Council of Australian University Librarians (CAUL)

CAUL Meeting 2002/1
Perth, 8-9 April, 2002
Agenda & Papers

Updated 29 April, 2002

Meeting agenda
Attendance details, including conference dinners & committee meetings.
Photographs from the meeting & dinner. (Felicity McGregor)
Dinner speech by Colin Steele.

Agenda Papers.

AARLIN - Report to CAUL (Earle Gow, La Trobe U, 23/3/02)
ANZIIL Statement of Purpose.| Cover letter.(Irene Doskatsch, UniSA, 13/3/02)
Australian Digital Theses Program | DRAFT ADT Business Plan  (Andrew Wells, UNSW, 20/3/02)
Authentication Project - Report to CAUL (Andrew Wells, UNSW, 25/3/02)
    The Authentication Project - Final Report (Keith Burston & Geoff Hort, UNSW, 9/1/02)
Best Practice - Report to CAUL (Felicity McGregor, UoW, 23/3/02)
    Best Practice - Where to from here? (Best Practice Working Group, 23/3/02)
CAUL Achievement Award.  Proposal. (Helen Hayes, U Melbourne, 7/3/02 rev. 25/3/02)
CEIRC Program - Report to CAUL (Eve Woodberry, UNE, 21/3/02)
    CEIRC Terms of Reference - DRAFT revision
    CEIRC-Industry Think Tank - 23 May 2002 - Draft Program
Client Satisfaction Surveys (Rodski) (Diane Costello, 25/3/02)
Copyright Report (Eve Woodberry, UNE, 21/3/02)
Digital Continuity Agenda | Cover note (Derek Whitehead, Swinburne, 19/3/02)
Library Services for People with Disabilities - Report to CAUL  (Sue McKnight, Deakin U, 13/3/02)
    Forum on Library Services for People with Disabilities - Report
Information Literacy Assessment Project (Margaret Appleton, CQU, 8/3/02)
Kinetica & National Bibliographic Database - Report (Doreen Parker, VU, 21/3/02)
    Kinetica Advisory Committee 15 March 2002 - Report to CAUL.
    Kinetica National Site Licence - Report to CAUL.
    Kinetica Advisory Committee 16 November 2001 - Report to CAUL.
National Resource Sharing Policy Committee (Liz Curach, UWS, 20/3/02)
Performance Indicator Web Site (Diane Costello, 25/3/02)
Research Resources Australia - Report to CAUL (Ray Choate, Adelaide U, 26/3/02)
    RRA Discussion Paper
    Research Resources Australia – Business planning. Prepared in consultation with the Research Resources Australia Committee of CAUL, Graeme Murphy Hamlet Management Pty Ltd.
    Financial Analysis Of the Membership and operational opportunities for Research Resources Australia. 12 November 2001 by Steve O’Connor, CEO CARM Centre CAVAL Collaborative Solutions, Ltd. In consultation with Rivercross Foundation.
    Comments on RRA (John Shipp, U Sydney, 4/4/02)
Scholarly Communication Report (Colin Steele, ANU, 20/3/02)
Statistics - Report to CAUL (Derek Whitehead, Swinburne U, 23/3/02)

Regional Cooperation (table compiled by Ray Choate)
University Libraries South Australia (Bill Cations, Flinders U, 23/3/02)
WAGUL (Margaret Jones, Murdoch U, 25/3/02)
Go5 (Margaret Jones, Murdoch U, 25/3/02)
Go8 (Janine Schmidt, UQ, 26/3/02)

CAUL Meeting 2001/2 - Meeting Minutes - 12/9/01
CAUL Executive Committee - Meeting Minutes - 29/11/01 | 21/2/02
CEIRC Committee - Meeting Minutes - 5/2/02 | 20/3/02
The Authentication Project (Meeting 16/1/02 - Minutes)
Online Learning and Information Environments: Education Opportunity and Institutional Challenge.  20 February 2002. (Forum organised by NCODE-FLA, CAUL & CAUDIT)

Executive Officer's Report (Diane Costello, 24/3/02)
Finance Report for 2001 | Appendices (Diane Costello, 25/3/02)
Draft Audit Report for 2001. (Diane Costello, 5/4/02)
    Explanatory data for audit report.
Draft Budget for 2002. (John Shipp, 25/3/02)

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