Library Refurbishment in Australian University Libraries

(CAUL questionnaire 13 May 1994)

Compiled and updated by The University of Queensland Libraries June 1995

Q.1 Has your library (or branch) been refurbished during the past 5 years ?

Australian  National       Difficulty defining 'refurbishment'.  Several     
University                 areas in the Library have been re-done; the       
                           largest being a re-fit of the basement of the     
                           Hancock Building as a Library and campus store.   

Deakin University          Burwood Campus extensions; Geelong Campus         
                           renovations; Rusden Campus renovations;           
                           Warrnambool Campus renovations.                   

Edith Cowan University     No.  Two new buildings to replace existing ones   
                           at Joodalup Campus (1993) and Mount Lawley        
                           Campus (1996).                                    

Griffith University        Yes, during extensions 1992/1993.                 

James Cook University      Main Library in 1990.                             

La Trobe University        Only a new Audio-Visual Services Desk in 1994.    

Monash University          Partially in Caulfield, Main, Law, Biomedical,    
                           Frankston and Hargrave.                           

Northern Territory         Casuarina Campus - administration and reference   
University                 offices and demountables for Technical Services   
                           in 1989. New Main Library building completed      
                           June 1993 Main Library Stage 2 (due for           
                           completion) 1995; Myilly Point Campus -           
                           refurbishment of law wing and extension 1990;     
                           Tiwi Campus - minor refurbishment 1994;           
                           Palmerston Campus - new library 1994              

Queensland University of   Continuous expansion and refurbishment since      
Technology                 1992.                                             

Royal Melbourne Institute  Central Library extension 1992/1994. Central      
of Technology              Library refurbishment August 1994/January 1995    
                           Business Information Centre August 1994/December  
                           1995 TAFE Library planning in progress            

Southern Cross University  Yes, 1992/1993.                                   

University of Adelaide     No major refurbishment, only minor changes. A     
                           new library is being built on the Waite Campus.   

University of Ballarat     The Library building was extended by one floor    
                           in 1991, of which the Library occupies half.      

University of Melbourne    About to commence upgrading all floors and        
                           entirely refitting the Baillieu. Also will        
                           refurbish another area of the Library system to   
                           house research collections.                       

University of New England  Partial replacement of library roof.  Anticipate  
                           extensive refurbishment in 1995/1996.             

University of New South    General Services Department (including Loans and  
Wales                      Reserve), Photocopying, Social Sciences and       
                           Humanities Library, and Library Administration    
                           refurbished 1991/1993.                            

University of Newcastle    Major earthquake repairs as well as minor         
                           refurbishment including administration area and   
                           University Librarian's office and remodelling of  
                           Technical Services; minor remodelling of areas    
                           to put in Open Reserves;  and remodelling of Law  
                           Reading Room.                                     

University of Queensland   Law Library 1989/1990.                            

University of Southern     Refurbished in 1993 to provide 40% more space.    

University of Sydney       Fisher Library - relocation/expansion Technical   
                           Services work areas;  relocation of Special       
                           Reserve collection, service point, staff;         
                           refurbishment of entrance foyer and main          
                           corridor; replacement floor coverings in          
                           reference/catalogue areas and in corridors on     
                           two other floors; repairs to external awnings.    
                           Engineering Library - additional space and        
                           general refurbishment as part of new wing for     
                           Engineering building.  Nursing Library - New      
                           library as part of refurbishment of a former      
                           factory building for the Faculty.                 

University of West         Creation of the Scholars' Centre, Business        
Australia                  Library etc. has reorganised Reid Library; one    
                           floor of Reid recarpeted 1993.                    

University of Western      Part refurbishment in 1991 during extensions.     

University of Wollongong   Partial staged refurbishment of main library      
                           foyer, administration offices and seminar rooms.  

Q.2 If so, what was the cost?

Australian Nat. Univ.      $844,000.                                         

Deakin University          Burwood campus $7,200,000; Geelong campus         
                           $160,000; Rusden campus $30,000; Warrnambool      
                           campus $240,000.                                  

Edith Cowan University     Joodalup campus $6.8 million; Mt. Lawley $11.5    

Griffith University        $1.409 million.                                   

James Cook University      Work was part of an extension so a separate       
                           figure not available.                             

La Trobe University        Not stated.                                       

Monash University          Not known.                                        

Northern Territory         Casuarina campus ca.$30,000; $7.4 million; ca.$4  
University                 million. Myilly Point campus $500,000. Tiwi       
                           campus costs unavailable. Palmerston campus       
                           costs not readily available.                      

Qld Univ. of Tech.         $3,884,778.                                       

Royal Melbourne Institute  est. $4.5 million; est. $600,000; unknown;        
of Technology              unknown.                                          

Southern Cross University  $3,794,000.                                       

University of Adelaide     Not applicable.                                   

University of Ballarat     approx. $1 million.                               

University of Melbourne    estimated Baillieu $5 million; research           
                           collections ?$2 million (message corrupted).      

University of New England  $60,000                                           

University of New South    $1,361,088.                                       

University of Newcastle    Not stated.                                       

University of Queensland   $3 million.                                       

University of Sth Qld      $1.1 million.                                     

University of Sydney       Fisher Library $470,000; $99,000; $96,000;        
                           $98,000; $290,000. Engineering Library $300,000   
                           Nursing Library $750,000                          

University of West         Not stated.                                       

Univ. of West Sydney       Not stated.                                       

University of Wollongong   ca. $100,000.                                     

Q.3 What was the source of funds ?

Australian Nat. Univ.      Buildings and Grounds Division                    

Deakin University          Burwood campus DEET $6.7 million, State $.5       
                           million. Geelong campus DEET $100,000, Minor      
                           works $60,000. Rusden campus Minor works          
                           $30,000. Warrnambool campus DEET $125,000, Minor  
                           works $115,000.                                   

Edith Cowan University     Joondalup campus DEET; Mount Lawley campus ECU    
                           capital funds.                                    

Griffith University        DEET $.5 million, University Fund $.25 million,   
                           University contingency $.35 million, Divisional   
                           Funds $.309 million.                              

James Cook University      DEET capital grant (no separate figure as part    
                           of extension)                                     

La Trobe University        Not stated.                                       

Monash University          Partly Building Branch, partly Library.  No       
                           figure stated.                                    

Northern Territory         Casuarina campus  $30,000  NTU Minor works  $7.4  
University                 million from DEET/NT government  approx. $4       
                           million DEET/NT government; Myilly Point campus   
                           NT Government; Tiwi campus not available;         
                           Palmerston campus not available                   

Qld Univ. of Tech.         Capital works $2,234,512  Centrally funded minor  
                           works $1,294,308  Division funded minor works     
                           $299,998  Centrally funded deferred maintenance   
                           $120,532  Copying services minor works $44,097    

Royal Melbourne Institute  DEET capital funds, University private funds      
of Technology              University private funds, Office of TAFE and      
                           Further Education (OTFE) private funds OTFE       

Southern Cross University  Commonwealth government                           

University of Adelaide     Not applicable                                    

University of Ballarat     DEET                                              

University of Melbourne    Research collections $2.2 million quality funds,  
                            $130,000 ditto.                                  

University of New England  DEET                                              

University of New South    Library self-earned funds, University funds,      
Wales                      DEET                                              

University of Newcastle    Administration area etc. amalgamation funds;      
                           Open Reserves Library recurrent funding; Law      
                           Reading Room Law Dean's budget                    

University of Queensland   DEET, appeal funds, University private funds      

Univ. of Sth Qld           DEET                                              

University of Sydney       Fisher Library $262,000 DEET, $69,000 major       
                           equipment funds, $142,000 Library                 

University of W.A.         ?Minor Works budget                               

Univ. of West Sydney       Capital funds                                     

University of Wollongong   Library funds                                     

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