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Swets Information Services

Updated 15 August, 2009

NEWS: 2 October 2007 Swets has acquired exclusive rights to ScholarlyStats from MPS Technologies.

PRESS RELEASE Lisse, The Netherlands December 2nd 2003 Swets Information Services Launched
Swets Blackwell announced today that it has officially changed its name to Swets Information Services. The company's renaming is due to Swets' acquisition of the remaining Blackwell shares after the initial Swets Blackwell joint venture in 2000. Swets will no longer use the Blackwell trade as of December 2nd 2003.

SwetsWise eSource Manager.
"electronic license and resource management solution"
Offer to CAUL (18/3/09)

SwetsWise Selection Support.
Selection Supprt 2009 Offer to CAUL (28/4/09)
Upgrade Order Form 2009/2010 for existing ScholarlyStats subscribers upgrading to SwetsWise Selection Support. (28/4/09)

2010 offer for complete SwetsWise Electronic Resource Management solution, combining SwetsWise eSource Manager, SwetsWise Selection Support and SwetsWise Title Bank (15/8/09)
SwetsWise Selection Support Collection Platform List (15/8/09)
SwetsWise Selection Support License Agreement (28/4/09) Schedule B Platform Annexure (28/4/09)
List of publishers whose licenses are included in eSource Manager (19/3/09)
SwetsWise eSource Manager License Agreement (18/3/09)

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