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Document Delivery management Systems (QBon - 17/1/97)

Updated 5 May, 1997

Following is the compilation of data received to date regarding the use of managment systems for document delivery. Fourteen (14) libraries responded and from the information provided it would appear there is nothing available which will provide answers to all our needs.

To the question of which document delivery managment software do you currently use the responses indicate:

Further information is included in the attached summary.

Please contact me if any changes are required and I will also provide additions for anyone who wishes to respond before I produce a final summary.

Thank you to those who provided responses.

Evelyn Woodberry
Director of Information Resources
Bond University
Gold Coast Qld 4229 Australia
Phone 61-7-55951408
Fax 61-7-55951480

             Which         Interacts    Networked/      Comments                                  Contact Details           
             ILL/DocDel    with         stand alone                                                                         
             software do                                                                                                    

AFDA         None          N/A                          Excel used for accounting and             Edith Hackworthy          
             (Manual)                                   statistical purposes.  Awaiting results   Ph: 06 268 8120           
                                                        of CILLA project.                         Fax: 06 247 2324          

ANU          None          N/A          N/A             May consider Innopac or other systems     Kathy Collier             
             (Manual)                                                                             email: Kathy.Collier@     

Bond         QUILL         Ilanet       Networked but                                             Lee Coleman               
                                        not                                                       Ph:07 55951403            
                                        successfully                                              Fax:07 55951536           

CQU          ABN           ABN          Networked       Benefits - little downtime, relatively    Debbie Orr                
             Subsystem                                  cheap, easy to use,fast response time.    Ph: 079 309437            
                                                        Disadvantages - doesn't serve as a local  Fax: 079 309972           
                                                        database, doesn't interface with    
                                                        Netscape or other browser, doesn't                                  
                                                        interface with software used for                                    
                                                        management of a local database.                                     

Deakin       Inhouse       ABN used     Networked       Very happy with system                    Tony Cavanagh             
             system        separately                                                             Ph:03 52272718            
                           to receive                                                             Fax:03 72272000           

Griffith     None          N/A          N/A             Examining the Winchill system out of the  Viki Carter               
             (Manual)                                   UK                                        Ph:07 3875 7465           
                                                                                                  Fax:07 3875 5329          

La Trobe     QUILL -       Ilanet       Networked       QUILL system as adapted works very        Julie Marshall            
             substantially Artel        successfully    successfully                              Ph:03 9479 1926           
              modified by  British                                                                Fax:03 9471 0993          
             LaTrobe       Library                                                                email:j.marshall@latrobe. 
                           mail system                                                                      

             Which         Interacts    Networked/      Comments                                  Contact Details           
             ILL/DocDel    with         stand alone                                                                         
             software do                                                                                                    

NTU          None          N/A          N/A             Would like management system to provide   Elaine Glover             
             (Manual)                                   manageable stats, collection development  email:elaine@library.ntu. 
                                                        considerations & file storage once                                  
                                                        request generated                                   

QUT          BILL          Ilanet       Networked       Easy menu driven software with good       Colin Bain                
             (Brisbane     Arttel 2     within each     statistical and reporting facilities      Ph:07 3864 5091           
             Inter-Library Redd         campus                                                    Fax:07 3864 1823          

Swinburne    QUILL -       Ilanet       Standalone      Database used principally as annual       Mez Wilkinson             
             substantially Arttel 2                     index to requests.  Watching              Ph:03 9214 8250           
              modified     Internal                     developments of CILLA project.            Fax:03 9818 3091          
                           e-mail                                                                 email:mwilkinson@swin.    

Uni.Canberra ABN           ABN                          ABN module extent of management system    Lois Jennings             
             subsystem                                  for ILL                                   Ph:06 201 5092            
                                                                                                  Fax:06 201 5301           

UNSW         ABN           ABN          Networked       Keenly awaiting CILLA software            Gil Darby                 
             subsystem                                                                            Ph:02 9385 3712           
                                                                                                  Fax:02 9662 7312          

USQ          None                                       Waiting to see what CILLA produces        -                         

UTas         Selected but  N/A          It will be      Waiting for CILLA and other projects      Deborah Wright            
             not yet                    networked                                                 Ph:03 6226 2880           
             implemented                between                                                   Fax:03 6226 7890          
             an in-house                campuses                                                  email:Debbie.Wright@      
             based on                                                                                                       
             Pro 3.0 &                                                                                                      

UWS          DBase         Ilanet       Stand alone     Leaning towards ABN                       Robyn Benjamin            
(Hawkesbury) package                                                                              Ph:045 70 1237            
                                                                                                  Fax:045 78 4253           

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