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  • All-Out Internet Access: The Cambridge Public Library Model. by Miles Fidelman of The Center for Civic Networking (The book provides detailed, how-to guidance on planning, implementing, operating, and supporting Internet service in a public library setting.)
  • The Archiving of Electronic Scholarly Information: An overview, prepared by Elizabeth Sommerlad. Commissioned by UNISON (AU)
  • Executive Summary, prepared by Neil McLean, University Librarian, Macquarie University.
  • Art Libraries, Information Technology and Automation [a bibliography], compiled by Michael Angeles.
  • Being Digital, by Nicholas Negroponte (Selected Bits)
  • Buildings, books, and bytes (November 1996) The report reveals what library leaders and the public have to say about the future of libraries in the digital age. Benton Foundation
  • The CAN-LINKED Initiative: A proposal for the co-ordinated development of a distributed national digital library system in Canada, prepared by a group of academic and research libraries
  • Communications of the ACM.  Volume 41 (1998)  Table of Contents.  April 1998 issue is largely devoted to digital libraries. Some articles can only be viewed by those who have access to ACM publications through a site license.
  • Costs for the Development of a Virtual University. Murray Turoff, Distinguished Professor of Computer and Information Science, New Jersey Institute of Technology. (JALN Volume 1, Issue 1 - March 1997)
  • Digital Alternatives:  Solving the Problem or Shifting the Costs? by Colin Day. This paper was originally presented at an Association of Research Libraries workshop, "The Specialized Scholarly Monograph in Crisis, or How Can I Get Tenure If You Won't Publish My Book?" at a session September 11, 1997 called "Economics of the Specialized Monograph." It is reprinted here with permission.  (The Journal of Electronic Publishing  September, 1998   Volume 4, Issue 1  ISSN 1080-2711)  (US)
  • Digital Dilemmas: Are Libraries and IT Centres Causes for Concern in the Twenty First Century? by Colin Steele, University Librarian, Australian National University (Paper prepared for the conference CAUSE '97 In Australasia: Information Technology - The Enabler held April 13-16 1997 Melbourne, Australia.
  • Digital Libraries: Some Implications for Government and Education from the Australian Development Experience. Paper presented by Eric Wainwright, Deputy Director-General, National Library of Australia, Singapore 1996.
  • Digital Libraries '94 Proceedings of the First Annual Conference on the Theory and Practice of Digital Libraries June 19-21, 1994 - College Station, Texas, USA
  • The digital library: dos, don'ts and developments, by Colin Steele. Editorial, The Electronic Library, vol. 13, no. 5, October 1995
  • Digital Preservation : Electronic Information Development Programme: eLib Phase 3a. JISC Circular 5/97 June 1997 Joint Information Systems Committee. (UK)
  • Do Digital Libraries Need Librarians? An Experiential Dialog, by Lisa Dallape Matson and David J. Bonski. ONLINE, November 1997, Copyright © Online Inc.
  • Commission on Preservation and Access and the Research Libraries Group Task Force on Digital Archiving (USA). Draft report (in MS Word format) (51pp)
  • Economic Framework for Pricing and Charging in Digital Libraries by J. Sairamesh et al, in D-Lib Magazine, February 1996.
  • Electronic Alchemy: The Australian Co-operative Digitisation Project 1840-1845, by John Thompson, Collections and Reader Services Division (National Library of Australia)
  • The Electronic Library: Slouching Toward the Future or Creating a New Information Environment, by Sheila D. Creth University of Iowa (Follett Lecture Series, 25th September 1996 )
  • Electronic Texts and Multimedia in the Academic Library: a View from the Front Line by Anita K. Lowry Head, Information Arcade University of Iowa Libraries.
  • Evaluation of the EEVL Pilot Service by Iain King & Malcolm Moffat, Heriot-Watt University, September 1996 - The Edinburgh Engineering Virtual Library (UK)
  • The Follett Lecture Series
  • FollettWP Policy for JISC dataset services provision Joint Information Systems Committee
  • Free Internet Access to Traditional Journals, by Thomas J. Walker, in American Scientist, September-October 1998, Volume 86, No. 5
  • The Future of Electronic Journals, by Hal R. Varian.  This paper, entitled, Future of Electronic Journals: Some speculations about the evolution of academic electronic publishing, was presented at the Scholarly Communication and Technology Conference, Emory University, Atlanta, April 1997 ( Used with permission.  (The Journal of Electronic Publishing  September, 1998   Volume 4, Issue 1  ISSN 1080-2711)  (US)
  • Globalisation and Information Access. The Role and Influence of OCLC in the early Twenty First Century - presentation by Colin Steele, Australian National University, at the OCLC Users Council Meeting,  May 18-20, 1998 (also published at
  • Guidelines for Developing an Information Strategy: A Report prepared by Coopers & Lybrand and the JISC's Information Strategies Steering Group
  • Historical Collections for the National Digital Library: Lessons and Challenges at the Library of Congress, by Caroline R. Arms, Information Technology Services & National Digital Library Program, Library of Congress (D-Lib Magazine, April 1996)
  • How We Do User-Centered Design and Evaluation of Digital Libraries: A Methodological Forum. 37th Allerton Institute 1995 (Graduate School of Library and Information Science University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
  • IEEE Digital Library Newsletter Archive: a publication of the IEEE Task Force on Digital Libraries - Digital Library News will act as a periodic electronic snapshot and alerting service for the Digital Libraries field. (US)
  • Information Online & On Disc 95. Proceedings of the conference.
  • Internet Training in ARL Libraries, (SPEC Flyer 220) compiled by Jon E. Cawthorne, University of Oregon and Richard Bleiler, University of Connecticut. Association of Research Libraries (US)
  • The Integrated Document Access Project (IDA) | Final report (10 January 1996) (Prepared by IDA Project Team, Techsearch Business Services, University of South Australia, for the Council of Australian University Librarians and the National Library of Australia).
  • The Internet: Bringing Order from Chaos Scientific American Special Report, March 1997.
  • Interoperability between Library Information Services and Learning Environments Bridging the Gaps: A Joint White Paper on behalf of the IMS Global Learning Consortium and the Coalition for Networked Information. May 10, 2004 [by] Neil McLean [and] Clifford Lynch.
  • Interoperability, Scaling, and the Digital Libraries Research Agenda: A Report on the May 18-19, 1995 IITA Digital Libraries Workshop August 22, 1995 Clifford Lynch ( Hector Garcia-Molina (
  • An Introduction to Metadata, Chris Taylor, Manager, Information Access and Delivery Service, University of Queensland Library.  Revised 1 April 1999.  (AU)
  • Issues and Innovation in Electronic Reserves, by George Soete (ARL Transforming Libraries: Issue 1: October 1996)
  • Knit One, Purl Two: the Organisation of Knowledge on the Internet, by Colin Steele (University Librarian, Australian National University). 1996 Mollie Thompson Memorial Lecture. State Library of New South Wales
  • Long Term Preservation Of Electronic Materials : A JISC/British Library Workshop. 1995 November 27/28 University of Warwick Proceedings available at
  • Management information systems and performance measurement for the electronic library - including workshop (Peter Brophy and Peter M. Wynne, CERLIM, University of Central Lancashire). Final report, June 1997. [Word 6 format ] [RTF] - an eLib supporting study (UK)
  • Measuring the Cost-Effectiveness of Journals: Ten Years After Barschall.  This article was prepared by George Soete and Athena Salaba for The University of Wisconsin-Madison Libraries 1999 (US)
  • MIME Email for Interlibrary loan and as a fax replacement, by Tony Barry. (formerly at http://ningaui/projects/mime/Welcome.html)
  • Multimedia Preservation: Capturing The Rainbow Papers from the National Preservation Office Annual Conference - 1995
  • NARA Guidelines for Digitizing Archival Materials for Electronic Access presented here have been developed solely for internal NARA use in [their] pilot Electronic Access Project.  (National Archives and Records Administration)  (US)
  • National Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations A Scalable and Sustainable Approach to Unlock University Resources [by] Edward A. Fox, John L. Eaton, Gail McMillan Neill A. Kipp, Laura Weiss, Emilio Arce, and Scott Guyer (Virginia Tech) D-Lib Magazine, September 1996.
  • National Digital Library Federation (NDLF) NDLF Planning Task Force Final Report - June 1996 (US)
  • Canada Foundation for Innovation. National Site Licence Initiative Proposal.  Update February 1999 from Canadian regional university library associations (CAUL, COPPUL, CREPUQ, OCUL)  (CA)
  • National Strategy for Provision of Access to Australian Electronic Publications: A National Library of Australia Position Paper (Feedback to the NLA requested, and will be received up to 30 November 1996)
  • Netskills Annual Report 95/96 (E-Lib Project) (UK)
  • Networked Information In An International Context (a report on the conference entitled Networked Information in an International Context, which was held at Heathrow, UK, on 9th/10th February 1996. The conference was organised by UKOLN in association with The British Library Research and Development Department, CNI, CAUSE and JISC.) (Mirrored in Australia with permission of the British Library; mirrored from
  • Hawks, Carol Pitts. "OhioLINK: Implementing Integrated Library Services Across Institutional Boundaries." The Public-Access Computer Systems Review 6, no. 2 (1995).
  • Preservation of and long term access to Australian Digital Objects: Draft Statement of Principles: An Issues Paper for CAUL (Ross Coleman, University of Sydney)
  • Preservation of and Long-Term Access to Australian Digital Objects: Statement of Principles. National Preservation Office, National Library of Australia.
  • Preserving Digital Information: Final Report and Recommendations (html version) May 20, 1996 (Commission on Preservation and Access (CPA) and RLG. Task Force on Archiving of Digital Information )
  • Some thoughts on network futures: A discussion paper prepared for CAUL/JISC by Tony Barry (AU)
  • Statement of the Association of American Publishers (AAP) on Document Delivery.  (US)
  • The Society of American Archivists Statement on the Preservation of Digitized Reproductions (US)
  • To Publish and Perish (Policy Perspectives  Co-sponsored by the Association of Research Libraries,  the Association of American Universities,  and the Pew Higher Education Roundtable - Special Issue March 1998 Volume 7 Number 4) (US)
  • The Transition from Print to Electronic Journals: a Case Study [by] Neil McLean.  Paper presented at: Sustainability in the Scholarly Information Market Place: the Search for Digital Library Business Models. National Maritime Museum, Darling Harbour, Sydney, May 2nd 2000.
  • UK Pilot Site Licence Initiative. Report on Phase I of the Evaluation of the UK Pilot Site Licence Initiative. April 1997 HEFCE Ref M 3/97 (Higher Education Funding Council for England) (UK)
  • Virtual Professions and Digital Libraries. by Colin Steele (University Librarian, Australian National University) (University of Canberra Professional Perspectives lecture series)
  • A White Paper on Authentication and Access Management Issues in Cross-organizational Use of Networked Information Resources  Clifford Lynch, editor - Coalition for Networked Information (Revised Discussion Draft of April 14, 1998)  (US)
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