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Summary of Responses to CAUL Questionnaire on 
Library Budgets as a Percentage of the University's DEETYA 1997 Operating Grant.
(Flinders University 12/6/97)

Updated 5 July, 2001
Dear Colleagues,

Thank you to the 31 respondents. Eve reminded me that Bond does not yet, regrettably , receive any funds from DEETYA.( although she probably receives squillions from other sources ! ). Lois reported that she does not separate the Library budget from the rest of the budget for the Information Services Division at the University of Canberra. The remaining 29 responses are listed below.  Please note however that most respondents had difficulty providing a completely accurate percentage figure and some include allocations other than the DEETYA operating grant.  The percentages are approximate.

University          Approximate %    Remarks                                    

LaTrobe             8.6              Melbourne Metropolitan Campus only. A      
                                     percentage index is not a good guide. A    
                                     better comparative method is the " cost    
                                     per student" in the library i.e. budget    
                                     allocation divided by EFTSU or WEFTSU      
                                     (where postgraduates are given the         
                                     additional weighting).                     

 Western Australia  8.6              Includes research quantum and research     

Macquarie           8.2                                                         

Western             8.0                                                         

Southern Cross      7.5                                                         

New South Wales     7.5              Includes international student income and  
                                     research quantum.                          

Australian          7.2                                                         
Catholic Univ                                                                   

Murdoch             7.1                                                         

Northern Territory  7.1              Complicated by being an integrated HE/VET  
                                     institution & having an integrated         
                                     Information Services Div.                  

Deakin              7.0                                                         

Adelaide            7.0                                                         

Edith Cowan         6.7                                                         

South Australia     6.5                                                         

James Cook          6.5                                                         

Wollongong          6.5                                                         

Victoria Univ. of   6.4                                                         

Newcastle           6.3                                                         

Griffith            6.2                                                         

Queensland Univ.    6.1              Includes international student income.     
of Technology                                                                   

Curtin Univ. of     6.0                                                         

Western             6.0                                                         

Monash              6.0                                                         

Flinders            5.8                                                         

Swinburne           5.7                                                         

Charles Sturt       5.5                                                         

RMIT                5.5                                                         

New England         5.3                                                         

ANU                 5.2                                                         

Central Queensland  5.0                                                         

Compiled by Bill Cations, University Librarian, Flinders University (11 Aug 1997)

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