   to Short Loans?  accept and       impose     copies of      encourage    Charge     access do    accept       
                    you collect                      process          restrictio monographs     the use of   for        you provide  bookings/    
                    'in-house'                       essential and    ns on      and journal    other loan   materials  study        reservation  
                    usage                            recommended      number of  articles.      catergories? into       carrels and  on Short     
                    statistics?                      readings,        items                                  short      are          Loan items   
                                                     requests from    accepted?                              loans?     photocopiers for use in   
                                                     academics &                                                         available?  advance?     
                                                     staff, etc.?                                                                                 

ADFA                Yes, by         Hew 5  1         b)  and          No         No             No, 3 day    No         No study     Yes, up to   
                    scanning        Hew 2/3 2.5      d)  lecture                                loan within             places       10 days in   
                    barcode into    Total 3.5        notes                                      S.L                     2            advance      
                    system                                                                                              photocopiers              

NCSU                No              Short Loans &    b)  and          No         a)  yes, but   Yes, 2 day   No         N/A          Yes, 24 hrs  
Charles Sturt Uni                   Circ.. duties    d)  high use                maximum of 2   loans                                             
                                    integrated       items                       b)  yes, but                                                     
                                                                                 related to                                                       
                                                                                 number of                                                        
                                                                                 students in                                                      

MNQU                N/A             Hew 6 1          a)  and          No         a)  yes but    Yes, 3 day   No         Benches      No           
Macquarie Uni                       Hew 4 2.5        b)   lecture                related to     loan                    provided                  
                                    Total 3.5        notes &                     number of                              14                        
                                                     textbooks.                  students                               photocopiers              
                                                     Recommended                 b) no                                                            
                                                     readings are                                                       8 listening               
                                                     made 3 day loan                                                    booths                    

NNCU:A              Yes, by         Hew 6 .1         c)  and          No         a)  yes, but   Yes, 3 day   No         16 study     Yes, 24 hrs  
Newcastle Uni       scanning        Hew 2 4.1        d)  lecture                 max of 2       loan                    places                    
                    barcode into    Total 4.2        notes                       b)  yes, but                           14                        
                    system                                                       usually up to                          photocopiers              

NSCU                N/A             S.L & Circ.      c)               No         Yes            No           No         38 study     No           
Southern Cross Uni                  duties                                                                              places                    
                                    integrated                                                                          3                         
                                    Hew 4 staff                                                                         photocopiers              

NUN                 N/A.            Hew 8 1          c)               No         Yes            Yes, 3 day   No         1 study      Yes, No      
Uni of NSW                          Hew 5 1                                                     loans                   place        limit  on    
                                    Hew 4 2                                                                             3 benches    how far in   
                                    Hew 3 6                                                                             2            advance      
                                    Hew 1 4                                                                             photocopier               
                                    Total 14                                                                                                      

NUNE                N/A             Hew 6 .1         c)  +            No         a)  Yes, but   No.          No         N/A          Yes, 24 hrs  
Uni of New England                  Hew 4 .4         d)  high use                max of 2       3 day loan                                        
                                    Hew 3 .2         items                       b)  yes, but   abandoned                                         
                                    Total .7                                     max of 3       1997                                              

NWU                 No, but will    Hew 7 1          b)  +            No,        a) yes, but    Yes, 3 day   No         16 study     No, except   
Wollongong Uni      commence        Hew 3 3          d)  lecture      though     max. of 3      loan                    places       AV Reserve   
                    in-house use    Hew 2 14         notes,           attempt    b) yes, but                            5            items        
                    count in 1998   Total  18        p/copies, high   to limit   usually up to                          photocopiers              
                                                     use items        to 30      2                                                                

QBON                N/A             SL & Circ.       c)  +            No         Yes            Yes, 3 day   No         27 study     No           
Bond Uni                            duties           d)  lecture                                loan                    places                    
                                    integrated       notes                                                              3                         
                                                                                                                         (1 colour)               

QCX                 N/A             S.L & Circ.      c)               No         Yes            Yes, 3 day   No         38 study     No           
Central QLD Uni                     duties                                                      loan                    places                    
                                    integrated                                                                          2                         

QGU                 No              Hew 4 1          c)  +            No         a)  no         No           No         6 study      No           
Griffith Uni                        Hew 3 1.7        d)  lecture                 b)  yes, but                           places                    
                                    Hew 2 .3         notes                       max. of 2                              14                        
                                    Total 3                                                                             photocopiers              

QJCU:A              N/A             Hew 5 .1         c)  +            No         Max of 3       No, though   No         N/A          Yes, only    
James Cook Uni                      Hew 2 & 3 1.5    d)  lecture                 photocopies    some 5 day                           on           
                                    Total 1.6        notes                                      loans next                           overnight    
                                                                                                year                                 loans        

QAET                N/A             Hew 6 .1         c)  +            No         No             No           No         N/A          Yes, 24 hrs  
Sthn QLD Uni                        Hew 2 2.8        d)  exam                                                                                     
                                    Hew 1 1.3        papers, high                                                                                 
                                    Total 4.2        use material                                                                                 

QUT                 N/A             Hew 5 .2         c)               Max. No.   Yes, but       Yes, 1 week  No         No study     No           
QLD Uni of                          Hew 3 3                           of         normally max.  loan                    places                    
Technology                          Total 3.2                         items/cour of 3                                   5                         
                                                                      se but                                            photocopiers              

SFU                 N/A             SL & Circ.       a)  +            No         a)  no         Yes. 1,3 &   No         N/A          No, only on  
Flinders Uni of SA                  duties           d)  lecture                 b)  yes, but   7 day loans                          V/ tapes  &  
                                    integrated       notes                       max of 6                                            Internet     

VDU                 N/A             SL & Circ.       c)  +            Seldom     N/A            No           No         N/A          No           
Deakin Uni                          duties           d)  lecture      more than                                                                   
                                    integrated       notes            20                                                                          

VLU:A               N/A             Hew 5 1          N/A              Yes,       Yes, I         Yes, 3 day   No         N/A          Yes, up to   
LaTrobe Uni                         Hew 4 1                           considerin copy/100       & 7 day                              4 items +    
                                    Hew 3 4                           g class    students       loans                                up to 4      
                                    Hew 2 1                           size &                                                         weeks in     
                                    Total 7                           previous                                                       advance      

VMOU                Yes, by         Hew 4 1          c)               No         1-15 students  Yes, 3 day   No         limited      No           
Monash Uni          scanning        Hew 3 5                                      = 1 copy.  Up  & 7 day                 seating                   
                    barcode into    Total 6                                      to 200+        loans                   8                         
                    system                                                       students = 14                          photocopiers              

VSWT                N/A             SL & Circ.       b) +             No         a)  yes        No, though   No         N/A          No           
Swinburne Uni of                    duties           d)  lecture                 b)  yes, max   some 2 day                                        
Technology                          integrated       notes & high                of 6           loans                                             
                                                     use material                                                                                 

VU                  No, but will    Hew 5 1          c)               No         a)  yes        yes, 1 week  No         No study     Yes          
Uni of Melbourne    commence        Hew 2 3                                      b)  yes, max   loans                   places                    
                    scanning        Total 4                                      of 3                                   4                         
                    barcodes in                                                                                         photocopiers              

WCX                 N/A             Hew 6 .1         c)               Yes,       a)  usually    Yes, 3 day   No         26 study     No           
Edith Cowan Uni                     Hew 2 2.8                         considerin not            loans                   places                    
                                    Hew 1 1.3                         g class                                           4                         
                                    Total 4.2                         size                                              photocopiers              

WMU                 N/A             Hew 5 .5         c)  +            No         1 item/30      No, though   No         149 study    Yes, 48 hrs  
Murdoch Uni                         Hew 3 & 4 3.5    d)  high use                students, max  some 3 day              places                    
                                    Total 4          material                    of 4 items     loans                   7 listening               

XNTU                N/A             Hew 4 1          c)  +            No         a)  usually    No, varying  No         No study     No           
Northern Territory                  Hew 3 .7         d)  lecture                 max of 2       loan                    places                    
Uni                                 Total 1.7        notes etc                   b)  usually    periods                 2                         
                                                                                 max of 2       lent from               photocopiers              
                                                                                                within SL                                         

Question 16.

Any other comments?

ADFA We have a very small student population and do not appear to have the same scale of demand and problems as may be experienced elsewhere.

NCSU The closed access system works well for us, lecturers have been especially pleased with the usage report that is sent to them at the end of each semester so they can identify items used little or not at all, they have responded to this by limiting items placed on Short Loan and encouraged more use by students.

NMQU Reserve and 3-day loan work very well at Macquarie. The collections are growing but we hope to make some changes in 98 that will reduce the numbers. The academic staff send us their reading lists in time (just).

NNCU:A The open reserve system works well for us. We are concerned that the size of the Short Loan collection continues to grow and we are looking to implement policies to restrict the number of items being accepted or perhaps, charge for certain items against the book vote. We also need to develop strategies with the cooperation of academic staff and the user education program, to ensure students are using the general collection more effectively.

NUN In general our system works well. We are investigating the use of electronic delivery and currently have the University's exam papers on an image database with two retrieval stations within the Reserve area and on the Web, accessible via our CD-ROM workstations. The Library is investigating Electronic Reserve.

NUNE Our closed reserve works very well for the Dixson Library and its community. The collection is always in good order and items readily findable when requested. One service point for general collection loans, and retrievals from the RR, works well and only adds about 15% to the work load at the Loans Desk. This contribution in staff time probably saves much more in terms of the minimal effort need to maintain this important collection in god order as well as the saving accruing from having a single service point. Another advantage is the speed with which shelf reading (to ensure Dewey order) can be conducted - we do this at least fortnightly. The collection is also checked each term (ie 4 times/year) using a shelf list to stocktake and ensure what is meant to be available is actually there. Due to the closed access collection, these are a relatively simple tasks which means they do actually get done!, with the consequent benefits to users in term of quality of service. Complaints regarding RR are minimal to none.

NWU In 1998 our Reserve Collection Room will be almost 50% larger and more seating space will be available; this is in response to high demand for this change from students. We are also working with Faculty Librarians via the information literacy program to ensure students are using the general collections more effectively and not solely relying on the Reserve Collection.

QCX Our reserve collection works quite well. In the past, material wasn't taken off at the end of semester unless it was requested we do so by the lecturer. This resulted in a considerable amount of "dead wood" being left on reserve year in and year out. The system in place now requires a fresh look at what is required on reserve each semester. Considerable use is also made of the external mailing copies in the room - this collection is growing.

QGU The open reserve collection works well for us. The lending services review which is taking place at the moment is reviewing the way tasks are performed in reserve, and there many be some significant changes, including the introduction of the 3-day loan for semester 1, 1998. We do a complete 'de-frost' of the reserve collection at the end of each semester, to ensure that only current, high use items are kept in reserve.

QJCU:A As the area for our reserve collection is small we need to keep the collection small and dynamic. We have looked at expanding the area, but this may not happen for some time as funding is now a problem. Recently we have been more flexible in borrowing items. This is in direct response to Lectures and borrowers requests.

QAET The open reserve system works well for us. We are concerned that the size of the Short Loan collection continues to grow and we are looking to implement policies to restrict the number of items being accepted or perhaps, charge for certain items against the book vote. We also need to develop strategies with the cooperation of academic staff and the user education program, to ensure students are using the general collection more effectively.

QUT Short Loans are considered an integral part of information resources management at QUT Library. While there are no reliable figures it is suggested that usage of short loans and the reserve collection continue to grow as student fees and cost rise and library resources diminish in real terms. However, this has been offset by introducing photocopying facilities into the reserved collection room and the implementation last year of a very successful electronic reserve collection which offers students remote access twenty four hours a day. We also are looking forward to a new automated system next year which will hopefully manage the reserve collection and other short loans in a much more satisfactory manner.

SFU We have made a decision in principle to go to open reserve and are waiting to see if we can get the necessary funds for minor building works.

VDU We are moving to an electronic reserve collection as quickly as technological advances and copyright regulations will allow. This will be to the advantage of our off-campus students, as well as reducing the lending/returning time at the front desk.

VLU:A We are considering changing to Open Reserve with the planned refurbishment of the area.

VMOU Our experience in the main library does not indicate any increase reliance on reserve materials, although they remain very popular. Experience at other branches indicated that the more you place restrictions, suddenly the more in demand they become (not sure which comes first). At the Law Library more than half the loans are form items placed in a closed reserve. Lecturers insist on certain material remaining in reserve despite evidence that students are not reading it. Our experience supports the need for more copies of a variety of titles not just text books scattered throughout our libraries to support students studying at many campuses or off campus. We are concerned about compilations of student readings, but even in those courses students seem via the CDROM service to be increasingly seeking our assistance with down loading of full text articles, and photocopying from our serial collections. Our major problem of current serials and bound volumes.

VSWT We do not feel that having a closed reserve is stopping the students from using the general collection to tis fullest. With Closed Reserve we are able to make available most of the items, both journals and monographs. We have considered an Open Reserve but at this stage do not have space. We are also concerned about increased damage to the items and the difficulties in keeping the items on Reserve in good order if care in not taken with the shelving, eg. we have over 2,000 journal articles/solutions/lecture notes in a single numerical sequence. Reference type assistance is often required with items held in the Periodicals Reserve collection and this may not be available if we had an Open Reserve area.

VU This is our first year of operation as an open reserve. It is very successful and seems to be popular with the students. The number of titles currently being held is artificially high for this year only. Collection is weeded on a usage basis annually, but this was not done in '96 in order to create the overnight loan collection. Would expect the combined collection of 2 hour and overnight titles to run at no more than 8,000 from now on.

WMU On the whole WMDU's Reserve service works well. The main problems arise from: Late return of overnight loans, as, with a penalty point rate of 10 points per hour overdue, this usually leads to suspension of borrowing rights; and vandalism of reserve materials, mostly bound photocopies and exam papers.

XNTU The open reserve system works well. But we are concerned that many lecturers rely too heavily on Short Term Loan and that many items added to the collection are never borrowed. We need to develop strategies with the cooperation of academic staff and faculty liaison librarians to ensure students are using the general collections more effectively.

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