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Updated 10 November, 2009

NEWS:  Please note that there will be no exclusive sales agent for ereference whilst EBSCO would continue to be our exclusive sales agents for the journals database as well as CQ Press line of products.  (16/3/09, updated 3/7/09)
Letter from SAGE regarding renewal of SAGE subscriptions under CAUL agreement for SAGE Premier. (8/4/09)

Sage trial request form (16/10/07)  Send to Katherine Goh.
FAQ based on discussion at Library Advisory Board Meeting, 8 February 2008 (26/2/08)

Sales contact:  Rosalia da Garcia, Director, Consortia/Library Sales & Marketing SAGE Publications Asia-Pacific Pte Ltd
Tel: +65-6220-1800  Email:

Primary Sources in Counseling and Psychology (see Alexander Street Press)
Product information (12/10/07)
Offer to CEIRC 2008-2010 (via Sage, 12/10/07)

SAGE eReference.
NEWS:  Boston and Oxford, 9th November 2009 - Credo Reference, the online reference library, has signed an agreement to launch a SAGE Reference Publisher Collection. Nearly 70 SAGE Reference titles will now be available through the acclaimed Credo Reference platform.
SAGE Reference Online and Reference Online Handbooks 2008-2010 Pricing Proposal (13/5/09, updated 21/5/09)
SAGE Reference Online Handbook Collection Purchase Agreement (Includes titles list) (6/7/09)
SAGE eReference Purchase Agreement (30/9/08)

SAGE Journals.
NEWS 9/7/09:  SAGE 2010 journals pricing is now available online:   We are continuing our discounted rate off our base price (combined print
and online subscription) as follows:
*         10% discount off the combined base price for e-only subscriptions

EBSCO is the exclusive sales agent (not subscription agent) for SAGE journals only for 2008....  the agreement will expire on December 2008 ...not made any decision as yet.
We do not have any exclusivity for our eReference products to CAUL/CONZUL and any agent can sell the product. We do not intend to appoint any exclusive agent for eReference.  (4/11/08)
Contact: Jay Glaisyer Head of Business Development EBSCO Information Services Australia Phone: +61 (0)3 9654 3142 Mobile: +61 (0)402 117 575
2009 price list, Effective from 1 September 2008 through to 31 August 2009 (22/7/08) See News for subscription options for individual institutions.
Sage Journals Purchasing Options (6/12/06)
Consortium License Agreement (16/12/06)
Sage Journals Online - Interface - Presentation (24/1/07)
Sage Presentation to CEIRC Committee (29/1/07)

SAGE Premier (all titles, with backfiles 1999+)
Letter from SAGE regarding renewal of SAGE subscriptions under CAUL agreement for SAGE Premier. (8/4/09)
Contact: Jay Glaisyer Head of Business Development EBSCO Information Services Australia Phone: +61 (0)3 9654 3142 Mobile: +61 (0)402 117 575

Updated Sage Premier Proposal 2008-2010 (22/3/08, updated 8/9/08)
CAUL Consortium License Agreement (draft 23/8/08)
2007 Proposal for Sage Premier Current Offer [Revised 22/6/07, updated 10/10/07]
2007 Proposal for Sage Premier [Revised 18/5/07]
2007 Proposal for Sage Premier [Revised 3/4/07]
2007 Proposal for Sage Premier [Revised 8/3/07]
2007 Proposal for Sage Premier [Revised 1/3/07]
2007 Proposal for Sage Premier [Revised 21/2/07]
2007 Proposal for Sage Premier [Revised 9/2/07]
2007 Proposal for Sage Premier - Cover letter - Titles list - CEIRC institution bands (22/12/06)
Proposed Sage Premier Deal for an Actual University (received 31/1/07)

SAGE Subject Collections.
Humanities & Social Science Collection
STM Collection
Heath Sciences/Nursing Collection
Clinical Medicine Collection
Sage Proposal 2009-2010 (22/3/08, updated 8/9/08)

SAGE Deep Back files.
SAGE Deep Backfile 2009-2010 Pricing Proposal (Draft # 3 dated May 11th 2009) (15/5/09, under discussion)
Additional content included in 2009 backfile package (3/6/09)

New 2008 to CEIRC (via EBSCO, 17/7/08, supersedes 2007 offers)
Titles List (17/7/08)
Back-file Purchase Agreement (16/7/08) - use titles list of 17/7/08
Updated 2007 to CEIRC (via EBSCO, 28/11/07)
2007 Offer to CEIRC (12/10/07)

Sage Collections Plus (all titles including full backfiles)
2007 Proposal for Sage Collections Plus (23/12/06)
Letter of offer to CAUL (1/12/06)
Initial offer to CAUL for 2007 (19/6/06) for SAGE Collections Plus -  includes all ten SAGE Full-Text Collections plus the SAGE titles not included in the Collections (for consortia research libraries requiring the Collections' deep backfiles as well as complete SAGE journals offering). SAGE Collections Plus is a cross-platform offering, with the Full-Text Collections portion available on CSA Illumina and the additional SAGE titles on the SAGE Journals Online HighWire platform.
Complete list of Sage titles, with pricing and collection, for 2006 (19/6/06)

Sage Collections
2005 Offer to CAUL (22/4/05)

Communication Studies
Political Science
Management & Organization Studies
Nursing & Health Sciebces
Materials Science
Urban Studies & Planning
Pricing for 2006 for collections (13/6/06)
Pricing & Charter Rate (prior to December 30, 2004) (11/10/04)
Titles included in 2006 Sage Collections (13/6/06)
Titles not included in 2006 Sage Collections (13/6/06)
Title Lists - 2005 Collections - Management & Organization Studies, Materials Science, Nursing & Health Research, Urban Studies & Planning  (11/10/04)

NEWS: July 22, 2008 Below is a list of New Journals and Subscription Options available to libraries for individual journals.
New Journals (2009)

Bioscope: South Asian Screen Studies
Emotion Review
Foresight: International Journal of Business Economy and Society
Global Journal of Emerging Market Economies
ICAN: Infant, Child, & Adolescent Nutrition
Journal of Commodity Markets and Risk Management
Journal of Infrastructure
Review of Market Integration
Sports Health
Therapeutic Advances in Urology
Conflict Management and Peace Science (Previously published by Taylor &Francis)
Family Business Review (Previously published by Blackwell Publishing)
Human Factors (Previously published by Human Factors and ErgonomicsSociety)
Combined - a Combined Institutional Subscription includes electronicaccess (which provides site-wide access to all content in the volume)and a print copy of each issue included in the volume for that title. This option includes temporary electronic access back to 1999.
Combined Plus Backfile - a Combined Plus Backfile InstitutionalSubscription includes electronic access (which provides sitewide accessto all content in the volume) and a print copy of each issue included inthe volume for that title. Temporary electronic access is provided tothe journal backfile back to volume 1, issue 1.
E-Access - an E-Access Institutional Subscription (which providessite-wide access to all content in the volume) is offered at a 10%discount off the Combined Institutional Subscription rate and does notinclude copies of the print version of the journal. Temporary electronicaccess is provided to journal backfile back to 1999.
E-Access Plus Backfile - an E-Access Plus Backfile InstitutionalSubscription (which provides site-wide access to all content in thevolume) is offered at a small increase to the E-Access InstitutionalSubscription rate and does not include copies of the print version ofthe journal. Temporary electronic access is provided to journal backfileback to volume 1, issue 1.
Print Only Institutional Subscription - the Print Only InstitutionalSubscription is offered at 2% off the Combined InstitutionalSubscription rate and includes temporary E-Access to the current yearand previous year (while the subscription is maintained).
Deep Backfile - for the majority of SAGE's peer-reviewed scholarlyjournals in the humanities, social sciences, and scientific, technical,and medical fields is available for lease or purchase.

June 7, 2006New Journal Backfile Purchase and Lease Options Available from SAGE
  SAGE Publications, publisher of over 400 scholarly journals, announced today that it will be offering journal deep backfile for lease and purchase for the 2007 subscription year.
  Included in the deep backfile is the content of a journal from its first issue through the last issue of 1998 (content from January 1999 to the present is included in the current subscription). The backfile will be available for the majority of SAGE's peer-reviewed scholarly journals in the humanities, social sciences, and the scientific, technical, and medical fields. In order to meet the needs of both individual libraries and consortia, the following options will be available:
  Pricing and Licensing Options for Individual Libraries:
* Annual subscription (lease) of the deep backfile of individual SAGE Journals
* Purchase of the deep backfile of individual SAGE journals (guarantees perpetual access)
Pricing and Licensing Options for Library Consortia:
* Annual subscription (lease) of deep backfile for all SAGE journals (where available)
* Ownership (perpetual access) of deep backfile for all SAGE journals (where available)
"SAGE is very excited to be able to offer these flexible options to the library market," commented Mark Kendall, SAGE's Director of Sales. "We asked librarians and consortia how we could best package the backfile to meet their needs and we then developed these options as a direct result of their feedback."
Pricing for the deep backfile will be included in SAGE's annual journals price list, scheduled to be released in July 2006. For more information on the SAGE journal deep backfile, please visit Libraries and consortia interested in the purchase/lease options should contact

7/10/05: For 2006 SAGE will be introducing a new policy relating multi-site access; when offering access to institutions the agreement must cover
all current titles held by the institution. Due to the set up of access we are now only able to offer multi-site access to all titles which are subscribed to by an institution rather than a specific selection.  Lorna Jones, Journals sales and marketing coordinator, <>
Sage Publications Inc (US) [NB. Site is not Netscape-friendly]
We publish more than 325 journals in the social sciences, humanities, and life sciences. More than 300 of these journals are available online to libraries that subscribe to the print version. A complete list can be found on our list of all journals page. Libraries can sign up to receive SAGE Contents Alert (tables of contents delivered via e-mail prior to publication) from any individual journal product page.

SAGE Full-Text Collections offer full-text access to the most popular peer-reviewed journals in Communication Studies, Criminology, Politics and International Relations, and Sociology published by SAGE Publications and participating societies. The SAGE Full-Text Collections include more than 75 journals, 20,000 articles, book reviews, and editorials, with all the original graphics and tables.
Charter Rate Pricing for 2003 (ie customers who subscribe before 31/12/03).

Sage Publications (UK)
Most SAGE journals are available electronically to members of institutions whose libraries have a current print subscription. Access is available through a number of intermediaries.

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