CAUL Council of Australian University Librarians.

CAUL Questionnaire (ANU - 21/9/95)

Provision of Subject Access to Internet Resources

15 January 1996 (updated 29 February, 1996)

Dear Colleague,

Thank you for your responses to the questionnaire ANU sent out on how best to co-ordinate user access to the wide range of subject-based resources available on the Internet. This document summarises the fourteen responses received.

Q. 1. If you have an electronic subject access guide how do you assist users to find it? How have you determined and structured information access?

Adelaide              We assist users to find it in any way we can - using our  
                      regular  paper publications, an option on the remote      
                      login screens for the catalogue  for the lynx version,    
                      subject librarians and information desk staff, as  well   
                      as the University and Library's home page.  We are still  
                      working on  structuring the information access, and plan  
                      some changes.  The basis is  largely our Faculty and      
                      Department structure.                                     

ANU                   Under consideration - have opted to use a local           
                      classification devised by the Graduate School as it       
                      describes the interests of the campus.                    

Bond                  Library started such a guide in Tourism Law which has     
                      now been passed onto the School of Law.                   

Charles Sturt         Not yet - considering providing it by School and/or       
                      faculty.  Some Education resources already available      
                      from University's home page.                              

Edith Cowan           No.  Using University's Faculty structure in the CWIS to  
                      provide access to relevant Internet resources, but not    
                      yet done systematically.                                  

Griffith              A link from GU home page to 'Internet Resources' which    
                      further subdivides to  'Resources by Subject for          
                      Griffith Uni Faculties'.  Also another link via           
                      'Library' home page.  Both are listed under               
                      'Publications' on home page and are accessible via        
                      resources at the top of the home page.  Information       
                      access is structured along School/Faculty major           
                      disciplinary lines.                                       

James Cook            Access is through the Library home page and Faculty       
                      Librarian's home page.                                    

New England           Internet access is via UNEWeb; University has no          
                      policies to determine the resources to which it should    
                      be linked.  Links have been made to various resources     
                      from the UNEWeb home page, the Library's pages, and the   
                      home pages of various centres and departments on campus.  
                       Pointers not coordinated, and there may be some          

Northern Territory    Still considering this.  Envisage a subject link on the   
                      Resources page.  Information will be specifically for     
                      WWW browsing arranged by format.                          

Queensland            ubject access will be provided by the appropriate branch  
                      libraries, and will be attached to their papers as        
                      "useful sites" relevant to each branch.  Currently Law    
                      and PSE have viable resources.   There are also "top      
                      level" general papers envisaged, which will also link to  
                      the branch subject guides.   Emphasis is on the use of    
                      search engines.                                           

QUT                   Not yet.  Currently developing a process whereby Liaison  
                      Librarians will develop lists of resources for the        
                      Schools they serve.  Lists will form a subject guide,     
                      along with general, reference and cross-disciplinary      
                      lists created by the Database Librarian.  Liaison         
                      Librarians will construct the lists, but will invite      
                      input from the Schools and the Library.                   

Southern Cross        Have developed our own classification which mirrors the   
                      course structure of the University.                       

Southern Queensland   Not yet available.  Have a keyword search that returns    
                      titles of documents (rather than meaningless filenames).  
                       A subject guide will be the responsibility of the        
                      various liaison librarians.                               

Swinburne             Not now, but currently under consideration again.  Had a  
                      very early effort maintained by a single person in 1994,  
                      but it was discontinued as it required more input and     
                      maintenance by a greater range of people.                 

Sydney                Have devised a subject approach under the appropriate     
                      subject headings, e.g., life sciences.  These guides are  
                      available on our Web server under the menu heading:       
                      Subject Guides.  Are also making our TCP/IP databases     
                      available via our WWW server under their titles.          

Victoria              Not at present, but are considering how for future, but   
                      do show them others available on the Web.                 

Wollongong            No guide at present.                                      

Q. 1.1 How do you make users aware of subject-based Internet information sources, e.g. Electronic Library and Information Science at ANU (ELISA) Home Page or University of Waterloo Subject Guide?

Adelaide              Again, via any method we can - our printed newsletters,   
                      the subject  guide on the web, subject librarians.  We    
                      don't have a stated formal  process.                      

ANU                   We are developing such a service via our Elisa server     

Bond                  We point to (1) Subject Clearinghouse at Univ. of         
                      Michigan and (2) Virtual Reference Desk at Univ. of       

Charles Sturt         'What's New' page (Library) on WWW; newsletters and       
                      email from Contact Librarians.  Very selective.           

Edith Cowan           Via Faculty and Library Home Pages as appropriate.        

Griffith              As above.                                                 

James Cook            Library Home Page                                         

New England           Currently formulating policies and procedures on          
                      Internet resources and how to make use of them.  At       
                      present Information Desk staff perform searches on the    
                      Web if a patron requires information on a particular      

Northern Territory    Liaison Librarians provide email announcements to         
                      lecturers and postgrads as well a Bookmarking items on    
                      the public workstation.                                   

Queensland            Connections from Home Page.  Internet classes also        
                      subject info skills classes.                              

QUT                    Currently Liaison Librarians use email to notify         
                      academics of Internet resources likely to be of           
                      interest.  Also use Library newsletters to announce       
                      resources likely to be of wide-spread interest.           

Southern Cross        Have a home page with links to our subject guides.        

Southern Queensland   At present through our Liaison Librarians' 'hotlists'.    
                      Next step will be through a pointer to these from the     
                      various Faculty home pages.                               

Swinburne             It would be publicised and made accessible via the        
                      Library www home pages and the Swinburne CWIS.            

Sydney                Again, via our www server.  Have decided to make the Web  
                      server our main point of access to both Library and       
                      Internet resources available to University of Sydney      
                      staff and students.                                       

Victoria              Through individual training, classes and email.           

Wollongong            No organised access at present.  Research Librarian       
                      sends out details of relevant sources to academic staff,  
                      but they usually don't keep details.                      

Q. 2. Do you see it as the task of the Library to mount sets of pointers to services within an academic area or is it the task of the academics?

Adelaide              At present both approaches are happening, with subject    
                      librarians  attempting to coordinate efforts with         

ANU                   Considering both approaches.                              

Bond                  Both approaches are appropriate.  Frequently it is the    
                      academic staff who determine what is more useful by       
                      their setting bookmarks.                                  

Charles Sturt         Realistically think Library would need to do this,        
                      especially maintenance.                                   

Edith Cowan           Library has primary responsibility inclusive of pointers  
                      in Faculty home pages and is starting to provide these.   

Griffith              Both.  Library should be pointing to major directories    
                      like Yahoo and possibly to actual resources we would      
                      normally collect such as Cambridge Scientific Abstracts   
                      databases.  Faculty staff are better placed to explore    
                      with their students and identify resources as part of     
                      learning process.                                         

James Cook            Faculty Librarians set pointers to Internet sites         
                      relevant to their subject areas.                          

New England           See this task as being part of the Library's function,    
                      but not exclusive to the Library.  Academic staff are     
                      also free to mount their own pointers.                    

Northern Territory    Will be implementing both.  Library will integrate        
                      pointers into the Library subject guides as well as on    
                      relevant pages.  Faculties will each determine their own  

Queensland             Very mixed.  Some being done through department home     
                      page - others through library.                            

QUT                   Some academics already do this themselves, but many       
                      others have indicated they would like the Library to do   
                      it for them.  I believe that, in the long run, most       
                      academics would prefer the Library to do the              
                      administrative work, providing that the service were      
                      kept current and they had the opportunity to provide      
                      intellectual input.                                       

Southern Cross        See this as a joint responsibility similar to the         
                      current system of selecting paper based resources.  Our   
                      ideal model would be close collaboration between          
                      academic and Library staff to incorporate links to        
                      electronic resources directly into online course          

Southern Queensland   Collaborative venture, ideally.                           

Swinburne             No formal policy yet.  May use expertise and experience   
                      of both librarians and academics.                         

Sydney                Yes, see it as part of Library role.  Although academics  
                      are doing some work it is not uniform across all the      
                      faculties.  Library's Web server will also provide links  
                      to the academics' pages where appropriate.                

Victoria              Probably a joint operation, but Library definitely        

Wollongong            Mixture - the Library should be providing pointers to a   
                      limited range of generic pointers with individuals        
                      maintaining the links to specialised sources.             

Q. 2.1 If there is an academically supported server offering links to information in a subject, does the Library also maintain one or do academics support the work done by the Library?

Adelaide              At present both are happening, although if the academic   
                      department  or area has good resources mounted, the       
                      Library is tending to point to them.  At present this is  
                      in a minority of cases.                                   

ANU                   Both.                                                     

Bond                  N/a                                                       

Charles Sturt         Some duplication of effort between Library and academics  
                      at 'general' level.                                       

Edith Cowan           Library Faculty Teams input to Faculty-maintained         
                      servers in close liaison with members of faculty and      
                      systems staff.                                            

Griffith              Some Faculties or Schools have created links, but most    
                      have not.  Still only the activity of the minority of     

James Cook            Academic departments' home pages feature departmental     
                      information and currently do not provide links to other   
                      Internet sources.                                         

New England           Academically supported links have been created without    
                      input from the Library.  There is no co-ordination of     
                      effort with regard to the Web.                            

Northern Territory    Only a small number of academics currently involved in    
                      web page construction, and little collaboration on style  
                      or contents has taken place.  IT Committee has            
                      established a Working Party which is preparing            
                      University guidelines for Web publishing.                 

Queensland            There is currently some duplication of effort, but we     
                      point to their resources as part of our resource list,    
                      rather than having total duplication.  We hope to put up  
                      information with a more bibliographic slant.              

QUT                   Library would still maintain its own list, but may link   
                      to the academic service if it were considered to be       
                      adequately maintained.                                    

Southern Cross        At present Library server is the only server in the       
                      University with subject links.                            

Southern Queensland   Wasteful of resources to maintain more than one; use      
                      pointers to the 'definitive' for any additional entries   
                      on the CWIS.                                              

Swinburne             Most online information is mounted on a central server    
                      maintained by the University's Computing and network      
                      unit, with maintenance and development of content         
                      decentralised.  Some academic areas have mounted their    
                      own servers.                                              

Sydney                Library is supporting the academics in most cases, via    
                      html classes and Internet resources classes.  This is     
                      work done by a specific team of librarians who are        
                      providing courses on the Internet to academics and        
                      postgraduates in specific subject areas.                  

Victoria              Is done in cooperation at present, and seems              

Wollongong            Are considering problem of who pays for access from a     
                      server under the new charge schedule instituted by the    
                      University.  Policy not yet finalised, but considering a  
                      cooperative approach which has the links on the Faculty   
                      server with the Faculty responsible for maintaining the   
                      service but with the Library providing assistance         
                      through the Faculty Librarians.                           

Q. 2.2 Does the Library provide subject access to a topic if an academic area is already doing so? If so on what basis?

Adelaide              The Library will provide a link to the academic area if   
                      it is a  useful resource.                                 

ANU                   ANU Library will set a pointer to the academic area if    
                      it is deemed adequate.                                    

Bond                  N/a                                                       

Charles Sturt         Same as ANU                                               

Edith Cowan           No                                                        

Griffith              Lack of coordination is probably what leads to any        
                      existing duplication.  Ideally we would have pointers     
                      from the Library to the School/Faculty access point.      

James Cook            Library provides links to subject information since       
                      academic departments do not consistently provide links.   

New England           While Library is not currently offering subject access    
                      from its Web pages, it intends to do so.  Duplication     
                      could occur, but not considered a problem.                

Northern Territory    If pointer is deemed to be relevant and in context it     
                      can be duplicated.                                        

Queensland            Yes and no - See 2.1.                                     

QUT                   As above                                                  

Southern Cross        No academic staff doing this to any great extent at       

Southern Queensland   Would use a pointer to the academic area if it is a       
                      reasonable expectation that the users will arrive at the  
                      library area of the CWIS searching for this information.  

Swinburne             No policy on this yet.                                    

Sydney                Situation has not yet arisen, but I imagine we would      
                      just link into the academics' pages and support the       
                      academics with pointers to new resources.                 

Victoria              More done by the Library at present.  Not many pointers   
                      yet, but plan them.                                       

Wollongong            Not yet, and would probably only do so if the academic    
                      area restricted undergraduate access or if the link was   
                      of wide interest.                                         

Q. 2.3 What tools is the Library providing to assist academic staff support their own access methods to the Internet e.g. URL addresses?

Adelaide               What tools is the Library providing to assist academic   
                      staff   support their own access methods to the Internet  
                      e.g. URL addresses?                                       

ANU                   The Library, through its support services and the Centre  
                      for Networked Information and Publishing (CNIP),          
                      provides a general service to assist academics in their   
                      use of the Internet.                                      

Bond                  Library teaches staff to use the "Search Tools" option    
                      on our campus server, but many academics simply use the   
                      default tools available through Netscape.                 

Charles Sturt         None provided.                                            

Edith Cowan           Library is currently providing URL addresses and          
                      agreeing with faculty how these will be accessed via      
                      Faculty home pages.                                       

Griffith              None.                                                     

James Cook            Currently none.                                           

New England           No formalised structure in place.  Advertise sites of     
                      interest to academic community through its newsletter     
                      for academic staff 'Shelf Life' which is also available   
                      in paper and electronic format on the Web.  Faculty       
                      Librarians pass on relevant sites to academic staff.      

Northern Territory    Liaison Librarians forward relevant information, have     
                      provided introductory Internet sessions and one-on-one    
                      assistance.  We have better facilities and higher usage   
                      than any other area and are consulted on many related     

Queensland            Integrated resources page.  We have also developed (with  
                      Department of Computer Sciences) QUIK (the Queensland     
                      University Kit).                                          

QUT                   Liaison Librarians offer various types of assistance,     
                      depending on the demand and their own expertise.          

Southern Cross        Internet guides have a list of important URLs (mostly     
                      directories and search engines) which are also            
                      incorporated into our training sessions.                  

Southern Queensland   None                                                      

Swinburne             Liaison Librarians circulate information resources with   
                      URLs to appropriate academic staff, usually via email.    

Sydney                Currently none.                                           

Victoria              Paper guides and tuition.                                 

Wollongong            None.                                                     

Q. 2.4 Do Library staff who monitor, filter and link (or point to) services from the Net belong to one particular Division (e.g. Collection Management or Information Services) or are they library-wide?

Adelaide              Do Library staff who monitor, filter and link (or point   
                      to)   services from the Net  belong to one particular     
                      Division (e.g. Collection   Management or Information     
                      Services) or are they library-wide?                       

ANU                   Not at ANU.  Staff from all Divisions in the Library      
                      have been asked to volunteer to be a subject Internet     

Bond                  They are Library wide.                                    

Charles Sturt         Suggestions from all Library staff are managed by the     
                      Divisional (= Univ. Librarian's) Office.                  

Edith Cowan           Staff from all areas are involved, with primary activity  
                      being conducted in Library Faculty Teams.  Coordination/  
                      direction by Manager.  In process of introducing          

Griffith              Mostly Reference staff, but some from other areas.        

James Cook            Library-wide as Faculty Librarians are cross sectional.   

New England           Staff member who maintains the Library's Web pages and    
                      pointers is a member of Readers Services staff, and has   
                      been seconded to the Library Systems Project to create    
                      the Library's home pages, find sites and provide general  
                      information on how to use the Web.                        

Northern Territory    Have Library-wide involvement in the ongoing development  
                      of our Web pages.  Each branch has a Web page group with  
                      a member nominated to sit on an editorial team.           
                      Coordination is delegated to a volunteer editor with      
                      systems advice from the Manager of LIT.                   

Queensland            Library -wide but mainly from training and reader         
                      services areas.                                           

QUT                   Liaison Librarians (User Services staff) will coordinate  
                      the lists for their Schools, but input will be            
                      encouraged from throughout the Library.                   

Southern Cross        All staff currently involved are from Reference.  Have    
                      just formed a Working Party involving reference and       
                      cataloguing staff to trial some new models of adding      
                      Internet resources to our collection.                     

Southern Queensland   Liaison Librarians, though it is hoped to expand the      
                      input over time.                                          

Swinburne             At present, the Electronic Services Librarian (who has    
                      cross campus responsibility) and Liaison Librarians in    
                      the information services areas of the campus libraries.   
                      It is envisaged that a (presently vacant) collection      
                      management position at Hawthorn campus will assist        
                      Liaison Librarians.  We are considering the involvement   
                      by other staff such as cataloguers.                       

Sydney                Staff from all Divisions are doing this work.  However,   
                      the Internet training project team has been drawn from    
                      the pool of reference librarians spread over two          

Victoria              Client services in process of setting up.                 

Wollongong            Intention that the Faculty Librarians (Information        
                      Services) will be primarily responsible but with input    
                      from the Research Services Librarian (Administration)     
                      and the Acquisitions staff (Technical Services), though   
                      the latter would need increased expertise.  Overall       
                      quality will be monitored by the Database Access          
                      Librarian (Information Services).                         

Q. 3. Are such staff allocated an area to monitor on a subject basis?

Adelaide              Information Services Department staff are subject         
                      librarians  with specific subject responsibilities,       
                      based on academic departments, so  they monitor their     
                      areas of subject responsibility, as do branch             

ANU                   ANU has allocated specific subject areas to selected      
                      volunteers across the library.                            

Bond                  No, they tend to do it on the basis of interest.          

Charles Sturt         No, except that Technical Services staff tend to monitor  
                      matters relating to their area.                           

Edith Cowan           Not strictly by subject but by Faculty, which results in  
                      roughly related subject groups with some overlaps (e.g.   
                      social sciences occurs in two Faculties).                 

Griffith              Faculty Librarians deal with their own areas of           

James Cook            Faculty Librarians have allocated subject areas.          

New England           No formal system but Faculty Librarians and their team    
                      members look for sites in subject area relevant to their  
                      particular Faculty.                                       

Northern Territory    Subject specific areas are allocated to the Liaison       
                      Librarians with input and monitoring generated by all     

Queensland             Branch library staff expected to monitor developments    
                      in their subject areas.                                   

QUT                   Liaison Librarians will coordinate lists for their own    
                      areas - which will be basically subject-oriented, but     
                      there maybe some overlap between areas.                   

Southern Cross        Under present model, Faculty contact librarians will      
                      fulfil this role.                                         

Southern Queensland   Yes                                                       

Swinburne             Have not yet formally set up such a mechanism.            

Sydney                Yes.  Subject Librarians for each area monitor their      
                      subjects, the Collection Management Division and Serials  
                      Division cover e-journals, Cataloguing look at the        
                      cataloguing area, etc.                                    

Victoria              In process of setting up.                                 

Wollongong            This is the intention.                                    

Q. 3.1 Are the same persons (or group of people) responsible for all tasks or do they take responsibility for only one operation (e.g. searching for material, maintaining links, or quality control, etc.)?

Adelaide              The same persons are responsible for all tasks, although  
                      there is  an "editorial committee" to look at the         
                      overall structure of the service, including general and   
                      policy information, and provide guidelines to achieve     
                      consistent pages.  Guidelines are still in the process    
                      of compilation.                                           

ANU                   At ANU Library this is currently spread across            

Bond                  People perform a variety of tasks.                        

Charles Sturt         Spread across the division, with html work currently      
                      provided by the Divisional Office.                        

Edith Cowan           Have adopted team approach in identifying, evaluating     
                      sources, presenting them for access and quality control.  
                       Depending on team structures or particular projects one  
                      individual might be responsible for all elements in       
                      relation to particular source(s).                         

Griffith              Essentially Faculty Librarians search for links and       
                      perform quality control.  Other staff create links.       

James Cook            Network Electronic Information Services Librarian         
                      maintains quality control and overall Library's Web       
                      management and development.                               

New England           Library Project staff member is responsible for all       
                      areas to do with the Web (creating home pages, making     
                      links, and finding sites).                                

Northern Territory    Everyone can provide input which is filtered to the       
                      editorial team that provide guidance and direction        
                      (quality control?).  Projects are owned by the            

Queensland            Not formalised.  Links are maintained centrally.          
                      Quality control is overseen centrally, but needs to be    
                      more closely linked to policy and to existing print       

QUT                   In theory Liaison Librarians will be responsible for all  
                      tasks relating to the lists.  In practice, the Database   
                      Librarian will provide support for those who need help,   
                      and will oversee the entire service to ensure it is well  

Southern Cross        Faculty contact librarians.                               

Southern Queensland   Liaison Librarians have only been identifying relevant    
                      materials.  CWIS Controller has been making links, but    
                      Librarians are moving to greater responsibility.          

Swinburne             Have not considered how different tasks may be            
                      undertaken by different library staff.                    

Sydney                Spread across all Divisions, although with training we    
                      are preparing staff to take responsibility for their      
                      pages, including searching for material, quality of the   
                      materials and mounting that material.  Are hoping to      
                      find some software to maintain the links.                 

Victoria              Spread.                                                   

Wollongong            Everything - consequently the range and number of links   
                      will be kept small.                                       

Q. 4. What are the positions and levels (e.g. cataloguers, subject area bibliographers or information services/outreach staff) of staff who undertake this work?

Adelaide               Subject librarians in Information Services Department    

ANU                   At ANU, staff of any level may volunteer, but they are    
                      expected to have a reasonable interest in the subject.    

Bond                  In general, from Information (Client) Services area.      

Charles Sturt         Information Librarians (HEW 5-8), Technical Services      
                      staff (HEW 5-8).                                          

Edith Cowan           Faculty Librarians, information services librarians,      
                      cataloguers, library technicians, from HEW 4 to HEW 9.    

Griffith              Reference/Faculty Librarians (HEW 6); staff who set up    
                      links are HEW3.                                           

James Cook            Faculty Librarians.                                       

New England           Library Project person is a level 5 member of Reader      
                      Services Staff.                                           

Northern Territory    A high degree of participation at all levels and          
                      branches.  All staff are given the opportunity to         
                      develop their skills and interest in the Internet.        
                      There would be 101% participation, stretching beyond      
                      full time staff.                                          

Queensland            Level 6-7 librarians in any area.  This will change       

QUT                   Liaison Librarians are most Reference Librarians.         

Southern Cross        One Network Services Librarian (HEW 8); six Faculty       
                      Contact Librarians (HEW 6).                               

Southern Queensland   Level 6.                                                  

Swinburne             N/a at present.                                           

Sydney                So far work has been done by all levels of staff, but     
                      volunteers must have subject expertise.                   

Victoria              Subject Liaison Librarians and Coordinators of Web page   
                      and Technical Services Librarian.                         

Wollongong            Faculty Librarians HEW 5/6; Research Services HEW 7;      
                      Database Services HEW 7; Acquisitions HEW 4.              

Q. 5. What percentage of their time do these staff devote to Internet filtering, pointing and linking?

Adelaide               We don't have "hard" figures on this, but estimate       

ANU                   A maximum of 5%, although up to 10% may be needed for     
                      setting up initial links.                                 

Bond                  10%                                                       

Charles Sturt         Variable.  No setup has exceeded one week in a year.      
                      Central maintenance would be a maximum of 5%.             

Edith Cowan           Can't estimate.                                           

Griffith              Varies greatly and is undoubtedly inadequate to the       
                      task.  At this stage, no set amount of time.              

James Cook            3-5%.                                                     

New England           Library Project person spends most of her time on the     
                      Web - giving demonstrations on how to use it as well as   
                      promoting its use among members of the University         
                      community.  She is also working on a document imaging     

Northern Territory    WebPages have been integrated into all areas.  Time       
                      spent will depend on involvement with the WebPage Group:  
                      members perhaps 3%, editorial team 10%, editor and LIT    
                      manager less than 20%.                                    

Queensland            For those who do this, 5% to 10% would be conservative -  
                      but it is likely that much of the work is undertaken in   
                      own time.                                                 

QUT                   Will be left to the discretion of the staff involved.     

Southern Cross        Less than 5%.                                             

Southern Queensland   Small amount of time to this particular exercise.         
                      However, Liaison Librarians have been relieved of desk    
                      duties to pursue Internet training and promotion.         

Swinburne             No quantified at present.                                 

Sydney                No adequate statistics in this area.                      

Victoria              Varies depending on other duties, time of year, etc.      

Wollongong            Minimal - expected to take about one day to establish     
                      and at most an hour per week for maintenance.             

Q. 6. How are standards of consistency maintained (if at all) in subject Net creation and linking between different subjects?

Adelaide              The "editorial committee" referred to in 3.1 above is     
                      considering  how consistent standards can be maintained,  
                      but at the moment this is done  by the subject            

ANU                   Initially ANU will concentrate on pointers to major       
                      collections of Internet information.                      

Bond                  N/a                                                       

Charles Sturt         Awaiting University developments and guidelines.          

Edith Cowan           Library is currently developing minimum standards and     
                      training staff to them.  Permit a wide variety of         
                      variance in presentation and linking to reflect           
                      differences in Faculty 'culture'.                         

Griffith              Still working on this.                                    

James Cook            Library has a basic template to follow when home pages    
                      are being developed - to ensure a consistent              
                      professional image.  Formal standards are slowly being    

New England           A University committee has determined minimum basic       
                      standards for presentation of Web pages which apply to    
                      every home page associated with the University,           
                      regardless of who (centre, directorate or department)     
                      creates it.  Library complies with these standards.       

Northern Territory    Editorial Web team (which considers group consensus)      
                      have compiled a framework for good Web style.             

Queensland            All pages are reviewed for accuracy and format by a       
                      webmaster. Suggestions are made at the creation/major     
                      modification stages, but the low level detail is left up  
                      to the page creator.                                      

QUT                   Will attempt to ensure a consistent arrangement, but      
                      because of diversity of resources, this may be            
                      difficult.  All lists will have a standard header and     
                      footer; Database Librarian reserves the right to make     
                      alterations to the pages to ensure consistency.           

Southern Cross        Have a set template for Library Web pages, but no         
                      indexing standards yet.  Are considering adapting some    
                      elements of the Dublin Core metadata project as part of   
                      our joint reference/cataloguing project.                  

Southern Queensland   Under consideration.                                      

Swinburne             N/a at present.  Divergent standards and methods could    
                      be an issue where Library maintains some subject areas    
                      and others are maintained by academics.                   

Sydney                Have a Working Party looking at this.                     

Victoria              All will go through coordinator of Library home page.     

Wollongong            Not given this much thought yet, but use will be a prime  

Q. 6.1 Do you catalogue Internet resources e.g. electronic journals? If not are you thinking of doing so?

Adelaide              We are currently developing a policy for cataloguing and  
                      providing  access to Internet resources, including        
                      electronic journals.                                      

ANU                   ANU will do so where existing print copies have           
                      electronic equivalents.  Otherwise Elisa will point to    
                      electronic journal collective sites.                      

Bond                  No, we point to other collective resources, e.g. the      
                      QULOC project.                                            

Charles Sturt         At this stage only for those with existing print copies,  
                      those produced by the University and its officers, or     
                      those appearing on subscription databases (such as ABI    

Edith Cowan           Yes, but only a few titles to date - of electronic        
                      equivalents of print titles.  Library is currently        
                      forming a rationale for doing so, starting with the       
                      fundamental examination of the role of the catalogue in   
                      relation to Internet resources.                           

Griffith              Not at this stage.                                        

James Cook            No, and no plans to do so in the near future.             

New England           No.                                                       

Northern Territory    Not currently considering this issue.                     

Queensland             New system will link key Internet resources through      

QUT                   Not at this stage, but intend to catalogue at least       
                      those resources for which the Library pays a              

Southern Cross        Not yet, but will consider as part of joint               
                      reference/cataloguing project.                            

Southern Queensland   Have a pointer to these in the Library area of the CWIS,  
                      under electronic information sources.                     

Swinburne             We catalogue online indexes/ databases, and full text     
                      journals to which we subscribe online, not general        
                      Internet resources.  Issue of cataloguing other Internet  
                      resources is under consideration.                         

Sydney                We catalogue electronic journals to which we subscribe    
                      and are looking at other Internet resources also.         

Victoria              Not yet.                                                  

Wollongong            Haven't got around to thinking about it.                  

Q. 6.2 Do you have a WWW interface to your catalogue which lets links be made to Internet resources? If not are you thinking of providing one?

Adelaide              We are currently developing a policy for cataloguing and  
                      providing  access to Internet resources, including        
                      electronic journals.                                      

ANU                   No, but ANU is in the process of evaluating this          
                      facility on a new Innopac release.                        

Bond                  No to both questions.                                     

Charles Sturt         No, but development underway, expected to be available    
                      early 1996.                                               

Edith Cowan           No                                                        

Griffith              Facility is available, but not yet implemented.           

James Cook            No, and no plans to provide such an interface.            

New England           No, but Library is considering the purchase of a VTLS     
                      library package which will work with our present system   
                      to allow Internet resources to be catalogued and viewed   
                      on our PAC thorough the Netscape browser.                 

Northern Territory    We will convert our OPACs to a Lynx (text) interface for  
                      Semester One 1996, as well as providing another           
                      graphics-capable public workstation to ensure widespread  
                      client access via a Web interface.  Hope to provide       
                      links from catalogue records with a future release of     

Queensland            Innopac WebPAC will be mounted this year.  An interface   
                      called BabyOil  has been developed by one of the          
                      Centres, independently of the Library.                    

QUT                   No, but will be considered during investigation of a new  
                      Library system.                                           

Southern Cross        No, have discussed it and consider it a possible          
                      approach to specific types of Internet resources (major,  
                      permanent and relevant sites).                            

Southern Queensland   Under investigation.                                      

Swinburne             A Web interface to our Dynix system "WebPac" will become  
                      available during 1996.                                    

Sydney                We have just purchased the Innopac catalogue which has    
                      the Beta www interface.  We shall purchase the interface  
                      as soon as it becomes commercially available.             

Victoria              Yes, considering it.                                      

Wollongong            No, but software has been ordered.                        

Q. 7. ANU presently co-ordinates the national service for Library Home pages. Is the information for your Library at <URL:> correct? If your Library Home page is not there, can you please supply it? We hope to transfer this service to the National Library.

Information is correct for all libraries. Other comments:

New England           A suggestion - searching tool enables browsers to find    
                      university libraries by names of institution only, not    
                      by name of Library; perhaps it could be made clear to     
                      the user that this is how the search engine operated, or  
                      allow the engine to search by library name.               

Northern Territory    Your ozlib pages provide an excellent service which we    
                      have included on our WebPages.                            

Southern Cross        We find this page very valuable; keep up the good work.   

Yours sincerely,

Colin Steele,
University Librarian,
The Australian National University

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