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Updated 5 October, 2009

NEWS: A round of applause for a wholly user-friendly search tool.  Daniel Griffin, Information World Review 08 Oct 2008

Credo Reference overview (24/9/09)
Credo Reference Brochure: mar09
A new Credo Reference platform is coming this spring! (4/7/08)
Credo Reference example - Build your own Australian timeline (4/9/07)
Over 400 titles from 60+ publishers (5/10/09) Updated as new titles are added
Xreferplus Title Listing (at 29/5/03)

LIBRARY JOURNAL annual reference ratings (Nov 08) - Credo is the only reference resource to receive top marks in every category
LIBRARY JOURNAL eREVIEWS (Feb 09) "strong content, accessibility, and impressive scope earn... a resounding ten"
The Promise of Xrefer. By Savannah Schroll Guz -- Library Journal, 1/15/2007
Credo Reference Evaluation (4/9/07)

Technical Contact/s:
Anne Kail, Sales Director Credo Reference  +44 (0) 1865 339 452 (direct)

Statistics.  (25/8/08)

Credo Reference Licence Agreement (25/8/08) and local copy for completion (26/8/08)
Xreferplus Licence Schedule Agreement (2002)

TAFE charged at 50%
2010 pricing for CAUL (24/8/09, updated 25/8/09)
Currently 15 subscribers.  For 18 subscribers, an extra 5% discount for all. For 20 subscribers, an extra 10% discount for all. For 30 university subscribers on Credo 400+ an extra 40% discount - prices shown in column N.  Pricing will also extend to non-university subscribers, but they will not count to total of 30 subscribers.  (24/8/09)
2009 pricing for CAUL (25/8/08)
2009 Credo Reference Overview, Features and Titles List (25/8/08)
Full titles list (25/8/08)

How to Subscribe:
1. After confirming order to CAUL, fax Purchase Order to Credo Reference, +44 1865 339 451  along with a signed copy of the license:
2. Send IP address of proxy server(s) appropriate for users access to, Sales Administrator.
3. Select your titles with the Pick and Mix adminstratorís web interface. NB these titles can swapped on a continuous basis throught the subscription period.
CHOOSING YOUR TITLES - please do bear in mind that you can chop and change your titles as frequently as you wish.
See the latest additions at
Or you can do it 'live' on the site through our Librarian Admin feature - you'll find a link at the foot of each page and [you should use] your username and password ...Go to 'Collection Management' tab and click 'Change Selection'. (update 22/10/08)
Credo Reference Proposal for CAUL for 2008 (2/8/07)
Offer to CEIRC closing 31/8/06, trial available to 31/8/06 (9/3/06, updated 8/8/06)
Offer to CEIRC closing 25/6/05, trial available (13/4/05, revised 17/5/05))
Offer to CEIRC 25/6/04, trial available to 13/5/04 (14/4/04)
Offer to CEIRC 30/5/03, valid until 26/6/03.
Offer to CEIRC 26/8/02  (offer closes 30/9/02)

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