Council of Australian University Librarians (CAUL)

Library Reporting Lines and University Administrations
(ANU Questionnaire 24/1/00)
Responses as of 13 March 00
Updated 17 April, 2000
As of the above date 28 University Libraries have responded to the survey. Seven of these are GO8 Libraries and 4 are New Zealand Libraries. In a number of cases information was also provided for IT Services. For most questions the summary below will only deal with the Library component – further details on the IT component can be found in the attached spreadsheet.

1. Who has responsibility for the Library and IT Services (or their equivalent) with the University Executive?
PVC (Academic)    9 
DVC     10 
Vice Chancellor    2 
Assistant Vice Chancellor   2 
University Librarian (PVC equivalent) 1 
Director Information & Dep Principal 1 
University Librarian   1 
Vice Principal Information   1 
Vice President Academic   1 
IT Services 
PVC Academic    3 
Executive Director   2 
Director Admin & Registrar  3 
PVC (Information)   3 
AVC (Computing)   2 
Director Information & Dep. Principal 2 
Director Information Services  2 
DVC     2 
Head Student & Staff Services  1 
Vice Principal Information   2 
Vice President (Admin)   1
(Some of the portfolio names vary slightly – see attachment for details)

2. Is the person to whom the University Librarian reports a member of the University Executive, i.e, the inner executive management group headed by the Vice-Chancellor?

Yes, in all cases

3. Are there any other elements with the portfolio and what title covers the portfolio?

Varies, see spreadsheet for details of each University

4. Is there a one-line budget for the information divisions or its equivalent if it exists in your university? What processes are entailed in the allocation of resources with the division?

Library has its own budget 19

One-line budget for multi-component division 5


5. How is structured academic input from across the University received in the wider portfolios of information coordination in your university?

Variety of Committee structures – see attached spreadsheet for details.

6. Any other issues?

See attached spreadsheet for details.

University Library
Library / IT Responsibility
Reporting line to University Executive membership
Other elements within portfolio
Budget lines within portfolio
Structure of Academic input
Other issues
Adelaide University
Library - DVC (Education) 


IT – Head Student & Staff Services


(for both)

N/A as no Information Division N/A Both Library & ITS have user committees – both are members of Academic Boards. Librarian is a member of 6 Faculty Boards of Studies. University Librarian ceased to be a member of VC Committee in 1993 – communication since has not been as easy.
Charles Sturt University
PVC (Planning & Development) Yes Student Administration 

PVC (P&D) also leads a 4 person Information Learning & Systems Group(ILSG) charged with expediting online delivery – group consists of: 

  • 2 PVCs
  • ILSG
  • Executive Director IT
  • Executive Director Library
Separate budget lines Academic Senate serves as a forum for academic/library exchanges. Matters may also be raised at VC Advisory Committee. 

ILSG reports to VC and may refer particular issues to Academic Senate or Deans’ meetings.

Internal review currently under way at CSU
Curtin University of Technology
Deputy Vice Chancellor (Teaching and Learning) for Library & "academic computing" through Centre for Educational Advancement. 

Executive Director for IT Services

Yes DVC portfolio includes Library and Information Service (LIS), University Counselling & Health Services and Centre for Educational Advancement No one-line budget 

LIS receives off the top allocation

Managed through Planning and Management Committee, which includes VC, all DVCs, Executive Director and Executive Deans.  
Deakin University
Library – Vice President Academic 

IT – Vice President Admin

  • Educational technology
  • Academic professional development
  • Publications
  • Course accreditation
Library has its own budget LC an Advisory Committee & is a committee of Academic Board. 

IT committee is also a committee of Academic Board

Flinders University
Library – Vice Chancellor 

IT Services – Director of Administration & Registrar


Flinders Executive Group 

Comprises: VC, DVC, PVC Research, 4 Faculty Heads, Director Admin & Registrar(DAR), University Librarian

N/A Library has own one line budget as does Faculties and Central Admin. 

IT Services needs to compete for its allocation from within Admin & Registrar with all other Central Areas

Three levels: 
  1. VC Committee (Librarian & DAR members)
  2. Infrastructure Committee chaired by DVC (PVC Research, 4 Faculty Heads, DAR, Librarian & Director ITS)
  3. Library Advisory Committee
Arrangement works very well for Library 
Griffith University
PVC (Information Services) Yes  Division of Information Services (INS) includes: 
  • Library & Information Literary Services
  • IT Services
  • Flexible Learning Services
  • Admin unit for the Division
INS receives a one-line budget – allocation determined by INS Executive Information Services Policy Committee (ISPC) is a committee of Council. 4 advisory groups for ISPC: 
  • Teaching, Learning & Research Advisory Group
  • Information Services Infrastructure Group
  • Administrative Information Systems Advisory Group
  • Library & Information Literacy Services Advisory Group
James Cook University
PVC (Information Services & Technologies) Yes Portfolio includes: 
  • Library
  • IT
  • Communications & AV
PVC (Staff development & student affairs) is parallel & includes: 
  • Equity & Staff development
  • Teaching & Learning Development
  • Student Affairs
One line budget for Academic Support Division – fixed % of University’s operating grant. Library Committee (and others) were absorbed into Academic Services Advisory Committee (ASAC) which covers portfolios of both PVCs. Various sub-committees of ASAC. Slit of duties of 2 PVCs deemed necessary to cover workload as PVC1 is also Rector of the Cairns campus. 

Both PVCs operate within a single budget and common admin support staff.

La Trobe University
Library – DVC Research 

ITS – PVC Information Technology

Yes – DVC memebr of committee comprising VC & DVCs N/A Library and ITS have separate budget lines Information & Communications Technology Standing Committee reports to VC through VCAC – membership; 
  • PVC (IT)
  • A nominated Dean
  • Chief Librarian
  • VC nominated admin staff
  • VC nominated Academic Staff
In attendance – Director ITS 

Library Committee is a Council Committee – no direct link with ICTSC. Director ITS is not a member of LC

In past Chief Librarian reported directly to VC.
Lincoln University, Canterbury
Library – Deputy VC 

IT – VC 

(last year Librarian & Manager Computing & Ed Resources both reported to Information & Learning Centre Manager (ILC) (see notes Q 6) who reported to DVC

Yes ILC included: 
  • Library 
  • Former Computing Services 
  • Education Services
Latter 2 groups merged to form Computing & Educational Resources. The merger has not been successful. 

Management Information Systems has now merged with computing so currently 3 areas in current reporting line structure: 

  • Library
  • IT Services
  • Teaching & Learning Services
Currently separate budget lines 

ILC had some funds shifting between division components 

Library Committee disbanded some time ago. Input now sought through Consultative groups and Divisional liaison networks as well as surveys and informal mechanisms. 

Library strategies aligned with University business plan. 

Librarian member of Academic Board. 

ILC structure has an Information Systems Policy and Strategy Committee. IT responsibilities now with ITS Director

2 restructurings in last 2 years as follows; 
  1. To form an information services group known as Information & Learning Centre
  2. Split up of ILC
Librarian was ILC manager for 40% and Librarian for 60% until last month
Massey University
Library – Assistant 

VC (Academic) 

Computing Services – Assistant VC (Support Services)

Yes AVC (A) responsible for academic matters & chairs Academic Cttee. Library has its own budget line. Library Committee an advisory committee – no equivalent for Computing Services. No formal meetings between Librarian & Director IT Support for IT matters has been on an ad hoc basis and independent of strucutre.
Murdoch University
PVC Academic Yes 

Senior management teams includes Executive Deans & PVCs

Academic Affairs portfolio includes: 
  • Uni wide academic planning with Executive Deans
  • Library
  • Teaching & Learning
  • Equity (students)
  • Aboriginal student support Centre
  • Student services
One line budget divided along historical lines. 

Library acquisitions falls outside this budget, coming off the top of the university budget.

IT strategic Planning Working group set up 1999 includes: 
  • Executive Deans
  • PVCs
  • Librarian
  • IT Manager
  • Academic representation
2000 a new Library Committee with financial focus – membership: 
  • PVC Academic Affairs
  • Executive Deans
  • Librarian
  • Library Admin & Finance Officer
Librarian in past reported to DVC, the VC, and now the PVC Academic. Was a proposal to unite Library and IT Services but this did not happen.  

Given Library & IT report to different PVCs the Library needs to be very proactive to ensure that Library IT issues are on the agenda.

Newcastle University
Executive Director, Information & Education Services and University Librarian (PVC equivalent) Yes 

University Librarian is a member of the University Executive

Information & Education Services Division includes: 
  • Library, 
  • IT services, 
  • Ed Tech, 
  • Corporate Information plus
  • Media production services
  • Learning consultants
5 year budget reviewed annually – linked to the Division’s strategic and management plans. 

Library bookvote & IT Infrastructure development budgets are central funds budgets managed by the Division.

Information Services Committee of Academic Senate – advises Senate and Executive Director (replaced Library Committee) 

Broad IT Infrastructure planning considered by VC’s Advisory Group & University Senior Management Group (Deans plus VCAG)

Changes have provided a more direct link to the VC & Executive re scholarly information issues. Previously UL reported through DVC.
Northern Territory University
PVC (Higher Ed & Research - HER) 

Formerly PVC (Information Resources) – that position to be disestablished

  • Library
  • IT Services
  • Interactive Learning Division
  • Higher Education & Research Branch
4 separate budgets plus PVC HER admin Information Policy Committee is a subcommittee of Planning Board, chaired by relevant PVC with Directors in attendance as observers & information support. 

Library and IT Forum, convened by relevant Director – no membership & open to whole community

Scholarly Information issues should be addressed at InfoPol – but has only been in existence for 12 months
Queensland University of Technology
PVC (Information & Academic Services) Yes Portfolio covers: 
  • IT Services;
  • Teaching & Learning Support Services;
  • Facilities Support Services
One line budget except for Library Resource Allocation (book vote) & IT Strategy fund each of which are fixed centrally as "VCs Initiative" 

One line budget divided historically: 

  • Library 36.9% (36.9% of any increase or decrease)
DIAS Advisory Committee made up of: 
  • Faculty & Divisional reps 
  • Deans
  • PVC Research
  • Faculty Admin Managers
  • Student Admin Assoc Director
  • Policy Adviser to DVC
PVC to take situation of "poor state" of Library budget to VC shortly
University of Auckland
DVC (Academic) – Library 

Director of Admin – IT 



Both positions in Q1 report to VC & DVC (Academic) is a more senior position

DVC (Academic) 
  • Center for Professioinal Development
  • Student Learning Center
  • New start programme
Director of Admin (new position) 
  • Director IT
  • Senior finance
  • Director Property Services
  • Director Atudent & Academic Services
Library has one line budget for capital and operating as does IT directorate. 

All email/internet/phone billed from IT Directorate 

Workstations etc from budget areas

Library Committee is a committee of Senate (Academic Board) and IT Committee is an advisory committee to VC with brief reports to Senate. Academic members elected to IT Committee. Information content issues and IT infrastrucutre discussed in separate forums. Major joint issues are emerging such as authorisation/ authentication etc.
University of Canberra

Executive Director Client Services & University Librarian is one position responsible for Library & IT – no separate Directors

Yes Client Services Division: 
  • Library
  • Central IT
  • Telecommunications service
  • Health & Counselling Centre
Two line budget 

- one for Division as a whole 

- bookvote allocation

Representation of all appropriate committees 

Library users group – meets infrequently as issues handled in other committees or forums. 

Use of small university-wide project groups if appropriate.

University of Melbourne
Library – Vice Principal Information 

ITServices – Vice Principal Information

Yes Multimedia Education Unit 

Coordination of Faculty IT and Multimedia

A one line budget is planned for 2000-02-18 

Library materials vote will be compartmentalised

Through Libraries Committee 

Multimedia Coordinators Group 

IT Users Committee & 

IT Strategy Advisory Committee 

Faculty Committees exist for Library and IT advice

  1. Restructuring in progress
  2. VP (Information) also holds title of University Librarian. Useful at Senior Executive level
University of New South Wales (UNSW)
Director of Information Services and Deputy Principal -–for both Library & IT  Yes 

Is now more effective than reporting through DVC (Academic Affairs)

Portfolio known as Information Services comprises: 
  • Central IT (Communicaitons Unit, Management Information services Unit & Academic Computing Support
  • Library
  • Web Coordinators Unit
  • Until recently also the media & Education Technology Services – now reports to DVC (Academic Affairs) who will report to new PVC (Education)
Separate budget line for Library plus one called Division of Information Services which covers IT. 

Library has a guaranteed percentage of University operating grant. Some adjustments are required to cover positions originally in the Library. 

Two Committees  
  1. Library Advisory Committee
  2. Information Technology Committee
Both report to the Academic Board through Academic Services Committee. 

Director ITS on all 3 committees. 

Principal Librarian member of Academic Services & LAC 

Have been discussions to merge Library & IT Committee but agendas sufficiently different not to warrant this. 

Advisory Committees of Special Libraries have representatives from each School

Advantage having Director on the Executive and located within the Library building (Director came from IT background) 

Other members of Executive located in Chancellry

University of Queensland
Senior DVC – Library 

Secretary & Registrar – IT Services

Yes Reporting to Senior DVC: 
  • Executive Deans (7)
  • Director Teritary Education Develop Institute (TEDI)
Reporting to Secretary & Registrar: 
  • Director Personnel
  • Director Property & Facilities
  • Director Student Admin
  • Director IT Services
Library funded off the top of University’s budget. 

IT Services is part of Secretary & Registrar’s budget

VC’s Information Techology Services Policy & Planning Committee: 
  • Senior DVC
  • 1 Executive Dean
  • DVC Research
  • Secretary & Registrar
  • President Academic Board
  • Student Union reps
  • University Librarian
  • Director ITS
Library, ITS & TEDU used to be part of a group reporting to a PVC Academic Services. Uni decided to de-converge and current structure has been in place for 2 years – works better than previous structure.
University of the Sunshine Coast
University Librarian / Director of Information Services  Yes 

University Librarian / Director Information Services reports directly to the VC

IT Services includes all computing, audio visual & telephony as well as support for instructinal technologies. 2 budgets – one for IT and one for Library. 

Need to maintain 2 separate budgets will be examined by University.

Information Technology / Advisory Committee representation from Library, Faculties and Admin. 

Research Management Committee & Teaching & Learning Committee discuss scholarly information issues. Librarian/Director IS is a member of both.

University of Sydney
DVC (Academic & International) 

IT now in portfolio of DVC (Planning and Resources) 

Assistant PVC (IT) seeking title change to CIO

Yes DVC (Academic & International) also responsible for Teaching & Learning which includes staff development unit. Senate allocated separately to the Library even though theoretically all resources belong to DVC Library Committee of the Academic Board plus library committees associated with branch libraries and/ or faculties  
University of Tasmania
DVC (Library) 

Deputy Principal (ITS)

Yes DVC Division comprises: 
  • Academic Administration
  • Human Resources
  • International Office
  • Library
  • NW Centre
  • Public Relations & University Extension
Library has separate budget within the Division Information Services Committee chaired by DVC. Librarian & Director ITS are ex officio members. University Librarian unlike Director ITS has right of attendance at Academic Senate. Former Information Services Division (headed by PVC, Information Services) was dissolved in Feb 1999 with Library & ITS placed in separate Divisions. View is that Library has gained from this. The survival of the Information Services Committee allows a forum for joint issues to be discussed.
University of Western Australia
DVC for both 

(Librarian meets fortnightly)

Yes No other elements Two budget lines: 
  1. Operating Grant
  2. International Student fees
Library Committee is a sub committee of Academic Board. 

Currently no Information Services Coordination but about to establish an IT Committee

Sub-committee of Research Committee and Library Committee to be established to take on issues of scholarly communication. 


University of Western Sydney Macarthur
PVC Academic 

ITS - Director resources 

(1999 both reported to PVC Academic)

Yes Academic component of PVC Academic includes: 
  • Library
  • Centre for Education Learning & Teaching
  • Industrial Liaison Office
  • Aboriginal education unit
One line budgets 

No formal process for budget discussion 

Formula budgeting

Library Advisory Board reports to PVC Academic and Academic Board UWS currently undergoing total restructure which will see elimination of network members. Envisaged that similar structure to ANU proposed will result..
University of Wollongong
PVC Academic 

IT Services reports to Vice Principal (Administration)

Yes PVC Academic responsible for: 
  • Library
  • Student Learning assistance
  • Educational media & interactive learning
  • Aboriginal Education unit
Library budget remains separate as does IT Services. Other units in PVC portfolio have shared budget. IT Policy Advisory Committee established 2 years ago & included: 
  • Librarian
  • Vice principal (Admin)
  • 2 deans
  • Director ITS
Committee has not met since problems with IT Directors has occurred.
Victoria University of Technology
DVC Yes DVC Division: 
  • Library
  • IT
  • TAFE
Separate lone line budgets for each section of the division Educational Support Services Committee which includes Library & IT – is a sub-committee of the Academic Board and Vocational Education Board. Librarian ex officio member of all 3 Until end 1999 Librarian reported to DVC with Higher Ed responsibility rather than current DVC
Victoria University of Wellington
ACV (Resources) 

Was Director of Information until 3/99, then DVC until AVC® established 8/99

Yes "Resources Group" comprises: 
  • Library
  • HR
  • Finance
  • Facilities Management (property)
  • IT
Separate cost centre for each component unit Academic Board Library Committee established 11/99 in part to counterbalance this "resources" perspective of the University Library Director of Information Resources left University 3/99 & recommended no replacement as position made no added value once reviews of Library & IT completed & implemented. 

Librarian opposed 8/99 "resources" change as Library is academic quality factor not infrastructure. The concept of "Resources Group" is not a popular one.


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