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Updated 11 August, 2009

Shanghai Library (China) is the largest public library in China and also one of the top ten libraries in the world on account of its rich collection (49.98 million items; 2004 statistics) and extensive floor space (83,000 square meters). Every year, it adds more than one thousand Chinese newspapers and eleven thousand periodicals, which paves the way for building Database for National Index to Chinese Newspapers & Periodicals. The rich collection is the power source of the developing of Database for National Index to Chinese Newspapers & Periodicals.

National Index to Chinese Newspapers & Periodicals - there is now no English version of the database is under construction. (17/7/08)
National Index to Chinese Newspapers and Periodicals was published at 1955 as the pilot issue of synthesized Chinese newspapers and journals nationwide which enjoys a superb reputation in the field of library and information service around the world. Also it received the honor of award by the Ministry of Culture and the award by Shanghai Bureau of Culture. Over the past 50 years, based on the abundant collection and many experienced staff in Shanghai Library, National Index to Chinese Newspapers and Periodicals has evolved to the synthesized information service product with printed and CD-ROM edition. In 2006, the official website of National Index to Chinese Newspapers and Periodicals was unveiled. From then on, users can search on the internet. There are over 15 million entries in our database. They are covered the time span from 1857 to the present and the resources of our database are from over thousands kinds of series (including some issued in Hong Kong and Taiwan).

2009 list pricing (11/8/09, valid to 31/12/09, discounts available for group purchase.)

1.This is a purchase price (prices updated 17/7/08)
2. The mirror site is installed on vendee's server.
    a. If customer choose to use IP control, our technician will do the relevant setting to realize customer visit within the range of IP address permitted. We retain the rights to add or delete IP address.
    b. If choosing to access to the database via password, customer magement staff can add new user names and their corresponding passwords on the back-end management panel and then give them to those who cannot access to the database via IP, but their IP addresses are also within the LAN.
   c. Use both IP and password control. Please refer to a. and b. above.
3. The system requirements for hosting the data:
    Computer: microcomputer, minimal machine,server,work station;
    Memory: 256 MB (minimum);
    Disk space: Above 100 MB of hard-disk space is required beyond that required for installing the database.
    Operating system:Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0 (Server Pack3) or later; the mirror site can run on Microsoft Win32 operating system platform such as Microsoft   Windows 95/98/XP/2003 and Windows NT/2000 or later (recommended).
4. We can offer you a discount, the level of which depends on how many universities/libraries will purchase our database.

we'd like to offer you a 20-day free trial use. So please inform me of the date on which you want to start it.  There's no need to install a mirror site on your server when you have a trial use.  We'll offer you the User Names and Passwords to log on our main station, that is, (5/3/07)
User Guide (27/3/07)

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