Council of Australian University Librarians (CAUL)

QUT 9 May 1997


Updated 3 June, 1997

INSTITUTION            QUESTION 1              QUESTION 2                QUESTION 3                QUESTION 4                 

                       Does your Library      If so, is it sent       If it is not forwarded    If it is sent              
                       issue an annual        automatically to other  automatically,            automatically, whom        
                       report?                CAUL members?           whomwithin your Library   should one contact to      
                                                                      should one approach to    query non-supply?          
                                                                      obtain a copy?                                       

Australian Catholic       No                         n/a                       n/a                        n/a                        

Australian Defence Force  Not annually               No                        Dr Marie Louise Ayres,     n/a                        
Academy                                                                        Curator, Aust. Special                                
                                                                               Research Collections, &                               
                                                                               Director External Affairs                             

Australian National       Yes                        Yes                       n/a                        Librarian's Office         

Bond University           Yes                        No                        Director, Information      n/a                        
                                                                               Resources will send on                                

Central Queensland                                                                                                                   

Charles Sturt University                                                                                                             

Curtin University of      No.  LIS meets internal    n/a                       n./a                       n/a                        
Technology                University reporting                                                                                       
                          requirements only.                                                                                         

Deakin University         Yes, from 1996 onwards     Yes, will send to all     n/a                        Executive Assistant,       
                                                     CAUL members.  1996 is                               Office of the University   
                                                     not quite yet finalised                              Librarian                  

Edith Cowan University    No                         n/a                       n/a                        n/a                        

Flinders University of    Yes                        No                        Amanda Nixon               n/a                        
South Australia                                                                Central Library                                       

Griffith University       No                         n/a                       n/a                        n/a                        

James Cook University of  Yes                        Yes                       n/a                        Mrs J.Seabrook,            
North Queensland                                                                                          Secretary                  
                                                                                                          University Librarian       

La Trobe University                                                                                                                  

Macquarie University                                                                                                                 

Monash University         Yes                        Yes                       n/a                        University Librarian's     
                                                                                                          Secretary or Executive     

Murdoch University                                                                                                                   

Northern Territory        No, but write a section    No                        Julie Day, Divisional      n/a                        
University                of the University's                                  Office                                                

Queensland University of  Yes                        Yes                       n/a                        Margaret Sparks            
Technology                                                                                                Secretary to Director,     
                                                                                                          Library Services           

Royal Melbourne           Yes                        Not now it is available   Available at               n/a                        
Institute of Technology                              electronically.                             
                                                     Notification of URL is    /                                                     
                                                     forwarded to CAUL         annrpt/lib95.htm                                      

Southern Cross            Only as part of the        No                        n/a                        n/a                        
University                University's Annual                                                                                        

Swinburne University of                                                                                                              

The University of                                                                                                                    

University of Ballarat    No                         n/a                       n/a                        n/a                        

University of Canberra    No.  Provide a short       n/a                       n/a                        n/a                        
                          statement for inclusion                                                                                    
                          in the University's                                                                                        
                          annual report.                                                                                             

The University of         Yes                        Yes                       n/a                        Angela Bridgland           
Melbourne                                                                                                 Assoc.Librarian,           
                                                                                                          Management and             
                                                                                                          Development Services       

University of New                                                                                                                    

University of New South   Not regularly              n/a                       n/a                        n/a                        

The University of         Yes                        No                        University Librarian       n/a                        

The University of         Yes                        Yes                       n/a                        Michael Stewart,           
Queensland                                                                                                Gifts and Exchange         

University of South       Yes                        Yes                       n/a                                                   

University of Southern    No.  A brief annual        n/a                       n/a                        n/a                        
Queensland                report is included in the                                                                                  
                          University Annual Report.                                                                                  

University of Sydney                                                                                                                 

University of Tasmania    Yes                        No                        Available at                                          

University of             Yes                        No.  Only the UTS         Leonie Blair,              n/a                        
Technology, Sydney                                   audience plus selected.   Associate Librarian,                                  
                                                                               Information Services                                  

The University of         Yes                        Yes                       n/a                        P.Reddington,              
Western Australia                                                                                         Library Office             

University of Western     UWS Macarthur does issue   Yes                       n/a                        n/a                        
Sydney (Macarthur)        a print copy of our                                                                                        
                          annual report.                                                                                             
                          Considering ceasing                                                                                        
                          publication of printed                                                                                     
                          version only having it                                                                                     
                          available via our home                                                                                     

University of Wollongong  Yes                        Yes - only to University  n/a                        Lara Duggan  -             
                                                     Librarian                                            Admin.Assit.               

Victoria University of    Yes                        No  -  it is an internal  Doreen Parker, University  n/a                        
Technology                                           document only             Librarian will email a                                
                                                                               Word attachment on                                    

Compiled by Queensland University of Technology Library

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