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Updated 25 April, 2009

NEWS 24/4/09: The Society for General Microbiology (SGM) is introducing a revised pricing model for its journals in 2010. Under its new, tiered pricing structure, prices will depend on a number of factors, including the size and type of the organization. This model will include more flexible site licences, which will entitle organizations to a level of access across several sites within one or two cities through a single licence, rather than requiring multiple subscriptions or multi-site access.
SGM has worked extensively with industry partners to assign tiers to customers. The majority of SGM customers will fall into tiers 1 - 4 and pay a set, tiered, price. For some of SGM's customers this will mean a reduction in the price they pay. Very large customers, or those wanting access in sites across three or more cities, will be allocated into tier 5, for which custom prices will be agreed.
In order to provide time for a review of tier allocations and budgets in advance of 2010 renewals, SGM has contacted customers directly and is working closely with subscription agents to ensure that customers receive early notification of their tier allocation and renewal price for 2010.
Further information about the new model can be found at

Summary of 2010 Pricing Model and Licences (25/4/09)

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