Council of Australian University Librarians (CAUL)

Australian Universities Reciprocal Borrowing Schemes

Updated 1 August, 1997

In Victoria all university students may borrow free of charge from any other University Library. In some cases there are restrictions on the number of items that can be borrowed at one time. For example Melbourne only allows 10 items per reciprocal borrower at any one time. Interstate borrowers are usually introduced by their home library. The scheme is administered by CAVAL from the membership fees paid by all Victorian Universities. (Information supplied by Helen Hayes, University Librarian, University of Melbourne)

In Queensland, Bond, QUT, UQ, USQ, Griffith and SCUC all have reciprocal arrangements with each other. Participation eligibility varies - in some agreements, undergraduates are excluded, but in others they are included. A standard form is used by all participants for registering at the host institution. Members of interstate universities may register at QUT on presentation of a current membership card. (Information supplied by Colin Bain, Lending Services Coordinator, QUT)

In South Australia, all three universities allow all students and staff to register directly with any of the universities. They do this through their home institution online catalogue, where they agree to the conditions of borrowing and give permission for their library records to be transferred to the host institution. Their records are transferred within 24 hours. No paper forms, or library staff, are involved in the registration process. The universities recompense each other at the rate of $1 per loan. (Information supplied by Margaret Emery, Research Services Librarian, University of Adelaide)

In the ACT, reciprocal borrowing is permitted for postgraduate students and academic staff. There are no agreements for undergraduates. Intending borrowers register directly with the host institution, upon presentation of suitable proof of membership/enrolment. (Information supplied by Jan Gordon, Reader Services Librarian, ADFA)

In NSW, the UNISON schemes permits all academic staff and postgraduates to borrow from all other universities, after registering with an indemnity form completed at their home library. The MUBA (metropolitan universities borrowing arrangement) scheme allows undergraduates from UWS, UTS, UNSW, ACU and Macquarie University to borrow from each other, on presentation of a current membership card. These universities recompense each other at the rate of $1 per loan. In 1982, the then CLANN (now Unilinc) libraries agreed that the registered users of any one member library could borrow from the other libraries in a Reciprocal Borrowing Scheme. The universities involved are ACU, CSU, SCU, UTS and UWS. There are also bilateral arrangements in place between other universities for undergraduates to borrow. (Information provided by Sue Craig, Lending Services Coordinator, University of Wollongong and Rona Wade, Executive Director, Unilinc)

In WA, an agreement is in place amongst the four UNS universities whereby all students and staff may register to borrow at all other institutions on presentation of proof of membership/enrolment. No recompense is sought from participating libraries. (Information provided by John Frylinck, Divisional Librarian, Public Services, Curtin University of Technology)

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