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Updated 17 February, 1998
Does anyone prepare handout for academics re copyright of materials for use in online teaching? 
INSTITUTION                                 RESPONSE                                                                  

Australian Catholic University                                                                                        

Australian Defence Force Academy                                                                                      

Australian National University                                                                                        

Bond University                             Not at present as we don't do any online teaching.                        

Central Queensland University               No.                                                                       

Charles Sturt University                    Adapted version of Michael Lean's (QUT) Copyright Guide provided to all   
                                            staff involved with online teaching.                                      

Curtin University of Technology                                                                                       

Deakin University                           At Deakin, copyright is handled through the Learning Resources Services.  
                                             LRS handles the CAL licensing etc.                                       

Edith Cowan University                                                                                                

Flinders University of South Australia                                                                                

Griffith University                                                                                                   

James Cook University of North Queensland                                                                             

La Trobe University                                                                                                   

Macquarie University                                                                                                  

Monash University                           About two years ago, the Library prepared a brochure for academic staff   
                                            on Copyright. This was an initiative of the Copyright Advisory Committee  
                                            that I chair. The University Solicitor has also prepared some notes on    
                                            this in collaboration with the Copyright Adv Committee, and this is now   
                                            available on the Web. There are plans to update the Copyright brochure    
                                            and place this on the Web for the information of all academic staff.      

Murdoch University                                                                                                    

Northern Territory University                                                                                         

Queensland University of Technology                                                                                   

Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology                                                                               

Southern Cross University                                                                                             

Swinburne University of Technology          Use a Copyright Council bulletin.                                         

The University of Adelaide                  No.                                                                       

University of Ballarat                                                                                                

University of Canberra                      No.                                                                       

The University of Melbourne                 No.                                                                       

University of New England                                                                                             

University of New South Wales               As this institution is a party to the e-reserve case before the           
                                            Copyright Tribunal, it does not sanction the use of digital materials of  
                                            an e-reserve kind.  Presumably, academics use digital material from the   
                                            Web as they see fit for research and teaching.  The Library has not       
                                            prepared any information on the use of digital material because the       
                                            whole issue is so uncertain. Study Kits material prepared.                

The University of Newcastle                                                                                           

University of Queensland                                                                                              

University of South Australia                                                                                         

University of Southern Queensland           No.  All materials for online teaching are produced in our Distance       
                                            Education Centre (using content supplied by academics) which has its own  
                                            procedures for ensuring that all materials used are copyright cleared.    

University of Sydney                        No.                                                                       

University of Tasmania                      No.                                                                       

University of Technology, Sydney                                                                                      

The University of Western Australia         No.                                                                       

University of Western Sydney                                                                                          

University of Wollongong                    No.                                                                       

Victoria University of Technology                                                                                     

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