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Dear Colleagues,

Please find attached a summary of the results of the above questionnaire. The questionnaire replicates VBAX (23/5/95) which was distributed by Bill Hitchins.

Questions 14 and 15 did not form part of Bill's survey. Their purpose was explained to you in a covering note by Alison Ransome when the questionnaire was distributed on 10 January 1997.

It was not possible to present the results in the spreadsheet format of VBAX (23/5/97), but I trust that will not hinder comparison of results.

Thankyou all for your assistance.

Ed Parr
Paris, 12 May 1997.


Question 1 Is the Library Part of a Wider Administrative Unit?

YES                                    NO                                      

1. ADFA*                               1. ACU                                  

2. ANU*                                2. Adelaide                             

3. Ballarat                            3. Deakin                               

4. Bond*                               4. Flinders                             

5. Central Queensland                  5. Melbourne                            

6. Charles Sturt*                      6. Queensland**                         

7. Curtin                              7. RMIT                                 

8. Griffith                            8. South Australia                      

9. James Cook                          9. South Queensland                     

10. Macquarie*                         10. Victoria                            

11. New South Wales                    11. Western Australia                   

12. Newcastle*                         12. Western Sydney                      

13. NTU*                               13. Wollongong                          

14. QUT                                                                        

15. Southern Cross                                                             

16. Swinburne                                                                  

17. Tasmania                                                                   

18. Canberra                                                                   


(i) 30 CAUL libraries responded. No response was received from Canberra, but some data have been derived from a complementary survey directed to PVCs/Directors of Information Services and are included in the interests of completeness
(ii) Starred* libraries responded 'NO' to 1995 CAUL survey, while Queensland** responded 'YES' in 1995 and 'NO' in 1997
(iii) ACU, Adelaide, Deakin, New South Wales and victoria were not included in 1995 Survey.
(iv) Data are not available for La Trobe, Murdoch and Sydney, but all were included in the 1995 survey and responded 'NO' to Q.1 on that occasion.
(v) The responses recorded for Western Sydney are those submitted by UWS Nepean.

Question 2 If Yes (to Question 1), What is the Name of the Unit?

Question 3 What Other Areas or Services are Included in the Wider Unit?

2. Information Services Division
3. Computer Centre, Centre for Media Resources, Document Delivery Centre

2. N/A
3. N/A

2. Information Services Branch
3. Computing (Administrative Networks, PC Support, Communications), Media Technology Services (A/V Production) Print Centre, Possibly PABX

2. Office of Information Resources
3. Information Technology Services (ITS)

Central Queensland
2. Division of Library, Information and Media Services
3. Media Services, which consists of production and flexible learning support units

Charles Sturt
2. Division of Library Services
3. Archives, Art Collection

2. Vice-Chancellory
3. University Planning and Statistics, Quality Office, EEO Office

2. Division of Information Services
3. Information Technology Services, Griffith Flexible Learning Services

James Cook
2. Academic Support Services
3. Computer Centre, Pedagogical Services, Teaching and Learning Support and, eventually, Student Admissions

2. Division of Information Services
3. N/A

New South Wales
2. Division of Information Services
3. Academic Computing Support Unit, Communications Unit, Management Information Support Unit (admin. computing), A/V Unit, University Archives, Resources Management Unit

2. Information and Education Services division
3. Information Technology Services, Centre for Advanced Learning and Teaching, Classroom and Theatre Services, Medical Communications Unit

2. Information Services Division
3. Information Technology Services, Open learning, TOP FM (Radio Station), NT TAB (Radio Network), Copyright

2. Division of Information Services
3. Dept. of Computing Services, Teaching and Learning Support Services, Facilities Support Service Section

Southern Cross
2. Information Services
3. Library, Information Technology, Audiovisual, Open Learning, Learning Assistance

2. Information Services Group
3. Computing and Network Services, Applications and Management Services, Media and Classroom Services, Multi-Modal Learning Unit, Staff Development and Training (for ISG and other technological staff), Quality and Educational Development.

2. Division of Information Services
3. Information Technology Services, Commercial Services (Computer Shop), North West Centre

Question 5 Do Areas Still Retain Separate Identities within the Unit?

Response: All libraries, except for Canberra which replied 'YES' to Q.1, replied 'YES' to this question. No data available for Canberra

Question 6 Are Any Administrative Functions Carried Out Centrally in the Wider Unit?

YES                                    NO                                      

1. Ballarat                            1. ADFA                                 

2. Central Queensland                  2. Bond                                 

3. Charles Sturt                       3. Curtin                               

4. Griffith                            4. James Cook                           

5. New South Wales                     5. Macquarie                            

6. NTU                                 6. Newcastle                            

7. QUT                                                                         

8. Southern Cross                                                              

9. Swinburne                                                                   



Question 7. Are there any Plans to Change the Present Arrangement?

YES                 NO                   MAYBE                                  

1. Ballarat         1. ADFA              1. ANU                                 

2. James Cook       2. Central           2. Bond                                

3                   3. Griffith          3. Charles Sturt                       

4                   4. NTU               4. Curtin                              

5                   5. QUT               5. New South Wales                     

6                   6. Tasmania          6. Newcastle                           

7                   7. Canberra          7. Southern Cross                      

8                   8                    8. Swinburne                           

Question 8. Do the Library and Computing Report to the Same Person?

Please refer to the listings in response to Q.1.

(i) Of the 18 libraries listed in the 'YES' column, 15 also responded 'YES' to Q.8. Three libraries, ANU, Central Queensland and Curtin responded 'NO'
(ii) Of the 13 libraries listed in the 'NO' column, 8 also responded 'NO' to Q.8. Four libraries, Queensland, Southern Queensland, Victoria and Western Sydney responded 'YES'. Western Australia did not respond.

Question 9. Have Any Service Areas been Transferred to/from the Library?

The following 12 libraries report transfer of services to or from the Library. However, it is not always clear that a transfer of responsibility has occurred, or if a Library has taken responsibility for provision of a service not previously available.

Question 10 Have any Service Functions been Operated Jointly?

Fifteen libraries report joint operations of a range of services, most of which are IT based

Question 11. What Consultative Mechanisms Exist Between the Library and Other Service Units?

Seven libraries ACU, Bond, Central Queensland, James Cook, Macquarie, Newcastle and RMIT reported no formal mechanisms for consultation. In some cases where integration is recent, there is an expectation that mechanisms will be developed.
Western Australia and Wollongong did not respond to this question.

Question 12 What Functions Do You Think Can/Cannot be Integrated?

Newcastle and Wollongong did not respond to this question.

Question 13 What Do You See as the Benefits/Pitfalls of Integration?

The following libraries did not answer this question: ANU, Bond, Central Queensland, Charles Sturt, Curtin, James Cook, Newcastle, Western Australia, Western Sydney and Wollongong.

Question 14 Have any Special Training or Re-Orientation programs been Introduced as a Result of Integration of Services to Unify Staff of the Various Service Areas, Increase Skills Base, or Raise Client Service Focus, etc.?

Question 15 Do You Foresee the Development of a Single Unified Information Services Workforce Where Staff May Move between a Range of Jobs Without Reference to Existing Professional Groupings Such As Librarians, Programmers, Network Specialists etc.?

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