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NEWS 27/6/09:  Springer Expands Agreement with Portico  Springer has expanded its agreement with the Portico digital preservation service by naming Portico as a mechanism for perpetual access (also known as post-cancellation access) for journal titles currently preserved in the archive. Through Portico, nearly 500 participating libraries now have another reliable “back up” option, if needed, for continuing access to subscribed content. For more information, please talk to your licensing manager or visit Should you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us at

Administration / Technical Support.
SpringerLink Administrators Information  (6/1/09)
For access to Springerlink, please contact the Springerlink Helpdesk at:
For Australia/NZ, please contact:
Springer - For Librarians (newsletter site)
Frequently Asked Questions
Linking Options (to download a list of Journal Urls)
Systematic  Download procedures (28/10/09)
For any enquiries regarding MARC records – requesting initial sets of records or reporting any technical problems – please send an email detailing the enquiry to and

Springer Journals Online
CAUL Pricing & Licences - CAUL Content - Springer Title Changes   - Springer List Pricing.

CAUL Springer Proposal 2010-2012
Springer Proposal to CAUL 2010-2012 (31/8/09, revised 9/10/09)
Springer Draft Licence for CAUL 2010-2012 (13/10/09)
Projected pricing for all subscribers 2010-2012 (20/10/09)
CAUL package title list for 2010, including a separate sheet for takeover titles (21/10/09)

CAUL Springer Agreement 2007-2009
CAUL License Agreement SpringerLink Information System 2007-2009 #4560 (7/9/07) 2008 Addendum #4560.001 (15/5/08) 2009 Addendum #4560.002 (21/7/09)
Springer eJournals Contemporary File (1997-current) - 2009 subscriptions (via DA, 15/9/08)
Springer eJournals Contemporary File (1997-current) - 2008 subscriptions (via DA, 30/8/07)
Springer eJournals Contemporary File (1997-current) - Offer to CAUL/CEIRC for 2007-2009 (via DA, 19/10/06)
Quote for institutional pricing based on the above offer (19/10/06)
Springer Holdings for CEIRC members 2006/7 (1/9/06,updated 19/10/06)
New content added to Springer in 2005-2006 (6/10/06)

CAUL Springer Agreement 2004-2006
2006 invoices will be 2005 + 5% (14/10/05)
Springer Offer to CAUL 2003 (for 2004-6)
CAUL Holdings for new participants in 2005 (18/11/04)
SpringerLINK has kindly agreed to waive the cost for accessing the new SpringerLINK titles for 2005. (26/11/04)
CAUL 2004 Holdings Summary (column R (Titles) identifies "cross-holdings")
CAUL Cross Access Titles Lists for 2003 and 2004 (18/2/05)
Springer e-journals subscriptions template (18/2/03) [Summary of CEIRC holdings 2003] [CAUL holdings update from Springer 25/7/03]
Trial access available 2 May to 30 June 2003.  (Trial statistics available)

CAUL Package Content.
CEIRC subscribers will have access to all new start-up Springer titles in the list at no additional cost to participants during the term of the offer.
NEWS: 24/9/07: Springer journal Swarm Intelligence is not online available yet on Springerlink.  .... the production team ...are working on this
Collections NOT available in the CAUL/CEIRC package include:

Chinese Library of Science
Russian Library of Science
Current Medicine
Transaction Publishers
Humana Press
Central European Library of Science
Indian Library of Science
2009 Offer to CAUL for the above individual publisher packages (via DA, 24/9/08)
Akademiai Kiado (a Hungarian publisher) – 8 titles
Ecomed journals – 3 titles
The titles in these two packages were reconciled at the end of 2006 and access is now included [in the CAUL/CEIRC package]. (24/9/08)
Springer Publisher Packages - titles list for 2009 (25/9/08)
Springer Takeover Titles for 2009 - list for reconciliation by CEIRC subscribers (5/9/08)
Springer New and Ceased Titles for 2009 (5/9/08)
Springer 2008 titles - CEIRC package (14/3/08)
Springer Takeover Titles for 2008 - list for reconciliation by CEIRC subscribers(30/8/07)
NB: some of the titles on the list of small imprint takeovers are actually a subset that are "excluded from Consortia" ...probably because they are high-profile takeovers, but for whatever reason Springer has decided that we cannot include them for free as takeover titles and they must be subscribed to separately. (David Elek, 30/4/08)
Springer Title Changes for 2008 (30/8/07)
Springer-packaged Titles List 2007 (A complete overview. In column D, you can use the drop-down menus to see which packages are available and what subscribers should have access to.) (24/1/07)
Springer-packaged Titles List 2006 (A complete overview. In column H, you can use the drop-down menus to see which packages are available and what subscribers should have access to.) (25/1/06)
SpringerLink E-Journal ListThe list contains the year and issue number of the first electronic copy. (Those with ? in the column have not yet had all backfiles added to SpringerLink).  All these journals are current, i.e. they will continue to bring out new electronic issues at the number per volume also mentioned in the chart.
SpringerLINK back-files as at 2002 (28/1/04) 2003 and at 2004 (9/2/04)
Springer Print-only Titles 2003
Springer Ceased Titles Backfiles 2003

Springer List Pricing
Current Journal Subscription Prices  (15/9/08)
In 2009, we are launching 37 journals; you can find them marked 'New start 2009' in the price list.
Journals no longer published by Springer in 2009 (16/8/08)
Springer Journals Trade Price List for 2007 (24/8/06)
Springer/Kluwer price list for 2006 (8/9/05)
Springer/Kluwer price list for 2005 (9/9/04)

SpringerLink Online Journal Archive (OJA)
2007 Proposal to CEIRC, including a NEW Supplementary Springer OJA 2007 Package (via DA, 24/10/07, updated 19/2/08)
2006 Proposal to CEIRC (1/11/06)
2005 Proposal to CEIRC (26/7/05)

SpringerImages provides a new way to access hard-to-find scientific content of the utmost value to researchers: images. (10/7/09)
SpringerImages presentation (14/8/09)
2010 pricing for CAUL (to include Images.MD, no longer available separately) (14/8/09, confirmed 9/10/09)
SpringerImages.  Institutional License Agreement (29/10/09)

Springer Protocols.
NEWS: 29/1/08 Springer Protocols, a protocol database of over 18,000 searchable online protocols in life sciences and biomedicine. The protocols provide step-by-step 'recipes,' that can be executed in a controlled laboratory environment. Springer Protocols is a subscription product published under the Humana Press imprint, and can be found at  (NB Swets [have been] given the exclusive rights to sell the newly rebranded Protocols (formerly Humana Protocols, now Springer Protocols) to CEIRC members.)
CEIRC vendor form for Springer Protocols (2/9/09)
Access-only Site License Agreement (9/7/08) CAUL request for amendment to licence (1/12/08) Amended licence received (5/2/09)

Springer Protocols 2010 pricing (via Swets, 2/9/09)
Swets Order Form for Springer Protocols (9/7/08)

Springer Protocols offer to CAUL for 2009 (via Swets, 13/8/08) completely revised (10/12/08)
Springer Protocols offer to CAUL for 2008 (via Swets, 9/7/08)
For earlier offers to CAUL members, see Humana Press Information for CAUL.

Springer eBooks Collections
New eBook Feature: Introducing MyCopy: Pilot project allows eBook users to order soft cover books through SpringerLink (13/3/09)

Springer MARC 21 Records Now Available! (4/12/07)
Description of the collections (26/4/06)
Status of digitisation of collection, at November 2006 (26/2/07)
List of free eBooks in new SpringerLink [for trial access] (5/10/06)
2007 titles, plus 2005 and 2006 ‘bonus’ titles for those who purchase 2007 Online Libraries (15/11/06)

Springer e-book agreement (15/9/06)

2010 Springer eBooks Collection (incorporating all Lecture Notes Series) (30/9/09)
2009 Springer eBooks Collection (incorporating all Lecture Notes Series) offer to CEIRC (via DA, 23/9/08, updated 18/3/09)
    see also 2009 offer for LNCS, LNM, LNP. offer closes 8/12/08
2008 Springer eBooks Collection (incorporating all Lecture Notes Series) offer to CEIRC (via DA, 4/9/07, updated 30/1/08)
    see also 2008 offer for LNCS, LNM, LNP. offer closes 28/9/07
2007 eBook Collection (incorporating all Lecture Notes Series) plus 2006 and 2005 Combined eBook Collection (via DA, 18/10/07)
2007 FTE bands for pricing the Springer eBook collections (18/10/07)
2007 Springer eBook Collection (incorporating all Lecture Notes Series) Offer to CEIRC (via DA 7/8/06)
    see also 2007 offer for LNCS, LNM, LNP.offer closes 8/12/06
FTE bands for pricing the Springer eBook collections (21/8/06)
Expression of Interest in SpringerLink Book Series, requested by DA Information Services 8/7/04.
Expressions of interest & current status of purchases / standing orders requested by 31/3/03 (further activity pending completion of Springer Journals offer - 5/9/03)

Springer Lecture Notes series.

Lecture Notes in Computer Science.
Lecture Notes in Mathematics
Lecture Notes in Control and Information System
Lecture Notes in Earth Sciences
Lecture Notes in Physics
CAUL 2009 Licence #5487 (20/7/09) Addendum 5487.001 (30/11/09)
CAUL 2008 Licence #4879 (15/5/08)
CAUL 2007 Licence #4515, includes addendum #4515.021 (17/4/07)
DRAFT licence for Lecture Notes (1/8/05)
The licence for all series will be the same as the licence for e-journals (30/9/04)

2010 pricing for Springer Lecture Notes Series (27/10/09)
• Lecture Notes in Computer Science
• Lecture Notes in Mathematics
• Lecture Notes in Physics
2009 Offer to CEIRC for LNCS, LNM, LNP, (via DA, 23/9/08)
Offer to CEIRC for LNCS, LNM, LNP, (via DA, 4/9/07)
Offer to CEIRC for LNCS, LNM, LNP, via DA Information Services (18/10/06)
Lecture Notes in Computer Science.
Renewal pricing for 2006 (via DA, 20/10/05)
Offer to CEIRC, via DA Information Services (8/7/04)
Offer to CEIRC, via DA Information Services (19/9/04)

Springer Lecture Notes Archives.
Offer to CEIRC (via DA, 20/2/07, updated 30/1/08)
License Agreement - E-Books and/or E-Reference Works (5/3/07)

Springer Materials - the Landolt-Bornstein Database (21/10/09)

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