Council of Australian University Librarians (CAUL)

CAUL Meeting 2000/2
Canberra, Rydges Lakeside
27-28 October 2000
Updated 13 November, 2000

  1. Introduction & Welcome. Helen Hayes
  2. Attendance & Apologies.

  3. Guests:
    Friday: Rick Johnson, SPARC; Beverly Lynch, Center for Research Libraries; Philip Kent, CSIRO
    Saturday: John Mullarvey, Deputy Executive Director, AVCC; Nick Smith, Australian Libraries Copyright Committee & Australian Digital Alliance;
    Expected to attend:
    Delegates for CAUL:
    Imogen Garner, University of Western Australia; Craig Grimison, Australian Catholic University; Greg Anderson, University of Newcastle
    From CARL/ABRC (16):
    Ms. Sharon Brown, University of Toronto; M. Jean-Pierre Côté, Université de Montréal; M. Bernard Dumouchel, Canada Institute for Scientific and Technical Information (CISTI); Ms. Gwendolyn Ebbett; University of Windsor; Ms. Joyce Garnett, University of Western Ontario; Mr. Richard Greene, University of Ottawa; Mme Frances Groen, McGill University (CARL/ABRC President); Ms. Ellen Hoffmann, York University; Mr. Alan MacDonald, University of Calgary; Ms. Carolynne Presser, University of Manitoba; Mr. Michael Ridley, University of Guelph; Ms. Marnie Swanson, University of Victoria; Mr. John Teskey, University of New Brunswick; Mr. Paul Wiens, Queen's University; Ms. Deb deBruijn, CNSLP; Mr. Tim Mark, CARL
    From CONZUL (6):
    Sue Pharo, University of Waikato; Janet Copsey, University of Auckland; Alan Smith, Victoria University of Wellington; Gail Pattie, University of Canterbury; Grace Saw (Friday), Auckland University of Technology; Helen Renwick, Massey University
    John Arfield, UWA; Chris Sheargold, ACU; Linda O’Brien, UNewcastle
  4. Minutes of previous meeting, CAUL 2000/1 Adelaide 9-10 March, 2000. (Paper appended) (Saturday morning)
    1. Minutes of Executive Meeting Melbourne 23 August 2000. (Paper appended) (Saturday morning)
  5. Business arising from previous meetings, not otherwise listed on the agenda. (Saturday morning)
  6. Arrangement of the agenda. Items will be starred for discussion.


  8. Strategic Plans. CAUL & CARL members may consider the role of consortia and future directions for the respective organisations. CAUL will review its plan at the 2001/1 meeting. Helen Hayes, Frances Groen

  9. Information Resources.

  10. Canadian National Site Licensing Project. Deb deBruijn will report on process and progress.
  11. CAUL Electronic Information Resources Committee (CEIRC). Minutes of the October meeting are appended. Vic Elliott will report on future directions. (Papers appended:  Strategic Plan; CEIRC)
  12. Data Archives. Mike Ridley
  13. Development of Electronic Journal Collection. Sharon Brown
  14. National Borrowing Scheme. Alison Ransome (Paper appended)
  15. Cooperative National Store. Bill Cations.  (Research Resources Australia - paper later circulated)
  16. Janus Project. Alex Byrne, Earle Gow.
  17. Australian Academic Libraries Network / Portals. Several Australian universities have implemented portals, most of which do not include library services. The intention of AALN is to link the 39 CAUL libraries. Earle Gow, Bernard Dumouchel
  18. Authentication.
    1. Authentication Project. Marian Bate
  19. 24-hour Reference Services – Call Centres. Opportunities for collaboration. Ray Choate, CARL.
  20. Information Literacy. ACRL Information Literacy Standards. Alan Bundy. (Paper emailed)
  21. Digitisation.
    1. Electronic Reserve / Course-packs. Derek Whitehead, Alan MacDonald
  22. Digital Theses. Marian Bate, Richard Greene.
    1. Australian Digital Theses Program. Marian Bate.
  23. Distance Education. To consider emerging issues, and potential for collaboration. Marnie Swanson.

  24. Scholarly Communication.

  25. SPARC. Rick Johnson will address the meeting. (Presentation)  Members will discuss local implementation of Create Change program.
  26. Australian Research Libraries Fighting Fund. Colin Steele
    1. Coalition for Innovation in Scholarly Communication. Colin Steele, Neil McLean.
  27. Scholarly Communication in Canada. Ellen Hoffmann

  28. Best Practice.

  29. Quality of Library Services. Felicity McGregor (Paper appended)
  30. CAUL Performance Indicators
    1. Proposal for Client Satisfaction Survey. Felicity McGregor (Paper appended: Rodski proposal, CAUL proposal, Explanatory note)
    2. Performance Indicator Web Site. Felicity McGregor (Paper appended:Proposal, Costs)
  31. Statistics. Ainslie Dewe (Paper appended)
  32. Inter-Library Loans. The proposed ILFRS Code and Guide to Best Practice, for consideration of/endorsement by CAUL are included in the papers. These documents were previously circulated to CAUL in July for comment. Liz Curach (Paper appended)

  33. Advocacy, Marketing, Communication.

  34. CAUL Communication Strategy. Helen Hayes (Paper appended)
  35. Copyright.
    1. Australian Libraries Copyright Committee. (Saturday morning) Eve Woodberry will report on the ALCC business plan. (Paper appended)
    2. Digital Agenda Bill. (Saturday morning) Nick Smith, Australian Libraries Copyright Committee, will address the meeting.
  36. Government Legislation, Reports & Inquiries.
    1. Science Capability Review. Colin Steele, Helen Hayes.
    2. Innovation Summit Implementation. Colin Steele.
    3. Government agenda and research libraries. Frances Groen, Helen Hayes.
  37. Relationships with Other Organisations.
    1. CARL-ABRC. Frances Groen
      1. IPALLOSH. Historical review and future directions for international collaboration. Alan MacDonald
      2. Cross-Border Library Cooperation. Gwen Ebbett
    1. Center for Research Libraries (CRL). Dr Beverly Lynch, Interim President, will brief the meeting on current programs and potential for global participation.
    2. CONZUL. Sue Pharo
    3. CSIRO. Philip Kent
    4. Regional Groups.
      1. Canada. John Teskey, Carolynne Presser, Jean Pierre Cote, Gwen Ebbett
    5. AVCC. (Saturday morning) John Mullarvey, Deputy Executive Director, will address the meeting. (Powerpoint presentation)
      1. SCIP. Helen Hayes, Ray Choate, Janice Rickards.
    6. Research Councils.
      1. ARC RIEFP – Proposals for 2001. Ray Choate
      2. Securing levies for the library from research-allocated funds. Paul Wiens
    7. National Library of Australia.
      1. Kinetica. Marian Bate
        1. The future of Kinetica. Doreen Parker (Paper appended)
      2. National Resource Sharing Working Group. Liz Curach
      3. Australian Library Collections Taskforce. Janine Schmidt, Liz Curach (Paper appended)
    8. European Union (EU). Neil McLean
  1. CAUL Meeting 2001/1. (Saturday morning) The venue for the 2001/1 meeting is to be confirmed.
  2. CAUL Elections. (Saturday morning) Nominations for President 2001-2 have been received from Colin Steele, Helen Hayes and Ray Choate. Ballot papers will be collected during the meeting on Friday.
  3. CAUL Finances. (Saturday morning)  (Paper emailed 19/10/00)
  4. Executive Officer’s Report. (Saturday morning)
  5. Other Business.

  CAUL Meeting Schedule  
Sunday 22 October    
7.00pm – 11.00pm CEIRC-Industry ThinkTank Dinner The Hermitage
Monday 23 October    
8.30am – 5.00pm CEIRC-Industry ThinkTank CSIRO, Acton
4.00pm-6.00pm U21 meeting  MB, JBS, HH
7.00pm [CAUDIT Executive dinner with Brian Hawkins] – Colin Steele, Ray Choate Fringe Benefits, 54 Marcus Clarke St
  ALIA2000 conference opening Canberra Convention Centre (CCC)
Tuesday 24 October    
  ALIA2000 conference CCC
  [CARL visit to NLA from 3.30] NLA
  NLA reception NLA
Wednesday 25 October    
  ALIA2000 conference CCC
  ALIA2000 conference dinner Parliament House
Thursday 26 October    
  ALIA2000 conference CCC
12.30pm to 2.00pm. Statistics/Performance Measures (with CARL) Menzies Theatre, CCC
unscheduled as yet CAUL executive meeting  
  OCLC dinner for CAUL/CONZUL LakeHouse
Friday 27 October CAUL-CARL Meeting  Rydges Canberra
9am - 5pm   Lake Huron Room
  Beverly Lynch, Interim President, Center for Research Libraries  
  Rick Johnson, Enterprise Director, SPARC  
  Deb de Bruijn, CNSLP  
  IPALLOSH. Historical review and future directions for international collaboration. Alan MacDonald  
5.30pm Reception for CARL members Canadian High Commission
7pm for 7.30pm CAUL-CARL dinner
(presentation of ALIA Fellowship to John Shipp)
The Lobby
Saturday 28 October CAUL-CARL meeting Rydges Canberra 
9am - 12.30am CAUL Business Meeting
CARL Business Meeting (separate)
Lake Superior Room
Lake Nyanza Room
9.00-9.30 CAUL Finances
CAUL Elections
9.30-10.30 John Mullarvey, Deputy Executive Director, AVCC  
10.30-11.00 Morning tea  
11.00-12.30 CAUL Business Meeting
CARL Business Meeting (separate)
Lake Superior Room
Lake Nyanza Room
11.00-11.30 Nick Smith, Australian Libraries Copyright Committee  
12.30 - 1.30  Lunch  
1.30 - 4.00 CAUL-CARL Meeting Lake Superior Room

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