Questions                     Responses - 30 institutions forwarded responses                                             

1. Is the Library part of a   Yes  11 (institutions)                                                                      
wider administrative unit?                                                                                                

2.  What is the name of the   Most names have Information Services in title                                               

3.  What other areas or       Computer Centre / IT      9             Educational Media /AV       5      TESL             
services are included in the  Multimedia                    2             Open Learning                   2       Print   
wider unit?                   Centre                                                                                      
                              Learning Assistance          2            Student Services                 2      PABX/     
                              Tertiary Educ Instit                         Comms / Videoconf           2      Registry    
                              Computer Based Learning                Continuing Education                 Mail            

                              Others included widely disparate functions such as Buildings / Personnel etc                

4.  Contact details for head  see full survey                                                                             
of unit                                                                                                                   

5.  Do areas still retain     Yes 10   No 1 (only as physical sites - not as organisational units)                        
separate identities within                                                                                                
the unit?                     Yes  2  (AV and IT, integrated ISGroup)                                                     
                              No  7  Considering  2                                                                       
Are there plans to change                                                                                                 

6. Are any administrative     None                      3                        Strategic planning     2                 
functions carried out         Budget / Finance      7                        Human Resources     6 (including staff       
centrally in the wider unit?  development)                                                                                

                              Other include secretarial, minor works, equipment, project management, publicity,           
                              management.  One response re "general services" unspecified.                                

7.  Do the Library and        Yes  6  No 14 (but 1 proposes to do so)  Prior response 10                                  
Computing report to the same                                                                                              

8.  Have any service areas    Archives   4       Library Systems Group   2     Media resources / production    7          
been transferred to / from                                                                                                
the Library?                  Others include IT training, printery, Learning Services, CWIS, Curriculum resources         

10.  Have any service         Internet Training     4        Network services     2       CWIS / WWW     2                
functions been operated       Others included CD-ROM, Multimedia, Enquiry Services / Help Desk                            

11.  What consultative        IT Review Working Party                              2  (ADFA report is due in August)      
mechanisms exist between the            Librarian attends HOD meeting                                                     
library and other service     Librarian on IT Main Committee                    4   ITS on Library Committee          3   
units?                              ITAG with reps from both           2                                                  
                              Librarian chairs IT committee / Review            2   Informal                              
                              Director ITS and Librarian meet regularly          5   Joint WP on specific issues          
                              9          Librarian on IT User Group                                                       
                              Joint IT and Services Committee                     9  (1 proposed)                         
                              Many examples of interaction / committees       6   Director IT on Library System Review    
                              Major restructure - in separate divisions (RMIT)                                            

12.  What functions do you    Depends on local factors                6       Teaching / Learning labs      2             
think can be integrated?      Publishing / Scanning                  2                                                    
What functions do you think   Multimedia                                 3        IT / Systems                    2       
can't be integrated?            AV                                           2                                            
                              Client Services / Enquiries / Help    7       Training                           5          
                              Information literacy                                                                        
                              Equipment maintenance                          Desktop support                              
                              Computer based education                                                                    
                              Network access / Infrastructure         3        CWIS / WWW                 2        Staff  
                              Management / Admin / Budget                Publicity / Marketing                            
                              Quality                                     2                                               

                              Separate and distinct roles - Library is information provider, Computer Centre is           
                              information carrier, Audiovisual is information producer and Reprographics is information   

13.  What do you  see as the  Pro                                                                                         
benefits / pitfalls of        One stop shop       6    Convergence                 3      Synergy                2        
integration?                    Focus on outputs     4                                                                    
                              Better expertise      4    Specialist services         4      Flexibility             2     
                                    Client centred         3                                                              
                              Joint admin                Policy / planning          3      Shared resources      3        
                                Technical backup                                                                          
                              Service cohesion    2     Better service delivery   2      Economies of scale               
                              Increased bureaucracy   3     Loss of immediacy          Library gets lost      3           
                              Client confusion                                                                            
                              Different cultures         4    Resistance to change   3    Professional boundaries         
                              Too fast                                                                                    
                              No benefits / Doubtful  3     Dilution of service / loss of focus / Blurring of function    

                      ADFA                           ANU                            Ballarat                       
1. Is the Library     No                             No                             Yes                            
part of a wider                                                                                                    
administrative unit?                                                                                               

2.  What is the name  n.a.                           n.a.                           Information Services Branch    
of the unit?                                                                                                       

3.  What other areas  n.a.                           n.a.                           Computer Centre                
or services are                                                                     Educational Media Unit         
included in the                                                                     Print Centre                   
wider unit?                                                                                                        

4.  Contact details   n.a.                           n.a.                           Assoc Prof Gerry Anderson      
for head of unit                                                                    Assistant VC Information       
                                                                                    tel:  053-279802               
                                                                                    fax:  053-279803               

5.  Do areas still    n.a.                           n.a.                           Yes                            
retain separate                                                                                                    
identities within                                                                                                  
the unit?                                                                           Still being considered         
Are there plans to                                                                                                 
change this?                                                                                                       

6. Are any            n.a.                           n.a.                           Branch budget                  
administrative                                                                      Some staffing issues           
functions carried                                                                   Secretarial support            
out centrally in the                                                                                               
wider unit?                                                                                                        

7.  Do the Library    -                              No                             see 4. above                   
and Computing report                                                                                               
to the same person?                                                                                                

8.  Have any service  -                              No                             Some aAV equipment loans only  
areas been                                                                                                         
transferred to the                                                                                                 

9.  Have any service  -                              No                             No                             
areas been                                                                                                         
transferred from the                                                                                               

10.  Have any         -                              No                             Not joint operation, but       
service functions                                                                   close cooperation on Internet  
been operated                                                                       training and CD-ROM network.   

                      ADFA                           ANU                            Ballarat                       
11.  What             University College has an IT   Librarian on IT Main           Previously a library person    
consultative          Review WP looking at           Committee and Director ITS on  was on Computer Users'         
mechanisms exist      structure and reporting lines  Library Committee - both       Consultative Committee.        
between the library   of Library, Computer,          chaired by Deputy VCs          New proposal has an IT and     
and other service     Audiovisual and Reprographics  Librarian chairs Electronic    Services Committee for the     
units?                Centres.  Report is due in     Information Committee          Branch, with 4 advisory        
                      August                         Director ITS and Librarian     groups - Educational           
                                                     meet monthly with two VCs      Technology, IT Planning,       
                                                     Library and ITS jointly        Library Services, Printing     
                                                     operate Centre for National    and Reprographics              
                                                     Information and Publishing                                    
                                                     (CNIP) - located in library                                   

12.  What functions   There are separate and         Integration may depend on      Still under consideration      
do you think can be   distinct roles which ought     size of institution.  ANU                                     
integrated?           not be blurred or integrated.  operates "binary" system of                                   
What functions do      Library is information        Director ITS and University                                   
you think can't be    provider, Computing is         Librarian.                                                    
integrated?           information carrier, AV is     Teaching and learnining                                       
                      information producer and       laboratories, publishing /                                    
                      Reprographics is information   scanning / multimedia are                                     
                      duplicator.                    obvious examples of links                                     

13.  What do you      No benefits in integration.    Any structure that more        Pro                            
see as the benefits   There are benefits in close    effectively supports the       One stop shop                  
/ pitfalls of         cooperation and coordination   teaching / learning and        Helps deal with convergence    
integration?          of activities, but the         research environment is a      of technology                  
                      library's interests and those  viable one.                    Small operation can create     
                      of its customers are best      The library (that was and is)  better expertise and provide   
                      maintained by retaining        has to be flexible  and        specialist services through    
                      distinct and clear roles.      adaptive with reference to     integrated unit                
                                                     Net developments, otherwise    Joint administrative process   
                                                     it may remain a print-based    better understood              
                                                     "museum".                      Con                            
                                                     PVCs can be too library        Different cultures of IT and   
                                                     focussed or vice-versa.        library                        
                                                     Balance is essential           Resistance to change with      
                                                                                    some staff                     

                    Bond                             Central Queensland             Charles Sturt                  
1. Is the Library   No                               Yes                            No                             
part of a wider                                                                                                    

2.  What is the     n.a.                             Library, Information and       n.a.                           
name of the unit?                                    Media Services                                                

3.  What other      n.a.                             Commercial Information         n.a.                           
areas or services                                    Services                                                      
are included in                                      (Info Serve)                                                  
the wider unit?                                                                                                    

4.  Contact         n.a.                             Judith Edwards                 n.a.                           
details for head                                                                                                   
of unit                                              tel:  079 309435                                              
                                                     fax: 079 309972                                               

5.  Do areas still  n.a.                             Yes                            n.a.                           
retain separate                                      No plans to change                                            
identities within                                                                                                  
the unit?                                                                                                          
Any plans to                                                                                                       
change this?                                                                                                       

6. Are any          n.a.                             Yes                            n.a.                           
administrative                                       Budget allocated to wider                                     
functions carried                                    unit, then divided between                                    
out centrally in                                     units                                                         
the wider unit?                                                                                                    

7.  Do the Library  No                               No                                                            
and Computing                                                                                                      
report to the same                                                                                                 

8.  Have any        no                               Archives to Registrar          Media Resource Unit            
service areas been                                                                  (Production & Equipment)       
transferred to the                                                                  disbanded and functions moved  
Library?                                                                            to Open Learning Institute     
                                                                                    and Div. of IT                 

9.  Have any        No                               No                             Regional Archives              
service areas been                                                                                                 
transferred from                                                                                                   
the Library?                                                                                                       

10.  Have any       No formal integration but        No                             No                             
service functions   library and IT are in same                                                                     
been operated       building and work closely                                                                      
jointly?            together in development of                                                                     
                    network services and staff                                                                     

                    Bond                             Central Queensland             Charles Sturt                  
11.  What           ITAG (IT Advisory Group) has     Advisory Committee for         Teaching Technology            
consultative        representation from all schools  Computer Centre and Library    implementation committee       
mechanisms exist    and  service areas.  H/ware,     have a representative from     Admin Systems Steering         
between the         s/ware and services such as      each unit                      Committee                      
library and other   Help                                                            These are examples - many      
service units?      Desk are discussed.  It is                                      other committees aid with      
                    reactive rether than pro-active                                 interaction                    
                    in its current configuration                                                                   

12.  What           IT is definitely a front-runner  -                              Depends on size of             
functions do you    due to the information process                                  institution                    
think can be        in which both are involved.                                                                    
integrated?         AV is another area which can                                    Library and computing should   
What functions do   effectively sit with the                                        report to same senior officer  
you think can't be  library.  however if the unit                                                                  
integrated?         is actively involved in                                                                        
                    teaching because of the types                                                                  
                    of courses offered, it may be                                                                  
                    less appropriate                                                                               

13.  What do you    Pro                              -                              Pro                            
see as the          As libraries are heavily                                        Potential for service          
benefits /          involved with IT there can be a                                 cohesion                       
pitfalls of         benefit to both areas with IT                                   Policy coordination            
integration?        providing the infrastructure                                                                   
                    and library providing the                                       Con                            
                    customer interface.                                             Increasing bureaucracy         
                    Integration allows greater                                      Loss of immediacy              
                    flexibility in the sharing of                                   Library gets lost              
                    resources, including staff, to                                                                 
                    maximise available options.                                                                    
                    Can be a different focus for IT                                                                
                    / Library which has the                                                                        
                    potential to reduce                                                                            

                    Canberra                           Deakin                             

1. Is the Library   Yes                                No                                 
part of a wider                                                                           

2.  What is the     Information Services Division      n.a.                               
name of the unit?                                                                         

3.  What other      AV, Computing, Mail, Registry,     n.a.                               
areas or services   PABX,                                                                 
are included in     Switchboard, Administrative                                           
the wider unit?     Systems                                                               

4.  Contact         Mrs Lois Jennings                  n.a.                               
details for head    Manager and Librarian                                                 
of unit                                            
                    tel:  06 2015092                                                      

5.  Do areas still  No - only as physical places but   n.a.                               
retain separate     not as organisational units                                           
identities within                                                                         
the unit?           No                                                                    
Any plans to                                                                              
change this?                                                                              

6. Are any          Strategic planning                 n.a.                               
administrative      Physical planning                                                     
functions carried   Budgeting                                                             
out centrally in    Project management                                                    
the wider unit?     Staff profile                                                         
                    Staff development                                                     

7.  Do the Library  see 4 above                        No                                 
and Computing       Organised according to programs.                                      
report to the same  each program has a program                                            
person?             director.  Positions currently                                        
                    being reviewed for classification                                     

8.  Have any        No                                 No                                 
service areas been                                                                        
transferred to the                                                                        

9.  Have any        Brought together in a Training     No                                 
service areas been  Program the training previously                                       
transferred from    managed separately by the Library                                     
the Library?        and Computer Centre for both                                          
                    their own staff and clients (eg                                       
                    reader education)                                                     

10.  Have any       Integration has occurred in        No                                 
service functions   planning, budgeting, priority                                         
been operated       setting and training rather than                                      
jointly?            in services, plus it has resulted                                     
                    in our ability to offer new                                           
                    services not provided previously                                      
                    by any of the units, and to refer                                     
                    clients to the appropriate                                            
                    service point within the Division                                     

11.  What           Program Directors                  Librarian attends Heads of         
consultative        Program Managers                   Divisions of VP (Admin) which is   
mechanisms exist    Project Management to plan for     just about all other service       
between the         and monitor all projects           units.  DVC to whom I report has   
library and other   undertaken throughout the          meeting of Academic Support Units  
service units?      Division                           which includes those HOD which     
                    Numerous working parties to bring  directly support academic work of  
                    together a mix of expertise and    Uni, Acad & Admin Services,        
                    address specific issues            Faculty Admin Services, Course     
                                                       Development Centre etc             
                                                       Regular (monthly) Heads of         
                                                       Library Systems/ITS Managers       
                                                       Joint WP ITSD/ Library and others  
                                                       in Uni.                            

12.  What           There is no recipe for             Central Help Desk where all        
functions do you    integration.  The approach taken   requests for assistance for        
think can be        should take into account the       workstations, network devices and  
integrated?         history, politics and current      electronic services could be       
What functions do   needs of a given University as     centrally recorded and forwarded   
you think can't be  well as the knowledge and skills   to the appropriate person/         
integrated?         of the staff                       section.  For instance sometimes   
                                                       call to library systems Help Desk  
                                                       about denied access to             
                                                       information service is really a    
                                                       workstation software problem       
                                                       handled by ITS.  The caller could  
                                                       log the problem once and expect    
                                                       to get a solution rather than      
                                                       ring two help desk services        

13.  What do you    Integration is bringing together   Sue McKnight's comments            
see as the          people who all directly help                                          
benefits /          clients access information and     You would need to ensure every     
pitfalls of         communicate, and who all see       part of the integrated service     
integration?        their roles changing in this       dept has a client focus.           
                    endeavour owing to PC's linked to  Libraries tend to be staffed by    
                    networks.  It enables them to      people who have received training  
                    identify a new purpose together    in interview techniques, problem   
                    and develop together the services  customers, good communication,     
                    now needed by clients which no     training for groups and one on     
                    unit was previously funded to      one.  There tends to be a lack of  
                    offer or previously responsible    customer focus in some IT shops.   
                    for offering                       Benefit could be a one stop shop   
                                                       for problems / enquiries but this  
                                                       still requires the separate        
                                                       experts in their respective        
                                                       fields and a clever Help Desk      
                                                       operator who can work out whose    
                                                       problem it really is.  i.e. an     
                                                       information problem vs an          
                                                       infrastructure problem.            

                    Curtin                           Flinders                       Griffiths                       
1. Is the Library   Yes                              No                             Yes                             
part of a wider                                                                                                     

2.  What is the     Vice-Chancellory                 n.a.                           Division of Information         
name of the unit?                                                                   Services                        

3.  What other      Planning and Quality             n.a.                           Two Branches -                  
areas or services   EEO                                                             Library and Information         
are included in                                                                     Literacy Services               
the wider unit?                                                                     Information Technology          
                                                                                    Services (includes Multi Media  

4.  Contact         Prof. Lance Tworney              n.a.                           Dr Brian Cook                   
details for head    Deputy VC                                                       PVC (Information and            
of unit                                                                             International Services)         
                                                                                    ph:  07 875 7225                

5.  Do areas still  Yes                              n.a.                           Yes                             
retain separate                                                                                                     
identities within                                                                                                   
the unit?                                                                           No plans to change              
Any plans to                                                                                                        
change this?                                                                                                        

6. Are any          No (restructured April 1995)     n.a.                           HRM                             
administrative                                                                      Finance                         
functions carried                                                                   Divisional planning             
out centrally in                                                                    Quality advancement             
the wider unit?                                                                     Some publicity                  
                                                                                    INS Divisional Management team  
                                                                                    (PVC and Branch heads) does a   
                                                                                    lot of central planning         

7.  Do the Library  No                               No                             No                              
and Computing                                                                       They report to University       
report to the same                                                                  Librarian and Director ITS      
person?                                                                             respectively                    

8.  Have any        No                               No                             Library System Support Group    
service areas been                                                                  to ITS at beginning of 1995     
transferred to the                                                                                                  

9.  Have any        No                               No                             IT Training Group to            
service areas been                                                                  Information Literacy team at    
transferred from                                                                    beginning of 1995               
the Library?                                                                                                        

                    Curtin                      Flinders                       Griffith                             
10.  Have any       No                          AARNet / Internet tarining     In process of setting up integrated  
service functions                               for Uni staff (with Computer   Enquiry Services team and desk at    
been operated                                   Centre)                        Nathan.  HEW 5 level staff are       
jointly?                                                                       being trained to deliver enquiry     
                                                                               services across full range of        
                                                                               reference and IT help functions      

11.  What           Joint meetings between      Univ. Librarian and Manager,   A number of consultative mechanisms  
consultative        senior staff                Computing Services are both    including INS Management Team,       
mechanisms exist    Collaborative projects      members of Univ. IT Advisory   Divisional Planning Group,           
between the         (e.g. survey of computer    Committee                      Divisional Health and Safety         
library and other   and information literacy                                   Committee,Divisional Equity          
service units?      skills)                                                    Committee and INS Staff Development  
                                                                               Also examples of working groups of   
                                                                               staff from both Branches e.g.        
                                                                               Network resource access.  This year  
                                                                               INS has action learning program to   
                                                                               develop management competencies.     
                                                                               Action learning groups drawn from    
                                                                               across Division                      

12.  What           -                           -                              Client services, including           
functions do you                                                               Information literacy training and    
think can be                                                                   enquiry services.                    
integrated?                                                                    See no reason why separate entities  
What functions do                                                              are necessary.  It would be          
you think can't be                                                             possible to have "Information        
integrated?                                                                    Services" in which there are a       
                                                                               number of logical ways to group      
                                                                               elements e.g.  into infrastructure   
                                                                               and service delivery                 

13.  What do you    -                           Be careful not to lose focus   Pro                                  
see as the                                      on customer service.           More cohesive planning               
benefits /                                      Integration may result in      Better service delivery              
pitfalls of                                     dilution of service.  May be   Possible "one stop shop" from        
integration?                                    real benefits where each unit  client's point of view               
                                                is perhaps too small to        Synergy for innovative developments  
                                                operate effectively alone.     More flexible work force             
                                                                               Confusion for clients if             
                                                                               organisational arrangements are not  
                                                                               Stress for some staff unable or ill  
                                                                               equipped to cope with the changes    
                                                                               that integration involves            

                        James Cook                      LaTrobe                         Macquarie                       
1. Is the Library part  Yes                             No                              No                              
of a wider                                                                                                              
administrative unit?                                                                                                    

2.  What is the name    Budget Group 3                  n.a.                            n.a.                            
of the unit?                                                                                                            

3.  What other areas    Financial Services              n.a.                            n.a.                            
or services are         Personnel Services                                                                              
included in the wider   Buildings and Grounds                                                                           
unit?                   Student Services                                                                                
                        Student Administration                                                                          
                        Computer Centre etc                                                                             

4.  Contact details     Mr Alan Ramsey                  n.a.                            n.a.                            
for head of unit        Deputy VC (Administration)                                                                      

                        ph:  077 81 4165                                                                                

5.  Do areas still      Yes                             n.a.                            n.a.                            
retain separate                                                                                                         
identities within the                                                                                                   
unit?                   Under consideration                                                                             
Any plans to change                                                                                                     

6. Are any              No                              n.a.                            n.a.                            
functions carried out                                                                                                   
centrally in the wider                                                                                                  

7.  Do the Library and  See 4 above                     No                              No                              
Computing report to                                                                     Librarian reports to DVC        
the same person?                                                                        Academic                        
                                                                                        OCS reports to DVC              

8.  Have any service    No                              No                              No                              
areas been transferred                                                                                                  
to the Library?                                                                                                         

9.  Have any service    Printery                        No                              Library has responsibility for  
areas been transferred  Archives / Records                                              coordinating CWIS / Online      
from the Library?                                                                       Directory Services.  These are  
                                                                                        new services rather transfer    
                                                                                        of "discrete units"             

10.  Have any service   No                              No                              No                              
functions been                                                                          Under consideration as part of  
operated jointly?                                                                       a review of IT Strategic        
                                                                                        Planning processes              

                       James Cook                      LaTrobe                         Macquarie                        
11.  What              Primary relevant mechanism is   Uni has established a new       Various meetings take place.     
consultative           Working Party on Networked      Standing Committee on IT        Mostly informal                  
mechanisms exist       Information which reports       chaired by PVC (IT).  Chief                                      
between the library    jointly to the Library and      librarian is full member and                                     
and other service      Computer Centre.  It also       Director ITS in attendance.                                      
units?                 includes academic and           Chief Librarian chaired recent                                   
                       administrative                  review of IT with Director ITS                                   
                       representatives.                a member.                                                        
                                                       Currently Library is planning                                    
                                                       for a new library management                                     
                                                       system and has invited                                           
                                                       Director ITS to be a member of                                   
                                                       the Project Review Group.                                        

12.  What functions    Integrate                       I have considered the case for  There are large issues behind    
do you think can be    Network access and training     integrating / amalgamating the  this question and the            
integrated?            General IT training             Computer Centre and Multimedia  literature is full of            
What functions do you  Publications                    Centre into / with the Library  alternative approaches.          
think can't be                                         but am not persuaded that it    History and local personalities  
integrated?            Don't integrate                 improves the quality or         play a large part in             
                       Help desk functions             effectiveness of the services   determining outcomes.            
                                                       offered.  The                   I much prefer the term           
                                                       "experimentation" with the      "collaboration" as the guiding   
                                                       integarted model in the US in   dynamic.                         
                                                       the mid 1980s was not regarded                                   
                                                       as a success.  The recent                                        
                                                       enthusiasm for this in                                           
                                                       Australia, largely the result                                    
                                                       of recommendations from                                          
                                                       Library Reviews, lacks                                           
                                                       empirical evidence of the                                        
                                                       alleged advantages                                               

13.  What do you  see  Some roles increasingly         My answer to the previous       May depend on the level of      
as the benefits /      overlap and are confused.       question may suffice.  My only  integration.  having just been  
pitfalls of            Clients do not see the          additional comment is that the  to England, I saw a multitude   
integration?           distinctions between what       integration model places more   of so-called integrated         
                       service is provided in one      emphasis on form rather than    services in which little was    
                       place or the other.             the substance.  While the       really integrated.  Clearly     
                       The pitfall is that the         convergence of information and  the customer wishes to see a    
                       Library will be swallowed by    communication technologies      form of "one-stop-shop" but     
                       sexy and very expensive         does require increased          this is not easy to achieve in  
                       information technology          cooperation and sharing of      practice.                       
                                                       expertise, it is not a                                          
                                                       prescription for another                                        
                                                       bureaucratic monolith.                                          

                    Melbourne                        Murdoch                        Newcastle                       
1. Is the Library   No                               No                             No                              
part of a wider                                                                                                     

2.  What is the     n.a.                             n.a.                           n.a.                            
name of the unit?                                                                                                   

3.  What other      n.a.                             n.a.                           n.a.                            
areas or services                                                                                                   
are included in                                                                                                     
the wider unit?                                                                                                     

4.  Contact         n.a.                             n.a.                           n.a.                            
details for head                                                                                                    
of unit                                                                                                             

5.  Do areas still  n.a.                             n.a.                           n.a.                            
retain separate                                                                                                     
identities within                                                                                                   
the unit?                                                                                                           
Any plans to                                                                                                        
change this?                                                                                                        

6. Any              n.a.                             n.a.                           n.a.                            
functions carried                                                                                                   
out centrally in                                                                                                    
wider unit?                                                                                                         

7.  Do the Library  No                               Prof . Jeff Gawthorne          No                              
and Computing                                        Deputy VC                                                      
report to the same                                                          
person?                                              u                                                              

8. Any service      Some media functions from the    No                             No                              
areas been          old college to the Centre for                                                                   
transferred to the  Study of Higher Education                                                                       

9.  Have any        No, but departmental libraries   No                             No                              
service areas been  (Maths, Economics / Commerce)                                                                   
transferred from    have been transferred in                                                                        
the Library?                                                                                                        

10. Any service     No                               No                             No                              
functions been                                                                                                      
operated jointly?                                                                                                   

11.  What           Joint Information Services       Once every 6 weeks heads of    Information Services Librarian  
consultative        Policy Committee                 service units (library,        represents Library on a         
mechanisms exist    A member of ITS sits on          Computing etc have lunch with  Campuswide Information System   
between the         Library's IT Committee           DVC.  A Dean or some such      management Committee            
library and other   Librarian is a member of ITPAC   senior manager is invited to   Media Services Librarian        
service units?      (IT Policy Advisory Committee)   attend as well                 represents Library on a CBL     
                    IT Director is a member of       Various other ad-hoc           (Computer Based Learning)       
                    Libraries Committee              committees with membership     Dialogue Group                  
                    A member of Library (nominee of  from several service units.    A new academic advisory group   
                    Univ Librarian) is a member of   The library has worked very    is about to be set up to        
                    ITUC (IT Users' Committee)       closely with the Computing     assist the Library in the       
                                                     groups (there are 2) in areas  development of information      
                                                     which deal with library        skills modules in first year    
                                                     system.  Computer Unit         units                           
                                                     manages our Innopac processor  See attached for fuller         

                    Melbourne                        Murdoch                        Newcastle                       
12.  What           More a matter of where we can    Information management and     Response depends on political   
functions do you    work together eg. access to      information systems can be     / organisational environment.   
think can be        Internet via training, WWW as    integrated with the Library.   our experience suggests that    
integrated?         an information resource - what   areas such as networking and   collaboration is highly         
What functions do   is put on the WWW etc            hardware technicalities best   desirable in the following      
you think can't be                                   lft to computer                areas:                          
integrated?                                          professionals.  We have not    IT training / management        
                                                     integrated even Systems        skills                          
                                                     management people with the     Multimedia development          
                                                     Library, but there are         Service desks                   
                                                     occasional noises in that      CWIS management                 
                                                     direction.  The library has a  Maintenance of computer         
                                                     successful relationship with   related equipment               
                                                     the Computing centre           Provision of Information        
                                                     (hardware / network people)    infrastructure                  

                                                                                    See attached for fuller         

13.  What do you    Pro                              Doubtful?                      Pro                             
see as the          cohesion in policy direction                                    Development of a more rational  
benefits /          Con                                                             system for the delivery of      
pitfalls of         Different cultures                                              services to clients, with a     
integration?        Different roles                                                 reduction in service points     
                    Too much resource seen in one                                   and unnecessary referrals       
                    area                                                            between the 2 separate          
                    Different functions often                                       a cessation of competition for  
                    become blurred in one                                           resources between libraries     
                    organisation                                                    and computer centres would      
                                                                                    also be a benefit, though this  
                    The university always expects                                   could be achieved by reporting  
                    funding / staffing efficiencies                                 to the same senior manager.     
                    to result from integration.                                     Con                             
                    Working relations are good.                                     Creation of a monolithic        
                    This is more important.                                         organisation unresponsive to    
                                                                                    client needs                    
                                                                                    Even with integration there     
                                                                                    remain 2 core areas -           
                                                                                    information management and      
                                                                                    technical infrastructure -      
                                                                                    which are best handled by       
                                                                                    specific categories of staff    

                             Northern Territory                     Queensland                               
1. Is the Library part of a  No                                     Yes                                      
wider administrative unit?                                                                                   

2.  What is the name of the  n.a.                                   Academic Services Group                  

3.  What other areas or      n.a.                                   Tertiary Education Institute             
services are included in                                            Careers and Counselling                  
the wider unit?                                                     Health Services                          
                                                                    Prentice Centre (computing)              
                                                                    Aboriginal & TS Islander Unit            
                                                                    Continuing Education                     

4.  Contact details for      n.a.                                   Dr Ian Reinecke                          
head of unit                                                        PVC (Academic Services)                  
                                                                    ph:  07 365 1603                         

5.  Do areas still retain    n.a.                                   Yes                                      
separate identities within                                          No plan to change, but latest group      
the unit?                                                           strategic plan does call for greater     
Any plans to change this?                                           integration of service delivery          

6. Are any administrative    n.a.                                   Budget allocation only, not management   
functions carried out                                                                                        
centrally in the wider                                                                                       

7.  Do the Library and       No, but Chief Librarian chairs IT      see 4 above                              
Computing report to the      Committee which is responsible for                                              
same person?                 University-wide IT policy                                                       

8.  Have any service areas   No                                     No                                       
been transferred to the                                                                                      

9.  Have any service areas   No                                     No                                       
been transferred from the                                                                                    

10.  Have any service        Joint venture in Internet training     some training does involve               
functions been operated      Cooperative development of WWW         participation by staff in other          
jointly?                     Cooperation in desktop support         sections e.g.  Multimedia Facility       

                             Northern Territory                         Queensland                                 
11.  What consultative       Had a liaison committee between Library    Six weekly meeting of Group                
mechanisms exist between     and ITS but it proved unnecessary because  Management Committee of Multimedia         
the library and other        there was so much cooperation.             Facility                                   
service units?               Representatives of both units work         Joint working groups on specific issues    
                             together on a wide range of working        e.g. IT strategic plan                     

12.  What functions do you   Becoming very difficult to separate        Do not think many functions can be         
think can be integrated?     responsibility for various aspects of      integrated - more marketing approach       
What functions do you think  desktop support / information delivery     Information skills training perhaps        
can't be integrated?         for clients on and off campus.  New                                                   
                             organisational structure is desirable and                                             
                             it should identify such areas as:                                                     
                             technical infrastructure                                                              
                             desktop support                                                                       
                             info resources (acquisition & management)                                             
                             Applications development and management                                               
                             information delivery                                                                  
                             resource development                                                                  
                             Covers such current areas as Library,                                                 
                             computing, AV, external studies,                                                      
                             curriculum support                                                                    

13.  What do you  see as     Pro                                        Benefits unclear.  In a small institution  
the benefits / pitfalls of   Clear pathways for clients                 there may be.  In a large institution      
integration?                 Economies of scale / backup for            like ours, development of specific         
                             expertise, equipment etc.                  expertise in each appears to work          
                             Clear focus on outputs                     reasonably effectively, although better    
                                                                        coordination and understanding of each     
Con                                        other's roles would be helpful.            
                             Change process in accepting new role                                                  
                             Professional boundary maintenance                                                     

                    QUT                               RMIT                            South Australia                 
1. Is the Library   Yes                               No                              No                              
part of a wider                                                                                                       

2.  What is the     Division of Information Services  n.a.                            n.a.                            
name of the unit?                                                                                                     

3.  What other      Computing Services                n.a.                            n.a.                            
areas or services   Computer Based Education                                                                          
are included in     Educational Television                                                                            
the wider unit?     Audiovisual Services                                                                              
                    Open Learning                                                                                     

4.  Contact         Tom Cochrane                      n.a.                            n.a.                            
details for head    Director of Information Services                                                                  
of unit                                                                                
                    Tel: 07 864 2560                                                                                  

5.  Do areas still  Yes                               n.a.                            n.a.                            
retain separate                                                                                                       
identities within                                                                                                     
the unit?           No plans to change                                                                                
Any plans to                                                                                                          
change this?                                                                                                          

6. Are any          No, but close liaiso over budget  n.a.                            n.a.                            
administrative      matters with Divisional Admin                                                                     
functions carried   Officer, who oversees quarterly                                                                   
out centrally in    budget review arrangements, end                                                                   
the wider unit?     of year budget finalisation etc                                                                   

7.  Do the Library  see 4 above                       Prof David Wilmoth              No                              
and Computing                                         Deputy VC (Academic Services)                                   
report to the same                                                                        
person?                                               Tel: 03 9660 2199                                               

8.  Have any        No                                No                              Visual productions is now part  
service areas been                                                                    of the Services Unit of the     
transferred to the                                                                    University.  Library IT team    
Library?                                                                              is now part of University IT    

9.  Have any        No                                No                              No                              
service areas been                                                                                                    
transferred from                                                                                                      
the Library?                                                                                                          

10.  Have any       No                                No                              No                              
service functions   Ongoing discussions about shared                                                                  
been operated       student orientation activity                                                                      
jointly?            next year                                                                                         
                    Library and Computing services                                                                    
                    offer joint AARNet Education                                                                      
                    Program (AEP) for academic staff                                                                  

                    QUT                               RMIT                            South Australia                 
11.  What           Divisional Executive comprises    Major restructure of            -                               
consultative        senior staff of all Divisional    University going on at                                          
mechanisms exist    units and meets every 6 weeks.    present.  In terms of library                                   
between the         Annual planning retreat for       / computer integration, RMIT                                    
library and other   Divisional senior staff (c. 18)   is going against the trend by                                   
service units?      Divisional Health & Safety        placing them in separate                                        
                    C'ttee                            Divisions.  Librarian will                                      
                    Joint Working Group for AEP       stay in Academic services with                                  
                    (Library and Computing AARNET     the Registrar and Student                                       
                    Education Program)                services but report to a                                        
                                                      Pro-VC.  Also, the library's                                    
                                                      publishing arm, INFORMIT, is                                    
                                                      to be taken out of the library                                  
                                                      and placed with the TAFE P                                      
                                                      ublishing Unit under a new CEO                                  
                                                      Further changes are likely                                      
                                                      between now and the end of the                                  
                                                      year, with a separate review                                    
                                                      project of Academic Support                                     
                                                      Services due to report next                                     

12.  What           Currently considering             -                               -                               
functions do you    integration of loans (eg library                                                                  
think can be        and AV hardware) and possibly                                                                     
integrated?         simple computing user                                                                             
What functions do   requirements (eg completing form                                                                  
you think can't be  to obtain computing account)                                                                      
integrated?         Long term considering                                                                             
                    possibility of combining student                                                                  
                    computing laboratories -                                                                          
                    Computing, Computer Based                                                                         
                    Education, Library public access                                                                  

13.  What do you    "One stop shop" facility is       -                               -                               
see as the          simpler and easier for users                                                                      
benefits /          Close liaison with Computing                                                                      
pitfalls of         Services is important to ensure                                                                   
integration?        technical backup for library IT                                                                   
                    needs and access to university                                                                    
                    wide IT funds.  However this                                                                      
                    does not require formal                                                                           
                    integration which in some cases                                                                   
                    can downgrade traditional                                                                         
                    library services in the push to                                                                   
                    new electronic solutions                                                                          

                    Southern Cross                  Southern Queensland            Swinburne                      
1. Is the Library   Yes                             No                             Yes                            
part of a wider                                                                                                   

2.  What is the     Learning and Information        n.a.                           Information Services Group     
name of the unit?   Centre                                                                                        

3.  What other      Information Technology          n.a.                           Computer Services & IT         
areas or services   (Computer Centre)                                              (CS&IT)                        
are included in     Audiovisual Services                                           Management Information         
the wider unit?     Open Learning                                                  Services (MIS)                 
                    Learning Assistance Unit                                       Learning Services              

4.  Contact         Mr E Parr                       n.a.                           Dr Hugh Gunn                   
details for head    Director, Learning and                                         ProVC Information Services     
of unit             Information Centre                                          
                                                         Tel: 03 9214 5300              
                    Tel: 066 203 713                                                                              

5.  Do areas still  Yes                             n.a.                           By August 1995 we aim to       
retain separate                                                                    achieve greater integration    
identities within   Possibly Audiovisual Services                                  in overall management with an  
the unit?           may integrate with Information                                 integrated ISG formed Jul-Dec  
Any plans to        Technology                                                     1995                           
change this?                                                                       The change process in          
                                                                                   producing the desired result   
                                                                                   - integrated service           
                                                                                   provision for the customer -   
                                                                                   may be longer                  

6. Are any          University Library is the       n.a.                           Budget process for 1996 will   
administrative      largest of the areas and                                       be integrated.  This should    
functions carried   historically other areas have                                  result in integration of       
out centrally in    been attached to it, so the                                    staffing, administrative and   
the wider unit?     library administration has                                     management processes in 1996   
                    serviced other areas                                                                          

7.  Do the Library  see 4 above                     Deputy VC                      see 4 above                    
and Computing       Director LIC is at decanal                                                                    
report to the same  level. plus allowances                                                                        

8.  Have any        No, but Audiovisual Services    No                             Learning Services became a     
service areas been  may be transferred to IT                                       separate unit in 1992          
transferred to the                                                                                                

9.  Have any        No, but all AV loans are now    No                             No                             
service areas been  handled by the library                                                                        
transferred from                                                                                                  
the Library?                                                                                                      

                    Southern Cross                  Southern Queensland            Swinburne                      
10.  Have any       No                              No                             Development of CWIS on WWW     
service functions                                                                  (joint development)            
been operated                                                                      Provision of network services  
jointly?                                                                           Library system has always      
                                                                                   been done in close             
                                                                                   collaboration wit CS&IT        

11.  What           Management Advisory Group       Numerous working parties (ad   ProVC took up position at      
consultative        meets weekly and comprises all  hoc) and standing committees   start of 1994.  In 1994 a      
mechanisms exist    service units.                                                 facilitated 2 day workshop     
between the         Director meets weekly with                                     resulted in formation of 5     
library and other   heads of units                                                 ISG integrated working         
service units?      All units (except AV) meet                                     groups, plus a core committee  
                    monthly and provide reports to                                 with representatives from the  
                    Vice-Chancellor's Learning                                     groups                         
                    Support Committee                                                                             

12.  What           IT (Internet etc) training can  Depends on local history,      Integration is a two way       
functions do you    be integrated wth library's     geography, institutional       process.    Functions which    
think can be        training program                culture and personalities      can be integrated include:     
integrated?                                                                        Systems / IT developments      
What functions do                                                                  "Help Desk"                    
you think can't be                                                                 Administration                 
integrated?                                                                        Planning / Finance /           
                                                                                   Educational support services   
                                                                                   / curriculum services          
                                                                                   Publicity / Marketing          
                                                                                   Quality processes              
                                                                                   Staff development & training   

13.  What do you    Pro                             see 12 above                   Pro                            
see as the          Recognition of common service                                  Synergy produced by closer     
benefits /          objectives of library and                                      interaction of specialised     
pitfalls of         computer centre and trend to                                   highly skilled staff will      
integration?        flexible learning paradigms                                    result in a more seamless      
                    based on communications                                        service to customers.          
                    technology                                                     pockets of expertise (eg       
                    Shift to a client-centred                                      Staff development (Library),   
                    service ethic which can be                                     technical publications         
                    imparted to the Computer                                       (CS&IT)) will be shared        
                    Centre staff                                                   Con                            
Con                                                            "Library voice" may not be     
                    Going too fast with the                                        heard in specialised systems   
                    integration without                                            needs, particularly the need   
                    demonstrating any benefits to                                  for  quick response.           

                    Sydney                          Tasmania                        Victoria University of                                                                                             Technology                     

1. Is the Library   No                              Yes                             No                             
part of a wider                                                                                                    

2.  What is the     n.a.                            Division of Information         n.a.                           
name of the unit?                                   Services                                                       

3.  What other      n.a.                            Information Technology          n.a.                           
areas or services                                   Communications including data                                  
are included in                                     / voice                                                        
the wider unit?                                     Video-conferencing                                             

4.  Contact         n.a.                            Prof Arthur Sale                n.a.                           
details for head                                    ProVC Information Services                                     
of unit                                                                       
                                                    Tel: 002 20 2924                                               
                                                    Fax: 002 20 2899                                               

5.  Do areas still  n.a.                            Yes                             n.a.                           
retain separate                                                                                                    
identities within                                                                                                  
the unit?                                           No plans to change, but                                        
Any plans to                                        transfers of cooperation                                       
change this?                                        across boundaries                                              

6. Are any          n.a.                            Divisional Budget               n.a.                           
administrative                                      Staffing                                                       
functions carried                                   Equipment                                                      
out centrally in                                    Minor works                                                    
the wider unit?                                     Staff Development                                              

7.  Do the Library  There is a proposal for both    see 4 above                     Deputy VC                      
and Computing       the library and IT unit to                                                                     
report to the same  report to the same ProVC, but                                                                  
person?             this has not been implemented                                                                  
                    yet.  (as the VC has resigned,                                                                 
                    it might never be)                                                                             

8.  Have any        No                              Library Systems Support to ITS  No                             
service areas been                                                                                                 
transferred to the                                                                                                 

9.  Have any        No                              Curriculum Resources from       University Archive             
service areas been                                  School of Education             Media Production Services      
transferred from                                                                                                   
the Library?                                                                                                       

                    Sydney                          Tasmania                        Victoria University of                                                                                             Technology                     

10.  Have any       No                              No                              No                             
service functions                                                                                                  
been operated                                                                                                      

11.  What           No formal mechanisms.  There    Close working relationship in   An Educational Delivery        
consultative        is a proposal to convert the    Division                        Steering Committee has been    
mechanisms exist    present Library Committee of    Joint Policy Group meets        formed recently to review      
between the         Academic Board to a Library     frequently                      opportunities for the use of   
library and other   and IT Committee, which would   Joint Advisory Group            euucational technology in the  
service units?      have representatives of the     Joint Consultative Committees   delivery of educational        
                    Library, the IT unit,  and      on each campus                  programs                       
                    users of both.  I expect this                                   A Multi-media Group is in      
                    will be implemented in the                                      operation to coordinate        
                    next few months                                                 production of multi-           

12.  What           -                               Liaison                         media IT support for academic  
functions do you                                    Education                       programs                       
think can be                                        Client realtions                Educational technology         
integrated?                                         Quality assurance                                              
What functions do                                   Electronic services                                            
you think can't be                                                                                                 

13.  What do you    Thre is concern here that       Change of "corporate culture"   Shared focus on client         
see as the          because IT is more "trendy",    Client-orientation & outward    service                        
benefits /          "interesting", "exciting" it    focus                           Convergence of technology can  
pitfalls of         will receive preference over    Review and use of stste-of-art  be dealt with                  
integration?        "old fashioned" library         technology                      Complementary skills and       
                    things, like the need for an    Integration into University     resources can be utilised      
                    adequate book and serial        planning                        better                         
                    budget in the face of need for                                                                 
                    new computing equipment.                                                                       
                    Whether that will happen in                                                                    
                    practice remains to be seen                                                                    

                    Western Australia                Western Sydney                  Wollongong                      
1. Is the Library   No                               No                              No                              
part of a wider                                                                                                      

2.  What is the     n.a.                             n.a.                            n.a.                            
name of the unit?                                                                                                    

3.  What other      n.a.                             n.a.                            n.a.                            
areas or services                                                                                                    
are included in                                                                                                      
the wider unit?                                                                                                      

4.  Contact         n.a.                             n.a.                            n.a.                            
details for head                                                                                                     
of unit                                                                                                              

5.  Do areas still  n.a.                             n.a.                            n.a.                            
retain separate                                                                                                      
identities within                                                                                                    
the unit?                                                                                                            
Any plans to                                                                                                         
change this?                                                                                                         

6. Are any          n.a.                             n.a.                            n.a.                            
functions carried                                                                                                    
out centrally in                                                                                                     
the wider unit?                                                                                                      

7.  Do the Library  No                               ProVC / Director (Academic)     Prof W (Bill) Lovegrove         
and Computing                                        Position is vacant at present   ProVC (Research)                
report to the same                                                                                                   

8.  Have any        No                               No                              No                              
service areas been                                                                                                   
transferred to the                                                                                                   

9.  Have any        No                               No                              No                              
service areas been                                                                                                   
transferred from                                                                                                     
the Library?                                                                                                         

10.  Have any       No                               No                              Library and ITS provide         
service functions                                                                    Internet training               
been operated                                                                                                        

                    Western Australia                Western Sydney                  Wollongong                      
11.  What           No specific mechanisms exist     Nothing formal other than both  Faculty librarian and ITS meet  
consultative                                         Computing and Library are       to discuss computing            
mechanisms exist                                     represented on Academic         facilities, user assistance     
between the                                          Committee and the funding body  etc - about 2-3 times a year    
library and other                                    Management Advisory Committee.  Library and ITS senior staff    
service units?                                        The Librarian and Head of      meet as required to discuss     
                                                     Computing meet together         planning                        
                                                     frequently for planning                                         

12.  What           No comment                       -                               Help desk for database access,  
functions do you                                                                     communications etc can be       
think can be                                                                         integrated but do not           
integrated?                                                                          necessarily have to be part of  
What functions do                                                                    the same administrative group.  
you think can't be                                                                    Similarly CWIS can result in   
integrated?                                                                          close relationship              

13.  What do you    No comment                       -                               Pro                             
see as the                                                                           One-stop-shop - customers do    
benefits /                                                                           not have to decide who solves   
pitfalls of                                                                          their problem                   
integration?                                                                         Con                             
                                                                                     Little commonality between      
                                                                                     Library and Computer Centre     
                                                                                     other than the overlap of       
                                                                                     equipment and technology.       
                                                                                     Same overlap occurs with every  
                                                                                     other part of the University.   
                                                                                     However awareness of future     
                                                                                     needs and direction is          
                                                                                     essential for effective         
                                                                                     Experience overseas suggests    
                                                                                     that integration                
                                                                                     administratively tends to be    
                                                                                     successful in small             
                                                                                     institutions and / or where     
                                                                                     there is a strong personality   
                                                                                     in charge.  several             
                                                                                     integrations, notably at        
                                                                                     Stanford and Columbia, have     
                                                                                     been dismantled.                

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