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NEWS:  Ulrich’s Alignment with Serials Solutions Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - June 2007 - (6/7/07)
For current offers see CAUL Pricing
See earlier offers at - Information for CAUL
Ulrich's™ XML Data Service - FAQ (14/8/09)  The service is in general release as of June 15, 2009.

Sales Contact: Erin Pryor (13/5/09)
Technical Contact: Richard Levy
Draft CEIRC letter to Serials Solutions - Martin Borchert for the CEIRC Committee (22/1/07)

Serials Solutions Terms and Conditions (24/1/06)
Draft Agreement (7 May 2002)

Trials. We can easily set up customized trials for those libraries that are interested in testing any of the Serials Solutions products. Please contact David Sidebottom

Products, Content, Features.
Detailed Product Brochure (26/8/08) includes details of the following:
UlrichsWeb Global Serials Directory
Ulrich's Serials Analysis System
Serials Solutions provides libraries comprehensive e-serial access and management solutions through a variety of customizable services: E-Journal Access & Management suite (A.M.S.), Full MARC Records, Article Linker, ERMS and Central Search (renamed to the following in 2007)
360 Core  = Basic Resource and Access Management Service
360 Link = OpenURL Link Resolver Service [see also Press Release December 5, 2002, and flyer]
360 Search = Federated Search Service Features and Benefits (15/12/04)
360 MARC Updates = OPAC updating service
360 Resource Manager = eResource Management Service
360 Counter (new) - eResource Assessment Service
Serials Solutions ® 360 Counter: Powerful tools for analyzing Project COUNTER data (26/9/07, updated 8/10/07)
Package includes: 360 MARC, 360 Link, 360 Resource Manager, 360 Counter and 360 Search
360 Counter - Data Retrieval Service (14/10/08)

SerialsSolutions & Ulrichs Pricing for CAUL.
For detailed pricing information, you may contact David Sidebottom or submit a RFQ to Serials Solutions at
Discounted consortium pricing for CAUL members is available.  CAUL members receive 25% off list prices and may take advantage of several other discount and pricing options. The pricing is based on the total holdings number, not unique titles. If packages overlap, some titles will be counted more than once. (2/8/07)

2009 Pricing for CEIRC, and product overview (26/8/08)
2008 Pricing for CEIRC (16/7/07)
2007 pricing is included in ProQuest's Additional Offers to CEIRC for 2007 (16/6/06)
Renewal pricing for 2006 subscribers is detailed in a separate document, revised because of tier changes (16/11/06)
Additional Offers to CEIRC June 2005 (1/6/05) - now includes Serials Solutions pricing for 2006.
The following pricing is the 2006 pricing for new Serials Solutions subscriptions.

Full Text Journals
Central Search* (for up to 10,000 FTEs)
Under 7,000 1250 6750 5000 4500 21500   No. Connectors  
7,001-10,000 2000 8750 7500 7000 28500      
10,001-15,000 2750 9900 8500 8750 33000   Under 50  11000
15,001-20,000 3250 12500 9500 11500 40500   50 to 75  15000
20,001-25,000 4000 15000 12500 14500 48500   76 to 100  19000
25,000-35,000 4750 17250 15000 17250 57750   101 to 150  23000
35,001+ 5000 19500 17500 19500 64250   150+  27500
CEIRC Discount 25%
Multiple Product Discount = 5%
* Price includes AMS
Pricing for 2005 will remain the same as for 2004.
Prices below are for one full year of service. A subscription to E-Journal A.M.S. includes an A-to-Z title list, E-Journal Portal, Journal Linker, Title Searching, and Subject Browsing functionalities. Subscriptions to Article Linker, or Full MARC Records, or Central Search  include E-Journal A.M.S. These prices are available through January 1, 2006. (24/2/05)
Number of full-text
journal holdings
E-Journal  A.M.S.
Full MARC records
Article Linker
Under 7,000
7,001 - 10,000
over 25,000

Number of database connections Central Search
0-50  $10,000
50+  $10,000 + 85/connection

3 and 5 year subscription plan (11/11/04)

2004 Pricing

Through January 1, 2005, Serials Solutions price schedule will not increase for their A-to-Z title list, full MARC records, or Article Linker services. It is now offering community and junior colleges a 25% discount, in addition to the 15% CAUL member discount, towards the subscription or renewal of any of its services.  If 20 or more libraries participate, we offer a 25% discount.

To view Serials Solutions' price schedule through January 1, 2005, please visit

2002 Proposal

We would like to arrange a group purchase for the CAUL members.  Currently, we have two clients that are members and only need a total of 5 to offer a 15% discount.  If 20 or more libraries participate, we offer a 25% discount. Here is a link that explains in a little more detail the discounts that we offer.

The process for setting up and facilitating a group purchase with Serials Solutions is fairly simple.  ....We have a form called a Request for Quote that members fill out to determine what their exact price will be prior to committing.  There is no obligation if this is filled out.  It's mostly a decision making tool.  [Interested institutions should complete and submit the form online.  In the field "how did you know about SS" include the CAUL email address.]

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