Summary of Campus-Wide Information Service (CWIS) 23/6/95

CAUL Questionnaire (ANU 31/3/95)

                       1.  Does your   2.  Who is the University officer or       3.  Gopher or WWW based?    
                       University      officers with ultimate control or                                      
                       have a CWIS?    responsibility for CWIS?                                               

Australian Defence      Yes             Director of Computer Centre                Both.  Originally gopher,   
Force Academy                                                                      now linked to WWW and       
                                                                                   being converted             

Australian National     No defined      Director of IT Services has overall        Older services are based    
University              CWIS on ANU     responsibility for the CWIS, but the       on gopher and WAIS.  Newer  
                        campus,         University Librarian, as Chair of EISAC    services based on WWW.      
                        although two    (Electronic Information Services Advisory  Many individual areas  use  
                        servers fulful  Committee) has a policy overview.  Any     ftp as well.                
                        many of the     areas of campus are free to run services                               
                        functions of    of their own and are encouraged  to do so                              
                        one.            via CNIP (Centre for Networked                                         
                                        Information and Publishing).                                           

Bond University         Yes             Newly appointed CWIS Co-ordinator and Web  WWW                         

Central Queensland      Yes             Information Technology Division            WWW                         

Deakin University       In name only -  Not formally decided.  Recommended that    Partially gopher but        
                        a prototype     CWIS be controlled from Communications     future development on WWW   
                        developed as    Division of University                                                 
                        but no funds                                                                           

Flinders University     Yes             Manager, Information Services              WWW                         

James Cook University   Yes             Computer Centre.  Individual departmental  Both                        
                                        Heads responsible for their own                                        
                                        information.  Working Party on Networked                               
                                        Information (staff from Computer Centre,                               
                                        Library and academic staff) will advise                                

La Trobe University     Yes             Director of IT Services                    Gopher initially but        
                                                                                   converting to WWW           

Macquarie University    Yes             Ultimate control with DVC                  Both, converting more to    
                                        (Administration); overall co-ordination    WWW                         
                                        with Deputy University Librarian                                       

Melbourne University    Yes             Head, Information Systems Development in   WWW                         
                                        Information Technology Services                                        

Monash University       Yes             Director, Computer Centre and University   Both                        

Murdoch University      Prototype or    Proposal for UL through an appropriate     Planning to use WWW         
                        experimental    officer like the CWIS Co-ordinator to be                               

Newcastle University    Yes             DVC is advised by an interim CWIS          Initially gopher but now    
                                        Advisory Committee chaired by the Deputy   both                        
                                        President of Senate; PVC (Research & IT                                
                                        Development) for technical                                             
                                        infrastructure; Library and UITG have                                  
                                        representatives on Advisory Committee                                  

Northern Territory      Yes             Manager. IT Support Branch has overall     WWW                         
University                              responsibility, Chief Librarian, as Chair                              
                                        of INFOTEC (Information Technology                                     
                                        Advisory Committee) has policy overview                                

Queensland University   Yes             Director of Information Services           Mainly WWW, some gopher     
of Technology                                                                                                  

University of Adelaide  Yes             University Web server is maintained by     WWW                         
                                        ITD; separate servers for different                                    
                                        departments are maintained by those                                    

University of New       Under           Director, ITS, and University Librarian    WWW                         
England                 develpmenet                                                                            

University of New       Under           Division of IT under Director of           WWW                         
South Wales             development     Information Services for policy,                                       
                                        technology, structuring conventions;                                   
                                        Registrar's Division for maintaining                                   
                                        central information                                                    

University of           Yes             Director of Prentice Centre has overall    Gopher initially, but       
Queensland                              responsibility.  New Committee, Internet   moving to WWW               
                                        Working Group reporting to VC, is to                                   
                                        review current UQ representation on                                    
                                        Internet and WWW, and to determine                                     

University of Southern  Yes             Control: Associate Librarian (Electronic   Both but converting to WWW  
Queensland                              Information Services); Ultimate                                        
                                        responsibility: University Librarian                                   

University of Tasmania  Yes             PVC, Information Services                  Main host Unix              

University of           Yes             University Librarian                       WWW but some on gopher      
Technology, Swinburne                                                                                          

University of           No, only                                                                               
Technology, Sydney      Faculty Home                                                                           

University of Western   Yes#            Manager, University Computing Services     Gopher initially, in        
Australia                               (UCS)                                      process of converting to    

Victoria University of                                                                                         
Technology, Footscray                                                                                          

# A project due to commence in the next couple of weeks will address development of a web-based UWA CWIS. Project is a joint effort by Library and UCS; a Library staff member will be seconded as the Project Officer. A project brief has been completed.

                         3.1  Type of machine on which data   3.2  Responsibility for technical upkeep      
                         are stored                                                                         
Australian Defence       Unix                                 Computer Centre                               
Force Academy                                                                                               

Australian National      Unix for central information.        Division of ITS maintains central machines;   
University               Others diverse to local servers,     Library  servers are responsibility of        
                         e.g. Library has PC, unix and Mac    Library; individual areas provide own         
                         servers.                             support.                                      

Bond University          Unix                                 ITS                                           

Central Queensland       Unix                                 IT Division                                   

Deakin University        Unix for University WWW;             Unix machine managed by ITS; IBM-compatible   
                         IBM-compatible for Library WWW;      by Library                                    
                         others using Mac or PC                                                             

Flinders University      Main server on Unix; academic WWWs   Each organisational unit responsible for      
                         on variety; Library uses Mac;        technical upkeep of its own WWW server        

James Cook University    Unix                                 Computer Centre                               

La Trobe University      Unix                                 ITS                                           

Macquarie University     Unix, Macs, & PCs                    Root gopher and WWW servers maintained by     
                                                              Library; each organisational unit             
                                                              responsible for its own component; CWIS       
                                                              Steering Group sets policy guidelines;        

Melbourne University     Variety in Faculties and             Central server maintained by CWIS team, part  
                         Departments; central server is Unix  of Information Systems Development Team       
                                                              within ITS; each faculty or department        
                                                              responsible for its own server, with support  
                                                              from CWIS team as required                    

Monash University        Unix                                 Library for content/data; Computer Centre     
                                                              for hardware and software;                    

Murdoch University       Unix for central home page and some  Library and Computer Network Services Unit    
                         data, others can be accommodated                                                   

Newcastle University     Unix; variety in faculties;          UITG for technical upkeep; Library provides   
                                                              upkeep on its Unix machine and faculty        
                                                              technical officers would assist with faculty  
                                                              machines; CWIS Co-ordinator is about to be    
                                                              appointed on short-term basis to report to    
                                                              PVC (Research & IT Development);              

Northern Territory       Unix primarily; some Macs and PCs    ITS for NTU home page and general documents;  
University                                                    Manager, Library IT Branch for Library home   
                                                              page and associated documents; School for     
                                                              IT's home page and documents;                 

Queensland University    Unix                                 Computing Services                            
of Technology                                                                                               

University of Adelaide   Unix                                 Library Systems department                    

University of New        Unix mainly; some Macs and PCs       ITS                                           

University of New South  Unix for central information;        Division of Information Services.             
Wales                    diverse for other parts of           Communications Unit and Library co-operate    

University of            Unix mainly; not known what rest of  Prentice Centre; Departmental information is  
Queensland               University does                      their own responsibility                      

University of Southern   Unix                                 ITS                                           

University of Tasmania   Unix main host; departmental                                                       
                         servers may be other types                                                         

University of            Unix for official CWIS; Academic     Computer Services & IT, in co-ordination      
Technology, Swinburne    staff starting t develop their own   with other groupings within Information       
                         home pages on Macs and PCs;          Services Group (Library, CS&IT, MIS and       
                         debating whether these should be     Learning Services)                            
                         linked to CWIS                                                                     

University of                                                                                               
Technology, Sydney                                                                                          

University of Western    Unix                                 UCS                                           

Victoria University of                                                                                      
Technology, Footscray                                                                                       

                         4.  How is material placed on  4.1  If by departments, is it  4.2  If yes, by       
                         CWIS                           moderated in any way?          whom?                 
Australian Defence       By departments having full     No                             N/A                   
Force Academy            access to their own area                                                            

Australian National      Central staff mount their own  No, but proposed that          N/A                   
University               data; ultimate goal is to      "official" material will be                          
                         have author areas responsible  monitored to ensure it meets                         
                         for the upkeep of their own    standards; pointers to local                         
                         data.  Most material on www    material will not be                                 
                         is maintained by author        supplied if quality drops.                           
                         areas, and not mounted                                                              

Bond University          Departments have their own     Yes, material must be          Departmental          
                         accounts on various Unix       authorised and dated           provider              
                         machines to which they ftp                                                          
                         material which is then                                                              
                         mirrored on the CWIS Web                                                            

Central Queensland       Directly by departments on     No                             N/A                   
University               their own servers where                                                             
                         appropriate or on central WWW                                                       
                         server if no suitable server                                                        
                         is available                                                                        

Deakin University        Several departments are        No.  Have not yet addressed    Working party         
                         maintaining their own areas    problem of ownership of        recommended material  
                         on the University WWW          information, resulting in      be controlled by the  
                         (including the Library).       multiple versions of           communications        
                         Maintenance is via direct      University information being   Division which is     
                         access the Unix machine using  provided (e.g. course          responsible for       
                         telnet.                        information).                  managing all public   

Flinders University      Library uses Appleshare to     Draft policy concerning the    Each maintainer of a  
                         place material on Library WWW  quality of material placed on  departmental server   
                         server.  Academic information  University WWW servers is in   is responsible for    
                         is mounted on a variety of     place.                         quality of their own  
                         machines in a variety of                                      information.          

James Cook University    Each departmental Head may     Guidelines currently being     N/A                   
                         nominate a co-ordinator for    developed to encourage                               
                         their CWIS information who     certain standards.  No plans                         
                         will be given full access to   to officially moderate                               
                         their own area on gopher or    information as yet.                                  
                         WWW server.                                                                         

La Trobe University      By departments having access   No                             N/A                   
                         to their own area.                                                                  

Macquarie University     Some Schools/offices run       No, but there are              Guidelines state      
                         their own servers with data    University-wide agreed         Head of School or     
                         stored locally.  Other ftp     guidelines                     office is             
                         files to a host machine run                                   responsible for the   
                         by another School or office                                   CWIS information      
                         e.g. the Library.                                             relating to their     
                                                                                       School or office      

Melbourne University     Information is placed on       Publishing guides have been    See 4.1               
                         central CWIS using CAP (a      established.  Documents must                         
                         Unix program that allows       be authorised and include a                          
                         Macintosh computers to         creation and last modified                           
                         connect using Appleshare) or   date                                                 
                         by submission to the CWIS                                                           
                         team for uploading.  Access                                                         
                         to faculty/ department                                                              
                         servers will vary.                                                                  

Monash University        All of the above and by email  Each department/ unit is       Generally, CWIS       
                                                        responsible for own material   co-ordinator who is   
                                                        which must have departmental   Systems Librarian     
                                                        name and date on all                                 
                                                        documents.  Library oversees                         
                                                        and sets the standard for all                        
                                                        official or university wide                          
                                                        information and ensures it is                        
                                                        kept up-to-date                                      

Murdoch University       Most likely by running         Yes, planned to have CWIS      CWIS co-ordinator     
                         servers in different areas     Co-ordinator moderate with     with support from     
                         and providing links.           guidelines prepared by the     ITPC                  
                                                        University IT Policy                                 

Newcastle University     Administration, Library, UITG  Yes.  University Secretary     Head of faculty,      
                         and local public libraries     and Registrar, or nominee.     department or unit    
                         provided material to           Head of faculty, department    will be responsible   
                         technical staff in Library or  or unit will be responsible    for moderating own    
                         the UITG in required           for their own information.     information           
                         electronic format for gopher.  CWIS co-ordinator will                               
                          Departments will have choice  liaise.  CWIS guidelines are                         
                         to run their own WWW servers   being formulated.                                    
                         or use a UITG server.                                                               

Northern Territory       Delegated areas have direct    No                             N/A                   
University               access to directories on the                                                        
                         IT machine to place documents                                                       
                         for their area;  NTU-wide                                                           
                         information is directly                                                             
                         placed there by ITS staff.                                                          

Queensland University    Departments supply files to    Under consideration.           N/A                   
of Technology            Computing Services who then    Publications Department will                         
                         load on to the CWIS.  Planned  be able to update                                    
                         that some information          publications as they change.                         
                         suppliers will be able to                                                           
                         place entries directly into                                                         

University of Adelaide   Departments maintain their     No, but only nominated people  N/A                   
                         own.  Within Library, staff    can add directly to the LIS                          
                         create documents and then add                                                       
                         them directly to the LIS via                                                        
                         ftp or provide source to                                                            
                         Systems who add them.                                                               

University of New        Some servers linked to main    Departmental responsibility                          
England                  server; otherwise providers    to ensure currency.                                  
                         have access to their own                                                            

University of New South  Central data will be loaded    No, but it is proposed that    N/A                   
Wales                    by DIS staff.  Other parts of  the DIS will monitor data                            
                         University will have their     presented and may request                            
                         own policies.                  changes if standards are not                         

University of            Departments which maintain     No, but new working party is   N/A                   
Queensland               their home page on Prentice    to review presentation,                              
                         Centre server have full        content, timeliness,                                 
                         access to their own area on    reflection of policy, and                            
                         that server.  Those that have  marketing potential,                                 
                         their own server have a link   producing guidelines                                 
                         from the University Web        governing presentation and                           
                         server.                        style for marketing material                         
                                                        made available on WWW and                            
                                                        recommending policy regarding                        
                                                        the extent to which there                            
                                                        should be prescription of                            
                                                        content of marketing material                        
                                                        on WWW.                                              

University of Southern   Departments will have full     Yes, responsibility of CWIS    CWIS Controller       
Queensland               access to their own areas      Controller                                           
                         with a designated Information                                                       
                         Controller responsible for                                                          
                         uploading the information.                                                          

University of Tasmania   Authorised people have full    No. PVC has set up a new       N/A                   
                         access.                        working party to develop such                        
                                                        standards and policies for                           

University of                                                                                                
Technology, Sydney                                                                                           

University of            "Core team" provide WWW        Guidelines* to be approved by  Departmental          
Technology, Swinburne    protocols and expertise to     PVC's Committee in May.        provider.  CWIS       
                         administrative and teaching                                   Manager has           
                         staff; people are encouraged                                  editorial rights (as  
                         to publish through "official"                                 interim measure).     
                         means to maintain                                             Will be               
                         consistency; servers in                                       responsibility of a   
                         different area have links if                                  position managing     
                         required conditions* are met.                                 Swinburne             
                                                                                       publications in all   

University of Western    UCS, Library, Administrative   Not to date.  Will be          N/A                   
Australia                Computing Services and some    considered by Project Officer                        
                         academic departments mount                                                          
                         and maintain information.                                                           
                         Project will address                                                                
                         widespread distributed input                                                        
                         and maintenance by                                                                  

Victoria University of                                                                                       
Technology, Footscray                                                                                        

                         5.  Do data input sections     6.  How is CWIS          7.  Do you attempt to       
                         use commercial HTML mark-up    publicised to campus     obtain user feedback on     
                         packages?                      users?                   use of CWIS and its         
Australian Defence       No                             Not currently            No                          
Force Academy                                           publicised.  Mentioned                               
                                                        in reader education and                              
                                                        by word of mouth.                                    

Australian National      Some may.  Packages used       Via usual publicity      Not formally, although      
University               locally are not monitored ,    mechanisms.              mail to URLs is             
                         although Microsoft Internet                             increasingly used to elict  
                         assistant is favoured.                                  comment.                    
                         Public domain editors are                                                           
                         made available on servers.                                                          

Bond University          No, it usually does have to    Courses and Web          Under discussion            
                         be rehandled                   Internet Group                                       

Central Queensland       No                             In-house courses         Yes, from within the        
University                                                                       service                     

Deakin University        No commercial products used    Not very well to any     No formal feedback          
                         for data input.  Direct HTML   sector of University     mechanism                   
                         markup, or conversions from                                                         
                         RTF, Word or Wordperfect used                                                       

Flinders University      RTF-to-HTML used, but some     Printed publicity,       Yes, comments box next to   
                         editing also required          courses and public CWIS  Library CWIS workstation    
                                                        workstation in Library                               

James Cook University    No.  All data produced         Print publicity,         Yes, from within service    
                         originally or converted for    courses                                              

La Trobe University      No                             Print publicity and      No                          

Macquarie University     On the whole, free or          Through newsletters,     No formally, but some       
                         shareware versions are used    Library-conducted        server administrators       
                                                        training sessions,       solicit comments online     
                                                        presentations at                                     
                                                        various management or                                
                                                        school meetings,                                     
                                                        publicity brochures                                  

Melbourne University     Data input sections use        Print publicity and      Yes, through email links    
                         editors/convertors that are    courses                  on CWIS itself.  CWIS       
                         in public domain or are                                 teams liaise with other     
                         shareware                                               interested groups such as   
                                                                                 Library and external        

Monash University        No.  Marked up in HTML by      Print publicity and      Yes, from within the        
                         individual departments.        courses                  service                     
                         Training and advice provided                                                        
                         by CWIS co-ordinator who may                                                        
                         occasionally "re-handle" data                                                       

Murdoch University       Not at present                 Print, etc.              Not yet                     

Newcastle University     Commercial HTML markup         Through news bulletins,  Have solicited feedback     
                         packages are being used on     brochures,               through our publicity.      
                         campus, but there has been no  demonstrations and       May use the WWW form        
                         substantial input on central   e-mail lists             sending facility in         
                         WWW from other areas yet                                future.                     

Northern Territory       Yes, HotMetal & HTML           Some print publicity -   Not yet                     
University               Assistant are now used, other  more could be done                                   
                         packages being considered                                                           
                         (e.g. Microsoft Internet                                                            
                         Assistant) as they are                                                              
                         published.  Many documents                                                          
                         are still marked up from                                                            
                         previous word-processed                                                             

Queensland University    No                             Under consideration      Not yet                     
of Technology                                                                                                

University of Adelaide   No.  Contributors typically    Mentioned in Library     Yes, by providing an        
                         create documents using         Skills workbooks         e-mail address for          
                         Microsoft Word, then convert   (students required to    comments with the LIS       
                         using rtfohtml.  Final edit    use it as part of                                    
                         is sometimes required to       Library skills                                       
                         clean up the HTML.             training).  Subset of                                
                                                        LIS is accessible                                    
                                                        through our OPAC.                                    

University of New        No                             Print publicity and      Yes, planned but not yet    
England                                                 e-mail                   implemented                 

University of New South  Under consideration            N/A                      N/A                         

University of            Data for Library was           Mainly through courses   Yes, and e-mail address     
Queensland               originally prepared for        run by Library and       for suggestions and         
                         printed pamphlets.  Difficult  Prentice Centre.         comments is provided at     
                         to speak on behalf of all                               the bottom of initial home  
                         information providers but                               page                        
                         understand it does have to be                                                       

University of Southern   Rehandling until Internet      As part of training      Informal at this stage; an  
Queensland               Assistant for Word for         program, brochures       electronic suggestion box   
                         Windows 6.0 can be             promoting electronic     is being developed          
                         distributed                    services, articles in                                
                                                        university newspapers.                               

University of Tasmania   Not as far as known            Through printed          Not on gopher, but some     
                                                        documents and in         Web pages ask for feedback  
                                                        training sessions run                                
                                                        by ITS or Library or                                 

University of                                                                                                
Technology, Sydney                                                                                           

University of            Most use HTML Assistant.       Through print            Through CWIS itself.        
Technology, Swinburne    Also beginning to use          publications, seminars,  Documents all have          
                         Microsoft's Internet           workshops and            potential to e-mail         
                         Assistant for Word 6 and       demonstrations.          author, and frequently      
                         Framemaker; investigating                               request feedback - but not  
                         Pagemaker.                                              often given.   User         
                                                                                 Committee.  Informal        
                                                                                 feedback through Internet   
                                                                                 teaching workshops          

University of Western    No                             Minimal at present with  Not to date                 
Australia                                               possible exception of a                              
                                                        few departments/ bodies                              
                                                        which have an interest.                              
                                                         Publicity to be                                     
                                                        addressed in project                                 

Victoria University of                                                                                       
Technology, Footscray                                                                                        

                         8.  How do you train           9.  Commercial information     9.1  If so, is there  
                         potential users and providers  stored on CWIS by staff and    any payment?          
                         of the CWIS?                   students of University?                              
Australian Defence       No formal training at present  Not aware of any.              N/A                   
Force Academy                                                                                                

Australian National      Under consideration; will      Policy under consideration.    No                    
University               probably be via the Library    Very little on central                               
                         and/or the Professional        machines.  Not possible to                           
                         Development Centre.            monitor local servers.                               

Bond University          Courses provided by School of  No                             N/A                   
                         IT; ad hoc instruction by IT                                                        

Central Queensland       Courses provided by IT         No                             N/A                   
University               Division                                                                            

Deakin University        No training                    No                             No policy on the      

Flinders University      Courses currently being set    Not at present                 N/A                   
                         up by Staff Development and                                                         

James Cook University    Library runs training          Not at this stage              N/A                   
                         sessions and provides support                                                       
                         at Information Desk                                                                 

La Trobe University      ITS Courses                    Some is available e.g. Agora   No                    
                                                        Cinema program                                       

Macquarie University     Training courses conducted     Not aware of any               N/A                   
                         mainly by the Library, or, at                                                       
                         the School level by CWIS or                                                         
                         some academic staff as part                                                         
                         of their courses                                                                    

Melbourne University     Courses provided by ITS, and   None                           N/A                   
                         the Library will also be                                                            
                         involved in this training.                                                          

Monash University        Yes, Network Librarian trains  Yes, e.g. MONADS               No                    
                         users; Systems Librarian       (advertisements for "buy and                         
                         trains providers               sell"), announcements of                             
                                                        theatrical performances                              

Murdoch University       Courses provided by Library    No                             N/A                   

Newcastle University     Library's Internet training    Yes, in principle.  UITG       Not to date, and no   
                         classes draw attention to      publicises its software sale   decision yet on this  
                         CWIS when teaching WWW or      facility and advertisements    issue                 
                         gopher.  UITG likely to        in campus news bulletins will                        
                         employ contract trainers to    be included.  None from                              
                         provide HTML training for      outside University.                                  
                         information faculty                                                                 
                         providers.  Library will                                                            
                         complement this with general                                                        
                         HTML training                                                                       

Northern Territory       Library has in-house courses   No                                                   
University               for its staff; School of IT                                                         
                         runs courses for its                                                                
                         students; other university                                                          
                         staff not yet involved.                                                             

Queensland University    Via courses and seminars held  Not yet                                              
of Technology            by Computing Services and the                                                       

University of Adelaide   ITD runs training courses on   No                                                   
                         use of Internet generally,                                                          
                         but not yet any training for                                                        

University of New        No training yet                Commercial services relating   No                    
England                                                 to UNE will be included.                             
                                                        Others only as a service                             
                                                        (e.g. list of Armidale                               
                                                        motels, bus timetable)                               

University of New South  Under consideration.           Under consideration            N/A                   
Wales                    Probably via the Library and/                                                       
                         or Professional Development                                                         

University of            Courses and demonstrations     Not aware of any               N/A                   
Queensland               provided by both the Library                                                        
                         and Prentice Centre                                                                 

University of Southern   Courses run by Library         Not yet, but a "For Sale"      No                    
Queensland                                              section is planned                                   

University of Tasmania   Training sessions provided by  No.  ITS have Computer Shop    No                    
                         ITS and/or Library; some       information of the Gopher,                           
                         point of use training by the   but it is not maintained.                            
                         Library and freely available                                                        
                         leaflets; documentation for                                                         
                         information providers                                                               
                         available on Web server.                                                            

University of                                                                                                
Technology, Sydney                                                                                           

University of            Library conducts workshops     No, short course information   No                    
Technology, Swinburne    for users; Providers are       will shortly be made                                 
                         trained by one person          available to public through a                        
                         (currently a Librarian); a     link with VicNet - the State                         
                         group has received a grant to  Library WWW.                                         
                         fund instruction for academic                                                       
                         staff as providers with CWIS                                                        
                         team involved.                                                                      

University of Western    UCS offers weekly sessions to  Minimal, from interested       No                    
Australia                train users; Subject           parties rather than as a                             
                         librarians  include it as      co-ordinated effort, e.g.                            
                         part of user education         some clubs information                               
                         classes; In-house training                                                          
                         within departments as                                                               
                         required for providers;                                                             
                         Co-ordinated training of                                                            
                         users and providers will be                                                         
                         addressed in the project.                                                           

Victoria University of                                                                                       
Technology, Footscray                                                                                        

                         10.  Should there be standardisation of    11.  Do you have a plan of action for   
                         any parts of the CWIS?                     reviewing and ensuring updating of      
Australian Defence       A nice idea but difficult to set up.       Currently under review                  
Force Academy                                                                                               

Australian National      Yes, being developed                       Under development                       

Bond University          Yes, have standards for departmental home  Under discussion                        

Central Queensland       Yes, almost finished.  Standards are       All documents have a revision and       
University               produced in consultation with Community    expiry date attached                    
                         Relations Division                                                                 

Deakin University        Yes, but no policy yet.  UL's personal     Not for University CWIS.  Library is    
                         feeling is that data supplied by our WWW   currently writing a position            
                         and gopher servers should have a "Deakin"  description for a "Library  CWIS        
                         corporate look and feel to it.             person" whose responsibility it will    
                                                                    be to keep up-to-date any Library       
                                                                    supplied information                    

Flinders University      Yes, draft policy document covers this     Yes, will be the responsibility of      
                                                                    Network Services Librarian              

James Cook University    Yes, being examined by Working Party on    Under discussion                        
                         Networked Information                                                              

La Trobe University      Yes                                        No                                      

Macquarie University     Headers and forms of addressing of         No, but should be.  CWIS Guidelines do  
                         server, but is subject to further          stress the responsibility of            
                         discussion                                 information provides to keep the        
                                                                    information current and accurate        

Melbourne University     Yes, there should be, and this is being    There is a plan of action for           
                         discussed.                                 reviewing and updating information on   
                                                                    the CWIS                                

Monash University        Yes.  Currently only date and name of      Yes, but only for information for       
                         provider must be included.  Also try to    which we are responsible.               
                         encourage home page providers to conform                                           
                         to some standard by providing advice,                                              
                         assistance and comment.                                                            

Murdoch University       Yes                                        Under consideration                     

Newcastle University     Yes.  University logo will appear on home  No plan in place.  CWIS co-ordinator    
                         pages and a claim of copyright.  There     will liaise with CWIS Information       
                         will be specific guidelines on             Liaison Person in each area on quality  
                         information to be attached to documents    and timeliness of information.          
                         such as title, author, date prepared,                                              
                         e-mail contact.                                                                    

Northern Territory       Yes, particularly in regard to accuracy    Not yet                                 
University               of facts                                                                           

Queensland University    Under consideration                        Under consideration                     
of Technology                                                                                               

University of Adelaide   Yes, try to keep to a standard of          No.  Each contributor is responsible    
                         presentation which is not too              for keeping own contribution up to      
                         prescriptive                               date.  Try to provide a "last update"   
                                                                    date on each page.                      

University of New        Some standardisation is essential for      Management committee will have some     
England                  ease of use                                oversight; primarily the                
                                                                    responsibility of information           
                                                                    providers to ensure currency            

University of New South  Being developed.                           Under development                       

University of            Yes, this is one of the terms of           No.  May be one of the issues to be     
Queensland               reference of the Internet Working Group    addressed by the working group          

University of Southern   Endeavouring to achieve standardisation    Yes, this is the responsibility of the  
Queensland               where possible by providing templates and  CWIS Controller                         
                         assistance to information controllers                                              

University of Tasmania   Yes, CWIS Working Party to address.        This issue is part of the Working       
                                                                    Party's deliberations                   

University of                                                                                               
Technology, Sydney                                                                                          

University of            Yes, some guidelines have been developed.  Yes, under discussion                   
Technology, Swinburne     See **                                                                            

University of Western    Yes, to be addressed by the project        No, to be addressed by the project      

Victoria University of                                                                                      
Technology, Footscray                                                                                       

Abbreviations and Codes used:

CSC Computer Services Centre

DIS Director IS (University of NSW)

DVC Deputy Vice-Chancellor

IT/S Information Technology/Services

LIT Adelaide's CWIS

PVC Pro Vice-Chancellor

UITG University IT Group (Nwcastle)

UL University Librarian

Prentice Centre Computer Centre (University of Queensland)

* Swinburne Draft Guidelines under development are available from:

** Swinburne Guidelines from:

Compiled by Joan Jensen

Updated 28 August 1995

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