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NEWS: From January 2008, current content for all titles formerly published by Lawrence Erlbaum Associates (LEA) has been made available on informaworld.
16 November,2007.  ....With immediate effect, all enquiries relating to medical and life sciences publications from the following imprints should be directed to Informa Healthcare: Marcel Dekker, Taylor & Francis, Routledge, CRC, Gordon ? Breach, Swets ? Zeitlinger and Ashley, Informa Healthcare
14 August, 2007. The Haworth Press, Inc., publisher of 194 scholarly/academic journals and approximately 150 books/monographs yearly, announced today that it would be acquired by Taylor ? Francis.  Update 19/3/08Haworth Press titles will be migrated to T?F this year (2008) and will part of the new deal in 2009. Haworth titles will then also be available for access through InformaWorld in 2009.  Therefore, it's business as usual this year for Haworth Press.
June 29, 2007: As a subscriber of our online products you are entitled to a special 10% discount on one package of your choice or choose two or more and recieve 15% off! Offer available until 31st July 2007. Free 30-day trials available!  To find out more about the full range of eBooks available visit:  For more information on T?F eBooks, purchasing options, content for your library and how to claim your discount please visit:
March 20 2007:  CRCnetBASE in 2007 - A complete list of netBASE online libraries is available on our website at Free trials are available for all of our netBASE products. To register or for additional information, please e-mail or call 1-888-318-2367.

Taylor & Francis Group

Technical Support.
For eBooks
The T&F Support mail ID is (t&
All the queries related to Server Error or Site down issue reported during the Australian Business hours will be handled by our Technical Support Team.
But the Trials / Library request, Subscription extend or adding titles and other issues will be handled only during Indian/UK Business hours.
Contact Chris Loftus (10/2/09) Annika Lindemann eBooks & Online Sales Manager Taylor & Francis Group (9/4/09)
The switch off date for Metapress is 31st March 2007, from 1st April the only way to gain access is through informaworld. (22/3/07)
For Customer Services please contact or +44 (0)207 017 5544.
If you have any access or technical problems please email the InformaWorld Support Team  [Later say: We don't handle this type of request [loss of access to subscription], but we have passed your query over to the team ( who will respond to you soon (28/4/09)]
To view your online subscriptions you need to go to: Your account ID: xxxxx
This account has been set up with the email address: yyyy
The managers username is: zzzz and the password is wwww (User access is done by IP.  The Manager Username and Password is for the administrator to update IPs and download usage reports (these are currently not available but should be very soon). (23/2/07)
"usage statistics are planned to be updated so that by the end of January 2008, each month's stats will be available two weeks into the following month" (from lib-stats list, 8/11/07)

Customer Support. (18/6/07)
Vivienne Fox's role involves the management of Taylor and Francis material into libraries within Australia and New Zealand, and overseeing consortia agreements.
Contact: Tel: + 61 (0)3 9945 7054

Taylor & Francis - Online Journal Archives
NEWS 27/3/08:  As you may be aware, at Taylor ? Francis Group we have been digitising the back content of our journal portfolio, allowing Subscribers to strengthen their collections of scholarly material, whilst saving valuable shelf space and costs and allowing their users to benefit from increased functionality and ease of searching past material.
T?F's current subscriptions offer a generous archive; back to the 1997 volume, where available. Access to articles from 1996 back to volume 1 issue 1, is permissible through purchasing one or more Online Journal Archives, available by subject, and through outright purchase of, or annual subscription to an Archive. For more information please visit
The benefit for current customers is that a subscription potentially now includes more content than ever for titles that were previously published online post-1997, offering greater value for money and the ability to offer wider access to library patrons, at no additional cost.
In order to offer clarity for the user we have been working with third parties, link resolvers and tidying our own records on to grant access only to volume years included in a current subscription. To this end we have cut off access to any volumes pre-1997 to which access was temporarily granted. Please ensure that your own library catalogue is updated to reflect this change.
Please note that there are some exceptions to the rule. Journals that we started publishing online in 1995 or 1996 will continue to include access with a current subscription, and a small number of journals include access back to volume 1 whilst subscribing. For a full list of exceptions please visit
Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact your local sales representative ( ) or our online customer service team on

Pricing for the collections - subscription and purchase (11/10/05, still valid 24/10/06)
CAUL licence for archives (4/5/06) - please note the clause relating to supply to other libraries
Titles list for all current collections (11/11/05)
Both archives should be available from Spring 2006 (northern hemisphere).  Members can sign up now and receive a 50% discount from the Annual Subscription fee for 2006. (11/10/05)

Taylor & Francis Group Journals
The switch off date for Metapress is 31st March 2007, from 1st April the only way to gain access is through informaworld. (22/3/07)
Informa Healthcare Journals offer to CAUL will supersede the former Taylor ? Francis STM package for all titles now under the Informa Healthcare imprint.  (19/8/08)

2010 titles, including new titles in the collection, and newly launched titles not in the collection (7/1/10)
Library Collection 2009-2011 - updated offer to CAUL (6/10/09, amended 9/12/09)
Library Collection 2009-2011 - offer to CAUL (25/8/08, updated 15/9/09) Licence addendum for those migrating to 1-2-3 offer for 2010-2012 (9/4/09)
1-2-3 offer for 2010-2012 (25/2/09) Licence for Taylor & Francis Group Journals/123 Library Collection 2010 - 2012 (9/4/09, updated 8/1/10) Amendments requested (Deakin, 22/10/09)
2009 titles, including new titles in the collection, and newly launched titles not in the collection (11/9/08)
Taylor & Francis/CAUL Journals Library Collection 2009-2011 - Terms and Conditions of Access - Consortium License (26/8/08, finalised 12/11/08)
Proposal to amend 2009-2011 licence (Monash, 3/10/08)

CAUL Pricing options for 2008 (27/9/07)
Titles list for 2008 (27/9/07) includes list of excluded titles
Pricing options for 2007 (10/8/06)
Titles list for 2007 (7/3/07) includes list of excluded titles (8/3/07)
Subject Packages for 2007 - titles list and pricing (12/10/06)
TandF have just confirmed the list of titles that will be available in 2007 and their subject areas. This year, all of the titles, except abstract titles, will be included in the T?F collection. In 2006, there were about 27 titles excluded from the collection.   In addition:
 - Details about each of the sales models are available on the T?F Library Website:
 - Details about the archives are available at:
 - The 2007 Price List is available at:
Also, T?F is pleased that its new online platform, informaworld, is soon to be released. Updates are sent to Administrators who are registered on the site. ....people may register at:
NEWS (10/11/06): RANZCP Publications move from Blackwell to Taylor & Francis in 2007
Taylor & Francis is delighted to announce that the official journals of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists will be moving from Blackwell Publishing to Taylor ? Francis from January 2007. ...Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry ... and Australasian Psychiatry.... The journals will be published under the imprint of Informa Healthcare, ...products in medicine, the life sciences and healthcare.  To see a complete list of the new titles that TandF will be publishing in 2007, please visit

26 institutions participating in TandF "usage experiment" from 2005 (15/9/06)
Australian Catholic University
Australian National University
Central Queensland University
Curtin University of Technology
Deakin University
Edith Cowan University
James Cook University 
Macquarie University
Monash University
Murdoch University
Swinburne University of Technology
University of Melbourne
University of Newcastle
University of Queensland
University of Southern Queensland
University of Sydney
University of Tasmania
University of Technology, Sydney
University of the Sunshine Coast
University of Western Sydney
University of Wollongong
Auckland University of Technology
Massey University
University of Auckland
University of Otago
University of Waikato

Journals Pricing Options 2006 Frequently Asked Questions (19/7/06)
2006 titles list (23/8/06)
2006 titles excluded from TandF collections (23/8/06)

Licence.  (6/10/05) See FAQ for update on multiple sites.
[TandF] will update our licence to allow course pack and e-reserve use. (A.Bell, 8/7/04)

Pricing options for 2006 (standard offer) (24/5/05) FAQ (13/7/05)
Additional CAUL options for current subscribers. (24/5/05)
Title List 2006, with prices and details of subject packages (2/9/05)
Title List 2005 [with prices ? archive dates] (15/6/05)

Offer to CAUL (7/6/04) FAQ
This offer is open only to academic institutions.
Perpetual access to the core journals is included (not additional)
Title List [with prices & archive dates] [with URLs] [Subscriptions held in 2004]
Dekker journals will be available through the Dekker delivery service until they are hosted by Metapress in 2005.
Licence (standard).

Terms and Conditions of Access - Taylor ? Francis Group Journals. January 2003

Online Pricing Model (updated 10/7/02)
We have based our proposal on self selection of individual titles from our collection of approximately 730 e-journals, as we believe that Institutions should be able choose the exact titles they need rather then be forced into purchasing a package containing unrequired journals. Our model allows an Institution to dramatically increase its online journal collection, without having to dramatically increase its budget as follows:

Access to the full archive is granted, and any access that has been paid for is available in perpetuity, even if a subscription is cancelled.
There is no requirement for a minimum number of Institutions to particpate.

Europa / Routledge Publications.

Armed Conflict Database ( Institute of Strategic Studies )
Europa World
Europa World Plus (EW+) includes the Europa World Year Book as well as all the Regional Surveys of the World whereas the Europa World Year Book on its own does not include the whole of the content within the Regional Surveys. (22/8/07)
International Who's Who (From 18/6/07, International Who's Who will be called World Who’s Who, and will include twice as many entries.)
Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Routledge Reference Resources online (RRR)
Politics and International Relations Resource
Religion Resource
World of Learning
Routledge/Europa/CRC Press/Dekker Online Reference License Agreement (UK and ROW customers) (19/8/08) present no perpetual access options are offered for the Europa & Routledge Reference Resources (9/10/08)
.... 3.6 The licensee may not incorporate licensed materials into course packs and electronic reserve without specific permission of the Publisher  (From Carlos Gimenos 23/10/08:  Due to the huge potential number of  options ....there isn't a fixed price structure for this and quotes on a case by case basis is all we can offer. ....I'd be happy, liaise with individual members when (if) orders for such permissions come in.)
....  linking to articles directly [is fine] (23/10/08)
The World of Learning online
The World Who's Who
Europa World
Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Statistics. (23/8/08)

CAUL Pricing for 2010 (25/08/09)
2009 CAUL subscriber details (25/8/09)
CAUL Pricing for 2009 (19/8/08)
2008 CAUL subscribers list/details (19/8/08)
List Pricing for 2008 (22/8/07)
CAUL Pricing for 2008 (18/10/07)

Pricing for CAUL for 2007 (14/11/06)
Offer to CAUL for 2006 (7/8/05) including new products.
Offer to CAUL for 2005, including renewals (24/8/04)
New products due "Autumn" 2004

Europa World Plus (Regional Surveys of the World online) [and list prices]
Routledge Religion Resource [and list prices]
Europa and Routledge Politics and International Relations Resource [and list prices]
2003 Offer to CAUL:
please use this spreadsheet to respond to the CAUL Office. Responses received.
Final prices, pro-rated to 31/12/04, automatically renewable for 2005.  (6/5/04)
Final quote based on revised offer for a subset of the consortium. (3/3/04)
List Price according to product and size of institution.

Taylor ? Francis Books
Online eBook Library
2008 Purchase Offer to CAUL (academic institutions only) (19/3/08)
Titles in 2008 eCollections (19/3/08)
eBest-Seller Packages (11/4/08)  Note: these titles are already included in the full eCollections packages.
Taylor ? Francis Group eBooks 2008. Terms and Conditions of Access (11/4/08)

Revised offer to CEIRC (via DA) (24/3/05)
Licence (drafted by CEIRC, approved by T?F) (22/7/05)
Offer to CEIRC (via DA) (29/11/04)
Draft offer to CAUL (20/5/04)
Brochure on eBooks online (1/10/04)
Demonstration Page.

Dekker Encyclopaedias. (4/9/07)
A product line from Taylor ? Francis Books.

Encyclopedia of Astronomy ? Astrophysics.  Editor-in-chief, Paul Murdin.  British National Space Centre, London, UK
In a unique collaboration, Nature Publishing Group and Institute of Physics Publishing have published the most extensive and comprehensive reference work in astronomy and astrophysics in both print and online formats. Unfortunately the print edition is currently out of print, but the regularly updated web remains active and can be found at (15/12/05)


Taylor ? Francis are pleased to welcome you to our website for Librarians and Information Professionals. LibSite has been developed specifically to enable you to manage your collection of Taylor ? Francis journals more efficiently by providing information on new titles and your current subscriptions, including bibliographic changes. You will find clear instructions on how to register and activate your online subscriptions, how to download URLs and retrieve usage statistics. You can also link to Customer Services for claims, back issue and single issue orders and sample copy requests.

Instructions explaining how to download URLs from informaworld is available on the website   (3/11/06)


SARA - Scholarly Articles Research Alerting, is a special email service designed to deliver tables of contents, for any Taylor ? Francis, Carfax, Routledge, Spon Press, Martin Dunitz or Psychology Press journal, to anyone who has requested the information. This service is completely free of charge.

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