Council of Australian University Librarians (CAUL)

CAUL Questionnaire
Internal Payment of Document Delivery Services (NUNE, 7/4/97)

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Updated 23 July, 1997

Q1. Who do you charge for document delivery:

a) academic staff
b) general staff
c) higher degree students
d) undergraduate students
e) community borrowers
f) all of the above

Q2. If you do charge, how much do you charge:

a) direct cost (ie voucher or other charges from supplying library)
b) a standard charge per item
c) direct cost plus a standard processing cost
d) other (please specify)

Q3. If you charge, what mechanism do you use for charging:

a) vouchers
b) direct invoicing
c) invoicing departments or faculties
d) charge to book vote
e) other (please specify)

Q4. If you do not charge for each document delivery item, how do you fund your service:

a) from the Library's operating grant
b) direct grants or levies from faculties
c) other (please specify)

Q5. Are you encouraging members of your university to obtain material electronically from their work stations? How do you do this? Who pays for material obtained in this way?

Q6. If you do charge, are higher degree students assisted by your university or by their faculty through direct grants?

Q7. How many document delivery requests did you place with other libraries in 1996?

Q8. How many staff (FTE) do you have in your document delivery unit?

Q9. If you do charge, please estimate the staff time absorbed in administering your charging system.

   University          Q1              Q2              Q3               Q4              Q5              Q6          Q7      Q8      Q9    




Bond             We do not             n/a             n/a             n/a        We encourage          n/a        7997    3.44     n/a   
                 charge for doc                                                   usage but on a                                          
                 del at present                                                   limited basis.                                          
                 but are                                                          Some academics                                          
                 considering                                                      pay from their                                          
                 charging                                                         research                                                
                 academic                                                         grants, some                                            
                 staff. We do                                                     choose to pay                                           
                 not offer doc                                                    themselves.                                             
                 del services                                                     For some                                                
                 to community                                                     particular                                              
                 borrowers.                                                       research                                                
                                                                                  projects we                                             
                                                                                  accounts paid                                           
                                                                                  by the                                                  

Central          all categories   cdirect cost   b. direct             n/a        Yes - Uncover       Faculty      1733      2     4hrs/  
Queensland                           plus a      invoicing -                      deposit                                          month  
                                   processing    community                        account or BL                                           
                                     charge      borrowers                        deposit                                                 
                                                 c. invoicing                     account.                                                
                                                 depts or                         Costs invoiced                                          
                                                 faculties -                      back to the                                             
                                                 staff and                        faculty.                                                

Charles Sturt     all staff and  b, a            b. for          The remainder    Yes, we         Yes,  some       5847      3     1 hr/  
                    students     subsidised      students        not covered by   redirect their  schools                          week   
                                 rate of $5 for  c. for schools  the standard     requests back   subsidise                               
                                 standard items  & research      charge comes     to them with a  their higher                            
                                 (although       centres         from the         notation.       degree                                  
                                 fasttrack is                    Library's        They pay.       students                                
                                 higher)                         operating grant                                                          


Deakin           e. Community      direct cost       bdirect     a. It is part    We encourage          n/a       A       In        n/a   
University       borrowers, or    plus standard     invoicing    of the           staff and                       total   1997,           
                 in our case,      processing                    Information      students to                     of      3.75            
                 commercial          charge                      Resources        download or                     20,143  FTE             
                 borrowers.                                      budget which     print                           items   handle          
                                                                 includes         materials                       were    all             
                                                                 purchase of      directly from                   request ILLs            
                                                                 items for the    the                             ed :    request         
                                                                 library's        electronic,                     3257    ing             
                                                                 collection and   full-text                       loans   and do          
                                                                 subscription to  databases to                    and     ILLs            
                                                                 electronic, as   which we                        15,909  supply          
                                                                 well as print    subscribe.  We                  photo-c for             
                                                                 resources.       provide an                      opied   the             
                                                                                  electronic                      docs    Geelong         
                                                                                  request form                    were                    
                                                                                  for                             obtaine campus          
                                                                                  interlibrary                    d.      only.           
                                                                                  loans.  The                             Approx          
                                                                                  library                                 1 FTE           
                                                                                  provides for                            do              
                                                                                  the REVEAL                              ILLs            
                                                                                  service                                 supply          
                                                                                  offered by                              from            
                                                                                  Carl UnCover.                           Deakin'         
                                                                                  The individual                          s               
                                                                                  or department                           other           
                                                                                  must pay for                            4               
                                                                                  articles                                campuse         
                                                                                  ordered from                            s.              
                                                                                  Carl UnCover                                            
                                                                                  (unless the                                             
                                                                                  request has                                             
                                                                                  come to the                                             
                                                                                  ILLs staff and                                          
                                                                                  we have                                                 
                                                                                  that Carl                                               
                                                                                  UnCover is the                                          
                                                                                  only effective                                          

Edith Cowan                                                                                                                               

Flinders         None of the                                         from the     Yes but by                       13367     6            
                 above.                                             library's     submitting                                              
                 An exception                                    operating grant  electronic                                              
                 would be if a                                                    requests to                                             
                 community                                                        the library                                             
                 borrower                                                         document                                                
                 requested                                                        delivery unit.                                          
                 access to our                                                    The library                                             
                 document                                                         pays.                                                   
                 service, in                                                                                                              
                 which case we                                                                                                            
                 would charge                                                                                                             
                 full cost                                                                                                                

Griffith            all users       standard     c. invoicing          n/a        We have not           Yes        9210     6.5    2hrs/  
                                   charge per    departments or                   encouraged                                       month  
                                      item       faculties (for                   direct use of                                           
                                                 staff)                           document                                                
                                                 e. other                         suppliers but                                           
                                                 (direct charge                   staff/                                                  
                                                 for                              postgraduates                                           
                                                 undergraduates                   have access to                                          
                                                 &                                e journals                                              

James Cook          all users      direct cost   b. direct             n/a              no              yes        4575    1 in     3.5   
                                                 invoicing                                                                Cairns   hrs/   
                                                 c. invoicing                                                               2.5    week   
                                                 depts or                                                                   in            
                                                 faculties (via                                                           Townsvi         
                                                 internal                                                                   lle           
                                                 e. cash in                                                                               
                                                 advance for                                                                              
                                                 borrowers and                                                                            

La Trobe         Interlending    Charges are     Individuals      from Library's  No, although          no         14257     5    As few  
                 and Doc Del     passed on to    are invoiced    operating grant  individual                      (Bundoo         charges 
                 Services are    the requester   by the                           staff members                     ra              are   
                 available to    (or academic    University                       may obtain                      Campus          passed  
                 staff and       unit) when      Finance                          material on                      only)            on,   
                 postgraduate    1. An item is   Section. If                      their own                                        staff  
                 students.       requested Fast  Depts are to                     initiative                                       time   
                 When charges    Track (the      be charged an                                                                      is    
                 are made the    Australian      account number                                                                   minimal 
                 same charges    levy of $12     must be                                                                                  
                 apply to both   plus fax/       provided and                                                                             
                 staff and       courier         amount is                                                                                
                 postgraduate    charges or the  debited from                                                                             
                 students        equivalent      that account                                                                             
                                 "Urgent"        by the                                                                                   
                                 charge of an    Library.                                                                                 
                                 supplier are                                                                                             
                                 passed on)                                                                                               
                                 2.  The charge                                                                                           
                                 of an overseas                                                                                           
                                 library for                                                                                              
                                 the loan of an                                                                                           
                                 item is over                                                                                             
                                 $25.  When                                                                                               
                                 this occurs                                                                                              
                                 there is a                                                                                               
                                 minimum charge                                                                                           
                                 of $10.                                                                                                  
                                 3.  Special                                                                                              
                                 materials such                                                                                           
                                 as manuscripts                                                                                           
                                 are requested.                                                                                           
                                  The full cost                                                                                           
                                 of this                                                                                                  
                                 material is                                                                                              
                                 charged to the                                                                                           

Macquarie        We charge          standard         direct       from Library's  Yes. We have a     We don't      18814    8.7     n/a   
                 community         charge per       invoicing    operatimg grant  customised          charge                              
                 borrowers or         item                                        gateway to                                              
                 anyone who is                                                    UnCover, with                                           
                 not eligible                                                     our holdings                                            
                 for ILL  $25,                                                    loaded, and we                                          
                 but we don't                                                     encourage our                                           
                 really market                                                    people to                                               
                 this. The                                                        order direct.                                           
                 money is paid                                                    At this stage,                                          
                 into the                                                         the Library is                                          
                 Fasttrack                                                        paying for                                              
                 account.                                                         this.We also                                            
                                                                                  offer access                                            
                                                                                  to Expanded                                             
                                                                                  Index, ABI,                                             
                                                                                  and the                                                 
                                                                                  Library pays.                                           

Monash           The Doc         Monash          The Doc Del     The notional     We have set up  We are          33,576     8      The   
                 Delivery Unit   University      unit has        allocation is    a trial         encouraging     interli         system  
                 at the Monash   Library has     installed a     funded from the  project within  faculties to     brary            has   
                 University      just            Claris          Library's        one of our      provide          loan            only   
                 Library only    implemented a   Filemaker Pro   operating        Branch          supplementary   request          been   
                 provides doc    quota system.   database to     budget,          Libraries for   funding to the   s and          install 
                 delivery        A notional      keep track of   including money  academic staff  quota            18799            ed    
                 services to     amount of       the quota       taken off the    to obtain       allocation       inter           since  
                 academics,      money has been  allocation.     top of the book  material        with the use    campus           April  
                 general staff   distributed to  Once the 'user  vote.            directly from   of research      loan            this   
                 & postgraduate  the Faculties   pay' system is                   their           and grant       request          year,  
                 students.Commun based on        invoked, depts                   workstations.   money.            s.            and at  
                 ity borrowers   student &       & users will                     The project                                     present 
                 may obtain      staff           be invoiced.                     uses Sesticon                                      is   
                 document        numbers.The     Payment can be                   Libraries and                                    very   
                 delivery        money           made by credit                   only allows                                     labour  
                 services via    allocated       card, cheque,                    staff to                                        intensi 
                 MONINFO for a   consists of     or photocopy                     obtain                                            ve    
                 fee.            staffing        card via the                     material from                                   Patron  
                                 costs,          cashless                         cancelled                                       details 
                                 postage,        register                         serial                                             ,    
                                 royalty                                          subscriptions.                                   quota  
                                 payments, ABN                                     This is                                        allocat 
                                 charges and                                      funded by the                                    ions   
                                 some money                                       Branch                                           need   
                                 from the book                                    Library.                                         to be  
                                 vote.  Each                                                                                      entered 
                                 requestor is                                                                                       .     
                                 debited $20.00                                                                                    Once   
                                 for an inter                                                                                      this   
                                 library loan &                                                                                     has   
                                 $5.00 for an                                                                                      been   
                                 intercampus                                                                                      achieve 
                                 loan from                                                                                         d we   
                                 their quota                                                                                       hope   
                                 allocation.                                                                                        the   
                                 Once the quota                                                                                   adminis 
                                 has been                                                                                         tration 
                                 exhausted, or                                                                                       of   
                                 a requestor is                                                                                     our   
                                 not eligible                                                                                     chargin 
                                 for a                                                                                               g    
                                 proportion of                                                                                    system  
                                 the quota the                                                                                     will   
                                 user is                                                                                            be    
                                 expected to                                                                                      minimal 
                                 pay the above                                                                                       .    

Murdoch             all users    Direct cost     Direct          Items for which  Requestors      Higher degree    7493     We    3.5hrs/ 
                                 (in the case    invoicing       we don't charge  obtaining       students in              have     week  
                                 of items        (where the      are funded from  material        most cases                3.5           
                                 obtained from   requestor has   the Library's    electronically  have funds               staff          
                                 overseas, we    not given us    operating        from work       provided by             (approx         
                                 charge a flat   an account to   grant.           stations:       their school               )            
                                 fee which was   which we can                     We are working  to pay for              working         
                                 calculated as   charge)                          on this for     document                   on           
                                 the average     Invoicing                        staff in the    delivery.                 doc           
                                 direct cost of  depts (where                     Engineering                               del           
                                 all the         the requestor                    programme                               (allowi         
                                 overseas loans  has given us                     -still in the                           ng for          
                                 we had done)    an account)                      process of                               time           
                                      We also                                     being                                    spent          
                                 have an                                          established.                              by            
                                 arrangement                                      Intended to be                           staff          
                                 whereby items                                    an alternative                            on            
                                 obtained from                                    to                                      duties          
                                 three other                                      subscriptions                           outside         
                                 university                                       to print                                  the           
                                 libraries in                                     serials, ie                               doc           
                                 Perth are                                        paid for from                             del           
                                 charged at a                                     acquisitions                            unit).          
                                 flat rate of                                     money.                                    In            
                                 $2 per                                                                                    terms          
                                 photocopy and                                                                              of            
                                 no charge for                                                                            actual          
                                 loans.                                                                                   people          
                                                                                                                           are 5          

Northern            all users    Standard ACLIS  Charge to             n/a        Yes we do -     Postgraduate     4157      2      We    
Territory                        recommended     Faculty                          select staff    students and                    haven't 
                                 rates - and     informaiton                      have use of     higher degree                           
                                 for overseas    resources                        Mastercard -    students are                    actuall 
                                 direct cost.    allocation (ie                   charged         taken care of                     y     
                                                 bookvote)                        against the     through the                     done a  
                                                                                  School vote.    School fund.                     time   
                                                                                                                                   is a   
                                                                                                                                  of our  
                                                                                                                                   re in  

QUT                 all users    Satisfied       Direct          From the         Requests nay    Charges are      11194    8.5   1 day/  
                                 requests are    invoicing to    Library's        be placed       subsidised by            staff   month  
                                 charged back    community       operating grant  electronically  QUT through             process         
                                 to the          borrowers and   Charges only     via the         the Library's             ILL           
                                 Shool/Dept's    staff/students  partially cover  Regional        operating               Lending         
                                 book vote or    requesting      costs and        Electronic      grant. Schools            and           
                                 specified       material not    Library's        Document        & Depts vary            borrowi         
                                 account at the  for QUT         operating grant  Delivery        with some                 ng.           
                                 rate of $6 for  purposes        has to           system which    covering the             There          
                                 a standard      c. invoicing    subsidise        is available    cost and                  are           
                                 request and     depts or        remaining costs  on the          others passing          additio         
                                 $12 for a       faculties.                       Library's Web   the cost on to            nal           
                                 fasttrack/premi Majority of                      page. The       the individual           staff          
                                 um request.     School/Depts                     requests are    or debiting               for           
                                 Cost of  the    are invoiced                     automatically   the                     interca         
                                 documents are   and then                         verified and    requestor's              mpus           
                                 passed on to    electronically                   loaded into     grant funding.           loans          
                                 staff members   debited                          the Library's                            as a           
                                 when requests   d. charge to                     automated ILL                            part           
                                 are not for     book vote.                       management                              of the          
                                 QUT purposes.   Currently                        system (BILL)                           Library         
                                 Cost of  the    three                            and reports                             's Doc          
                                 documents are   Faculties have                   generated for                           Deliver         
                                 passed on to    satisfied                        invoicing                                  y            
                                 students when   requests                         Schools/Departm                          Units          
                                 requests are    charged                          ents. We do                               on            
                                 not for QUT     against their                    not currently                            each           
                                 purposes or     book vote                        provide for                             Campus          
                                 not                                              unmediated                                              
                                 authorised.                                      document                                                
                                 Cost of the                                      delivery from                                           
                                 documents plus                                   commercial                                              
                                 a $30 fee are                                    suppliers                                               
                                 passed on to                                     although this                                           
                                 community                                        is currently                                            
                                 borrowers                                        under                                                   


Southern Cross   Academics &     Direct cost     Direct           from Library's  We encourage    In most cases    7661     3.3    can't  
                 higher degree   plus standard   invoicing for   operating grant  use of the      they are                        estimat 
                 students are    processing      community                        Full-text                                        e but  
                 charged for     cost            borrowers &                      databases we                                     it is  
                 non-standard                    sometimes                        subscribe to                                    minimal 
                 services ie.                    postgraduates:                   such as                                                 
                 fasttrack &                     academics can                    ABI/Inform and                                          
                 overseas                        usually                          PAR. We                                                 
                 requests                        arrange                          promote CARL                                            
                 (other                          payment by                       Uncover to                                              
                 categories are                  their school                     staff and                                               
                 not eligible                                                     students as an                                          
                 for these).                                                      option but do                                           
                 General staff                                                    not pay  or                                             
                 and                                                              subsidise the                                           
                 undergraduates                                                   cost of                                                 
                 are provided                                                     document                                                
                 with a free,                                                     delivery                                                
                 albeit more                                                      through this                                            
                 restricted (in                                                   service .                                               
                 terms of                                                                                                                 
                 borrowers are                                                                                                            


University of       all users       standard     c for most                             no              yes        5448     4.7   24.5hrs 
Adelaide                           charge per    higher degree                                                                    /month  
                                      item       and staff                                                                                
                                                 e cash                                                                                   
                                                 payments for                                                                             
                                                 those not                                                                                
                                                 covered by c                                                                             

University of                                                                                                                             

University of                                                                                                                             

University of    a. academic     d. other.       c. invoicing     from library's  Not at this                      19887   11.5     18    
Melbourne        staff .         Direct cost     depts or        operating grant  stage thought                                    days/  
                 In the          plus postage.   faculties yes.                   information is                                   annum  
                 Baillieu        For community   For students                     available                                               
                 Library (Arts   borrowers:      payment by                       about services                                          
                 and             Under CAL       cash or cheque                   about                                                   
                 Humanities)     Commercial      is expected                      commercial                                              
                 there are       Document        unless they                      document                                                
                 charges for     Supply          have research                    supply                                                  
                 items obtained  guidelines $30  funds through                    services                                                
                 from overseas.  per item up to  a dept                                                                                   
                 b. general      10 pages and                                                                                             
                 staff same as   $1 per page                                                                                              
                 (a)             thereafter                                                                                               
                 c. higher       plus postage.                                                                                            
                 students same                                                                                                            
                 as (a)                                                                                                                   
                 generally ILL                                                                                                            
                 not available                                                                                                            
                 e. community                                                                                                             
                 borrowers  for                                                                                                           
                 all ILL                                                                                                                  

University of    All free        Fast- and       Cash, cheque    RAPID: a. RAPID  Yes - UnCover   School account   Circa     6     Only   
New South Wales  except for      Super-Track     or              services         Gateway.                        12,000  includi charge  
                 FastTrack       total invocie   debit/credit    charges          Special fund                     RAPID    ng      for   
                 where           less $9         transfer to     standard rates   at present -                     1,783  student FastTra 
                 requestor pays  RAPID: b.       school          for document     in future,                                      cks.    
                 total except    charge          RAPID: b.       delivery         bookvote.                               assista  Admin  
                 $9.00 which is  standard        Direct                  and is                                             nts    adds   
                 paid by the     charge:  $25    invoicing or    self-funding                                             RAPID:   about  
                 Library.        UNSW item       direct charge   unit.                                                       3       5    
                 RAPID:          $45 Australian  to credit                                                                includi minutes 
                 Fee-for-service ILL item        card.                                                                      ng      per   
                  caters to the  $60 overseas                                                                             student request 
                 external        item                                                                                                     
                 community but                                                                                            assista RAPID:  
                 will supply                                                                                                nts      10   
                 document to                                                                                                      minutes 
                 any client at                                                                                                      per   
                 standard                                                                                                           job   
                 rates.                                                                                                           estimat 
                                                                                                                                  ed for  
                                                                                                                                   an, 5  

University of    f. all of the   b. a standard   d. charge to    a. from the      We are          All              18639    7.5   Difficu 
Newcastle        above.          charge per      book vote and   Library's        committed to    postgraduate                     lt to  
                 Each            item and        e. other.       operating        providing a     students have                   determi 
                 department has  d). other.      Documents       grant.           variety of      access to the                    ne as  
                 been allocated  A scale of      supplied via    The Library's    options to our  ILL/DD                          chargin 
                                 standard        commercial      operational      clients         allocations                      g was  
                 a) an amount    charges apply   document        grant provides   including       unless                           only   
                 of 'free'       to all Inter    delivery are    staffing,        mediated and    otherwise                       introdu 
                 Inter Library   Library Loans   charged to the  equipment and    unmediated      determined by                   ced on  
                 Loans (based    and Doc Del     allocated       materials,       access to       their                             1st   
                 on past usage)  dependent on    Document        which funds the  ILL/DD          department.                      March  
                 and             method and      Delivery        'free' ILL/DD    resources and   Some higher                      1997   
                 b) a small      speed of        percentage of   allocation.      suppliers.      degree                                  
                 percentage of   delivery, with  the book vote.                   We currently    students with                           
                 the book vote   the following   Standard                         provide         individual                              
                 for commercial  exceptions      ILL/DD are                       training and    study grants                            
                 doc del only    which are       deducted from                    support for     do have a                               
                 (determined by  charged on a    the 'free'                       unmediated      component of                            
                 a formula       cost recovery   allocation.                      access to       their grant                             
                 based on        basis:          For all other                    UNCOVER (paid   which covers                            
                 staff/student   purchase of     requests                         for by the      ILL/DD.                                 
                 and research    theses,         prepayment of                    individual or                                           
                 levels within   patents and     the standard                     department                                              
                 the             standards, and  charge is                        funds).                                                 
                 department).    items supplied  required on                      EBSCODOC is                                             
                 Staff and       from overseas   ordering with                    also being                                              
                 postgraduate    libraries       any balance                      trialed as an                                           
                 students have   where cost      owing paid on                    alternative to                                          
                 access to       excedes a set   receipt via                      serial                                                  
                 these           maximum.        cash/cheque or                   subscriptions.                                          
                 allocations                     transfer from                                                                            
                 with all other                  departmental                                                                             
                 students                        accounts.                                                                                
                 approval, with                                                                                                           
                 the option to                                                                                                            

University of                                                                                                                             

University      all users    b. a standard    b and c.         Funds           Staff members      see q3      12000       4       Daily   
of South                     charge per       Undergraduate    generated from  have been                                         statisti 
Australia                    item.  Payment   students and     the             encouraged to                                      cs are  
                             on receipt.      community        backcharging    obtain                                            collated 
                             Students and     borrowers are    process are     material                                                   
                             staff of the     invoiced.        used to         directly via                                      monthly  
                             University $5    Payment is       supplement the  access to                                         & given  
                             standard ILL     accepted at the  book vote.      currents                                             to    
                             within           loans desk.      ILL funding     contents and                                      Library  
                             Australia        Schools and      comes from the  services such                                      Admin   
                             $10 Australian   research groups  Library's       as SOF/ILL.                                         for    
                             patents          are backcharged  operating       However there                                     processi 
                             $15 overseas or  for academic     grant.          was little                                         ng ILL  
                             fast track       and                              response from                                      staff   
                                              postgraduate                     staff.  No                                         spend   
                                              students.                        policy is in                                       about   
                                              Funds are                        place to cover                                     10-12   
                                              transferred                      this                                                hrs/   
                                              monthly from                     situation.                                         month   
                                              account numbers                  Students and                                      compilin 
                                              nominated by                     staff may pace                                    g staff  
                                              the schools                      requests for                                         &     
                                              and/or research                  loans or                                          postgrad 
                                              groups.                          documents                                                  
                                                                               electronically                                    students 
                                                                               to the                                               ILL   
                                                                               Flexible                                          request  
                                                                               Delivery                                          statisti 
                                                                               Service (FDS)                                      cs to   
                                                                               via the                                             pass   
                                                                               library                                             onto   
                                                                               homepage on an                                    Library  
                                                                               interactive                                        Admin.  
                                                                               ILL request                                       Library  
                                                                               form.  They                                       Admin.   
                                                                               must complete                                      Approx  
                                                                               a copyright                                       10 hrs/  
                                                                               registration                                      month.   
                                                                               form and send                                      Tasks   
                                                                               it to the FDS                                     include  
                                                                               before                                            compilat 
                                                                               electronic                                         ion of  
                                                                               requests will                                     statisti 
                                                                               be accepted.                                       cs and  
                                                                               Charges for                                       spreadsh 
                                                                               ILL services                                       eets,   
                                                                               are clearly                                         and    
                                                                               indicated in                                       direct  
                                                                               the                                                debit   
                                                                               information on                                      for    
                                                                               the library                                       services 
                                                                               homepage and                                               
                                                                               undergraduate                                     provided 
                                                                               students                                            from   
                                                                               should be                                         nominate 
                                                                               aware that                                           d     
                                                                               charges apply.                                     school  

University    Academic       amount depends   direct           Each faculty    No, although    Some            1644      1.5     Minimal  
of Southern   staff for      on category of   invoicing for    has an annual   we are aware    Faculties                                  
Queensland    Fast-Track,    client and type  community and    quota funded    of some staff   set aside                                  
              funded         of request       undergraduates.  from Library    and Faculties   funds to                                   
              research or                                      funds           who do this;    assist their                               
              if above                        Invoice to                       they            higher                                     
              Faculty's                       departments for                  presumably use  degree                                     
              annual quota                    staff and                        Faculty funds.  students in                                
              undergradate                    higher degree                                    this way;                                  
              students and                    students                                         most allow                                 
              community                                                                        research                                   
              borrowers                                                                        higher                                     
                                                                                               students to                                
                                                                                               use part of                                
                                                                                               the Faculty                                

University    We do not            n/a              n/a        from library's  Yes, by reader       n/a       17177   No single    n/a    
of Sydney     charge for                                          operating    education &                              unit,             
              ILLs,                                                 grant      raising                                there are           
              including                                                        faculty                                   6.5              
              items from                                                       awareness                              permanent           
              commercial                                                       through                                 staff in           
              services such                                                    library                                  Fisher            
              as Uncover                                                       liaison staff                             plus             
                                                                                                                      staff. In           
                                                                                                                      there are           
                                                                                                                       no staff           
                                                                                                                       only to            
                                                                                                                      ILL, they           
                                                                                                                         e in             
                                                                                                                      work, eg.           
                                                                                                                      but there           
                                                                                                                       would be           
                                                                                                                      again. We           
                                                                                                                        to pay            

University of       all users    standard        vouchers,             n/a        Yes, we are     Some higher      4226     3.6   2 hrs/  
Tasmania                         charge per      charge to book                   encouraging     degree                           week   
                                 item -          vote and cash                    clients to      students                                
                                 excepting for   payment via                      access          receive direct                          
                                 reproduction    cashier                          commercial      grants, and                             
                                 of theses                                        suppliers from  some are                                
                                                                                  their desktop.  allocated a                             
                                                                                  Either their    set number of                           
                                                                                  department      ILL vouchers                            
                                                                                  pays for this   to use in                               
                                                                                  usage, or the   their                                   
                                                                                  department can  research. This                          
                                                                                  set up a        is up to                                
                                                                                  special         departments -                           
                                                                                  account from    some give                               
                                                                                  their book      students no                             
                                                                                  vote and        financial                               
                                                                                  back-charge     assistance at                           
                                                                                  invoices to     all.                                    

University of       community    b standard          direct      a. Library's      not currently                   18331     7            
Western             borrowers    charge $20.00      invoicing    information                                                              
Australia                                                        resources                                                                
                                                                 budget for                                                               
                                                                 academics and                                                            
                                                                 do not have                                                              
                                                                 access to DD                                                             

University of                                                                                                                             
Western Sydney                                                                                                                            

University of                                                                                                                             
Western Sydney                                                                                                                            

University of    undergraduates                                     Library's           no                         4000     2.5   UNCLEAR 
Western Sydney   and community                                   operating grant                                                          
(Macarthur)      borrowers not                                                                                                            
                 others free                                                                                                              

University    None of the    a. direct                  a              Yes.   Carl                        we do      I could not          
of            above.  We do  cost (ie                   Acquisitions   UnCover has not                 intercampus   understand           
Technology,   not charge     voucher or                 vote           been a wonderful                    doc       this one             
Sydney        but have a     other charges                             example.  We                   deliveries in                       
              separate       from                                      have created an                  the order                         
              amount         supplying                                 access fund in                  2-3,000 pa.                        
              secreted in    library)                                  each of their                   we received                        
              the            c. direct                                 allocations and                1838 books in                       
              acquisitions   cost plus a                               it is to this                   96 and 6767                        
              budget.        standard                                  account that                   photocopies.                        
              I am           processing                                they are                       I do not have                       
              considering    cost                                      charged.  It is                 the request                        
              allocating it                                            still 'library'                figures which                       
              to faculties                                             money though.                       are                            
              in 98 as a                                                                               undoubtedly                        
              form of                                                                                    higher.                          

Victoria      community      direct cost    direct      from the       Special research  In the past  N/A            No central   N/A     
University    borrowers      plus a         invoicing   library's      funding grant     some higher                 document             
of                           standard                   operating      for pilot         degree                      delivery             
Technology                   processing                 grant          project to        students                    centre.              
                             cost                                      selected group    have been                   Each campus          
                                                                       of academics in   funded for                  is                   
                                                                       1996. In future   some of                     responsible          
                                                                       proposed funding  their ILLs                  for its own          
                                                                       be taken from                                 ILLs                 
                                                                       central funding                                                    
                                                                       and faculty                                                        

Wollongong          all users    Currently $12   Departments                      Yes.  May             Yes        11232    2.5   2 hrs/  
                                 per request     may charge                       charge against                                   week   
                                 irrespective    costs against                    book                                              (2%   
                                 of whether it   their book                       allocation if                                    total  
                                 is actually     allocations                      approved by                                      staff  
                                 supplied.  The  and all make                     the head of                                      time)  
                                 charge covers   some provision                   department                                              
                                 all material    for                              Otherwise must                                          
                                 even if the     interlibrary                     pay personally                                          
                                 actual cost is  loans.  When                     using their                                             
                                 greater than    these                            own credit                                              
                                 $12 or has to   allocations                      card or that                                            
                                 be acquired     are exceeded,                    of the                                                  
                                 from overseas.  we invoice the                   Department.                                             
                                                 individual or                                                                            
                                                 with research                                                                            
                                                 grants usually                                                                           
                                                 charge costs                                                                             
                                                 to their                                                                                 
                                                 are either                                                                               
                                                 included in                                                                              
                                                 allocation or                                                                            
                                                 pay personally                                                                           
                                                 by invoice.                                                                              
                                                 All others pay                                                                           
                                                 by invoice.                                                                              


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