Council of Australian University Librarians (CAUL)

CAUL member holdings in the Australian Bibliographic Network (ABN)
Survey by the University of Adelaide, September 1995

This page updated 12 November, 2007

The estimated number of records in ABN is 11,960,000 [1992 = 7,900,000 ]

By extrapolation, the total number could be 17,525,000 [1992 = 14,611,000 ]

The percentage is 68.2% [1992 = 54.1% ] 

NAME                          RECORDS         %        MATERIAL NOT HELD ON ABN     PLANS            MATERIALS TO BE ADDED           

Adelaide                       434,000        55%    a) 290,000 brief records for     Yes    a) Start retrospective loading in 1996   
                                                     pre-1981 accessions,                    b) Analytical records (in the fullness   
                                                     including 24,000 journals               of time)                                 
                                                     b) Asian vernaculars                                                             

Australian Catholic                                  a)old and little used pre               Older items added as borrowed;           
University-                     27,000        66%    1987 acq's                       Yes    remainder as time and funds permit       
                   ACT                               b)recent gifts                                                                   
                                                     c) most realia                                                                   

                               130,000        90%    Serials                          Yes    No                                       

                                15,000        17%    a) ca 55,000 records at          Yes    a) As soon as UNILINC overcomes some     
                                                     UNILINC yet to be forwarded             technical problems  ***    
        QLD                                          to ABN                                  b) Over the next 10 years                
                                                     b) 20,000 special collection                                                     
                                                     not yet cat  in                                                                  
                                                     machine-readable form                                                            

                               104,000        90%    Most recent records waiting      Yes    Waiting for UNILINC                      
                                                     at UNILINC                                                                       
 [***Later comment from UNILINC: The comment about UNILINC having to work out technical problems was not correct.] 
ADFA                           180,000        75%    Mostly pre-1968 records and      Yes    Probably will have to wait until World   
                                                     specialist military material            One implementation.                      
                                                     received prior to 1988                                                           

ANU                           ca 224,000     ca 30%  a) 310,000 'OLD CAT' records     Yes    (a) emainder of Serials                  
                                                     b) 200,000 records NON MARC             records/holdings underway;               
                                                     which did not load                      (b) high priority 200,000 monograph      
                                                     c) Some serial                          records and holding s;                   
                                                     records/holdings (12,000                (c) in progress 9,000 Asian vernacular   
                                                     already added)                          (CJK) records                            
                                                     d) Asian vernacular records                                                      

Ballarat                       100,000        99%                                                                                     

Bond                            70,000        80%    Reference material;A/V;           No                                             
                                                     monographs 'not-for-loan';                                                       
                                                     parliamentary papers                                                             

Canberra                       251,000        99%    a) Asian vernacular               No                                             
                                                     b) Misc. reserve collection                                                      

Central Queensland              27,000       10.8%   Majority of monographs and       Yes    Eventually                               
                                                     serials; Some theses and most                                                    
                                                     final year projects; external                                                    
                                                     notes for CQU students;                                                          
                                                     Photocopy file; Some                                                             
                                                     curriculum material;                                                             

Charles Sturt                   74,195        20%    Majority of material in          Yes    Waiting for UNILINC upload               
                                                     waiting for UNILINC upload to                                                    
                                                     ABN; some pre-1975 material                                                      
                                                     still in card cats                                                               

Curtin                         200,000        60%    a) Monographs cat before 1975    YES    Depends upon resources and review of     
                                                     b) Monographs from 1992 to              methods of adding holdings to ABN        
                                                     c) A/V                                                                           
                                                     d) Recent serials                                                                
                                                     acquisitions plus a few                                                          

Deakin                         520,000        93%    a) ca 24,000 monograph           Yes    a) Monographs to be completed by end     
                                                     records from the previous               1996                                     
                                                     Victoria College catalogue              b) Serials will be complete by end 1995  
                                                     (local records only)                    c) Currently investigating acquiring     
                                                     b) Some serials                         records for microfiche sets (ERIC;       
                                                     c) Some curriculum materials            Health, physical Education and           
                                                     d) Individual titles for some           recreation) but no definite plans        
                                                     large microfiche sets (not on                                                    
                                                     local system either)                                                             

Edith Cowan                    301,101        86%    a) ca 3000 pre-1983 imprint      Yes    Remainder of monographs, music discs     
                                                     monos                                   and scores in 1995/96.                   
                                                     b) ca 7000 pre-1983 music                                                        
                                                     c) ca 3000 music discs                                                           
                                                     d) Misc -- vertical file,                                                        
                                                     pictures, tests, etc.                                                            

Flinders                       390,000        97%    a) ca 500 law microfiche         Yes    Depends upon funds and staff resources   
                                                     titles                                  -- first preferences are special         
                                                     b) Some old, closed-set                 collections and law microfiche titles    
                                                     c) Special collections, eg.                                                      
                                                     Evatt & Dunstan                                                                  
                                                     d) Misc. such as off-air                                                         

Griffith                        35,900        9.6%   Most monographs together with    Yes    Depends on implementation of World One   
                                                     unique serial titles and                cataloguing module and up-loading        
                                                     other serial holdings that              facility.                                
                                                     did not load during non-MARC                                                     

James Cook                    ca 156,000     ca 50%  Mixed materials catalogued       Yes    We plan to add all the rest by the end   
                                                     before 1992                             of this year.  This project was delayed  
                                                                                             because of tape reading problems.  We    
                                                                                             now have the capacity to transfer        
                                                                                             records by ftp and there is no reasons   
                                                                                             to suppose this will not be a success    

La Trobe                      ca 850,000      99%    Some serial titles               Yes    Remaining serial titles by end of 1995   

Macquarie                      455,000        90%    Ephemeral pictures, s/r           No    N/A                                      

Melbourne                      900,000        70%    Significant proportion of        Yes    Current project work on some priority    
                                                     pre-1980 imprints                       material, eg. theses.  Future project    
                                                                                             work dependent on funding, etc.          

Monash                         650,000        66%    Mostly pre-1980 imprints         Yes    Strategy is being reviewed; serials      
                                                                                             retro is in progress--will add 6000      
                                                                                             serial titles or 40% of those not in     

Murdoch                        208,000      82%      A/V material catalogued prior    Yes    For re-evaluation when World One         
                                                     to 1988, Chinese script                 functions are available.                 
                                                     material catalogued prior                                                        

Newcastle                      624,930       93.6%   a) Some ephemeral material,     a)  No  b) Carried out as time is available by   
                                                     eg. kits                       b)  Yes  existing staff -- expect to complete in  
                                                     b) ca 20,000 items which were   c) Yes  12 - 18 months.                          
                                                     not picked up in our major              c) Will be done as a specific project.   
                                                     retrospective conversion                No firm date.                            
                                                     program.  Short local records                                                    
                                                     were created from circulation                                                    
                                                     c) GREY pamphlet collection                                                      
                                                     of ca 2,500 items covering                                                       
                                                     19th and 20th century                                                            
                                                     Australian history                                                               

New England                    263,000        67%    a) Card catalogue records,       Yes    a) Card catalogue records via 3-year     
                                                     pre-1976                                recon project, 1995-97                   
                                                     b) Full MARC records                    b) Full MARC vis tape load in 1996       
                                                     1976-1991                               c) Selected serials via short on-line    
                                                     c) Some serial records                  project 1996                             

New South Wales                720,000        100%   a) 2000 serials (dated and       Yes    a) decisions to be made by end of 1995   
                                                     incomplete)                             b) long time with some work in 1996      
                                                     b) Maps received prior to                                                        

Northern Territory            ca 150,000      98%    Chiefly  maps                    Yes    Map holdings to be added as and when     
                                                                                             staff are available                      

Queensland                      64,600         9%    Books, maps, A/V                 Yes    Projects for maps, Australiana, a/v,     
                                                                                             remainder of books delayed by            
                                                                                             implementation of new library system.    
                                                                                             priorities based on NLA for              
                                                                                             contributions  to NBD                    

QUT                            255,000        61%    ex BCAE monograph and AV         Yes    The original schedule has slipped, due   
                                                     holdings                                to other priorities.  Investigation is   
                                                                                             currently under way into the             
                                                                                             possibility of adding the remainder in   

RMIT                          [210,000]*     [60%]*                                                                                   
                           *data from 1992                                                                                            

South Australia                340,000        89%    Some pre-1972 acquisitions,      Yes    No schedule as yet                       
                                                     some A/V, some serials, some                                                     

Southern Cross                ca  85,000       *                                             *Waiting for UNILINC upload              

Southern Queensland             27,370       13.6%   Pre April 1992 and new since     Yes    We are considering taking out a full     
                                                     Jan. 1995                               membership in 1997                       

Swinburne                       79,000        50%    Theses, Japanese language        Yes    1995-1996: priority to add theses,       
                                                     material, A/V material,                 Japanese material, a/v, material prior   
                                                     material prior to 1987                  to 1987                                  

Sydney                         819,500        57%    a) Collections in the            Yes    No schedule.  Have identified broad      
                                                     libraries of the amalgamated            areas for conversion including serials,  
                                                     colleges                                music and frequently used older          
                                                     b) Most books, scores and A/V           material                                 
                                                     material cat pre-1971                                                            
                                                     c) ca 35% of non current/non                                                     
                                                     continuing serial titles                                                         

Tasmania                       387,095        85%    Mostly older material            Yes    As opportunity arises                    

UTS                           ca 360,000       *                                             *Being loaded via UNILINC at the         
                                                                                             present time                             

Victoria U.T.                  158,260        94%    a) Off-air A/Vrecordings          No    N/A                                      
                                                     b) Individual microfiche of                                                      
                                                     Oregon collection                                                                
                                                     c) Some reference, reserve                                                       
                                                     and curriculum  material                                                         

Western Australia              652,048        79%                                                                                     

Western Sydney                                                                                                                        
                                59,000        86%                                                                                     

                               225,000        100%   N/A                              N/A    N/A                                      


Wollongong                     177,952        60%    Material held in collection       No    N/A                                      
                                                     prior to joining ABN in 1982
22 November 1995
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