Council of Australian University Librarians (CAUL)

CAUL Meeting 2003/1
Melbourne, 9-11 April, 2003
Agenda & Papers

Updated 1 October, 2003

Agenda Papers

Meeting Registration form.  Please download and email completed form to the CAUL Office by 26 March.
Report template.  Please download and email reports and agenda papers to the CAUL Office by 31 March.
Agenda papers will be posted to business address on 2/4/03.  Please notify CAUL Office if they should be posted elsewhere..
Draft Agenda & Schedule (updated regularly)
Meeting Attendance - registrations to date.
Draft Minutes of CAUL Meeting 2002/2 Dunedin, NZ
Draft Minutes of CAUL Executive Meeting 2003/1
Minutes of CAUL Executive Meeting 2002/5
CAUL Strategic Plan Revision - Environmental Scan - Madeleine McPherson (25/3/03)
CAUL Communication Strategy & Guidelines - Madeleine McPherson (13/2/03)
Information Literacy (Hot Topic) - Margaret Appleton (10/3/02)
University Library Australia - Report - Alison Ransome (12/3/03)
CAUL Statistics Focus Group - Report - Derek Whitehead (20/3/03)
CAVAL Guidelines for Library Services for Off-Shore Students & Covering Letter - Sue McKnight (24/3/03)
*Kinetica Report - Doreen Parker (26/3/03)
Copyright Report - Eve Woodberry (28/3/03)
CEIRC Report - Eve Woodberry (28/3/03)
Best Practice Report - Felicity McGregor (31/3/03)
National Resource Sharing Policy Committee Report - Liz Curach (31/3/03)
*AARLIN Report - Earle Gow (1/4/02)
Study of Changing Research Practices - DEST Research progress report - John Houghton, Colin Steele & Margaret Henty (1/4/03)
ADT report - Andrew Wells (1/4/03)
Proposed ADT web form - Andrew Wells (1/4/03)
ADT Policy Reference Group - Minutes of meeting held 28 October 2002.
CAUL Budget - 2002 expenditure.
CAUL Budget - 2003 budget.
International Issues - Hot Topics Paper - Alex Byrne (2/4/03)
Executive Officer's Report - Diane Costello (2/4/03)
*CSIRO Report - Philip Kent (6/4/03)
*Strategic Plan Review - Madeleine McPherson
*CAUL Information Literacy Assessment Project - Progress Report March 2003 - Dr Ralph Catts, University of New England (11/4/03)
*ANZIIL - Report to CAUL - Irene Doskatsch, University of South Australia (11/4/03)
*ANZIIL - Constitution February 2003 (11/4/03)
*CAUL Strategic Planning Exercise - First draft of strategy / action items (11/4/03)
    Management for Best Practice - summary - Derek Whitehead (11/4/03)
*CAUL Achievement Award 2002 presentation - Margie Jantti, University of Wollongong - speech & powerpoint (11/4/03)
*CAUL Hot Topic Copyright monitoring: Swinburne’s experience - Derek Whitehead (11/4/03)
*CONZULSys Culture - presentation by Ainslie Dewe, Auckland University of Technology (11/4/03)
Workshop presentations -
*Reflections on COLIS - Maxine Brodie (the .ppt file is 4mb when zipped, so is not included here)
*MAP: Millennium Access Plus Beta Testing Project - Greg Anderson, University of Wollongong
*MetaLib and SFX - demonstration by Tony Cargnelutti, University of New South Wales & discussion of review of Supersearch by Alex Byrne (slides by Ann Flynn, University of Technology, Sydney)

* Agenda papers not included with the printed set.

Accommodation & Travel Information.
The Melbourne Food & Wine Festival.  28 March - 13 April, 2003.

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