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Technical Support: (if no technical support address is available, the sales contact is provided): Lesley Maw (RSC), Rachel Shepheard (Swets)
IP Blocking  Lesley Maw (29/6/07)
Statistics (14/8/08)
MARC Records (22/9/08)
1. RSC Publishing MARC records
RSC Publishing MARC records are available free of charge to RSC eBook Collection customers in UK MARC and MARC 21 formats. These are generated using RSC Publishing basic metadata.  RSC Publishing MARC records are now available for the 1968-2006 RSC eBook Collection and records for 2007-2008 books will be available in a month or so. These can be downloaded.   .
Update 14/8/09: RSC Publishing is pleased to announce the arrival of full MARC 21 and MARC UK records for the entire eBook collection (>900 titles spanning 1968 to 2009). MARC records have been prepared by Nielsen BookData and are available free from For any queries regarding RSC MARC records, please contact
2. OCLC MARC records
OCLC MARC records are enhanced MARC records. These are freely available to OCLC subscribers only and are provided through the WORLDCAT service.

RSC Gold (24/2/10) = all RSC journal, database and magazine content that is available online.
RSC Journals. (13/8/08)
RSC Journal Packages (28/7/05)
RSC Journals Archive. (13/8/08)
RSC eBook Collection. (13/8/08)

Electronic Access Licence Agreement.  University Agreement (13/8/08, valid 11/9/09)
RSC response to CAUL vendor survey (11/9/09)
Licensing Regulations and Terms & Conditions of Access. (13/8/08)
RSC Academic Licence Agreement (downloaded 20/10/06) Updated, to include ebooks (24/3/07)
Licence (universities 1/3/07) (5/5/07)
Licence (companies 1/3/07) (5/5/07)

Offers to CAUL.
RSC CAUL Order Form 2009 (13/8/08)
NEWS 8/7/09: 2010 subscription prices for Royal Society of Chemistry journals, magazines, databases and packages are now available at: <>.  Sensitive to the current economic climate, we have kept price rises to a minimum, while maintaining a substantial increase in the volume of content we are publishing year on year.

RSC Master Book Collection
RSC Biomolecular Chemistry Book Collection
2010 Offer to CAUL (via Ovid, 23/3/10)

RSC 2010 Offer to CAUL: ejournals, archive, ebooks to 2010 (via Swets, 11/9/09)
Titles included in CAUL packages, 2006-2010 (28/8/08, updated 15/9/09)

RSC 2009 Offer to CAUL: ejournals, archive, ebooks to 2009 (via Swets, 13/8/08, updated 3/9/08)
RSC ebook titles, July 2008 (2009 yet to come, 14/8/08)
RSC template for 2009 cost calculation (13/8/08)
RSC Journal Prices 2009 (13/8/08)
RSC 2008 Offer to CAUL: ejournals, archive, ebooks to 2008 (via Swets, 25/10/07)
Institutional holdings & quote for 2008 (via Swets 25/10/07)
RSC 2008 titles details and template for cost calculation (4/12/07)
Questions re 2008 offer (updated 4/112/07)
Q.  Last year:   The RSC introduced 2 new titles in 2005, Molecular Biosystems, which will be free to Chemical Communications subscribers, and Soft Matter. Soft Matter is not available through the CAUL consortium but is available for purchase separately?
A.  Yes, that is correct.....  They are new journals and RSC want to make sure the titles can 'make it' on their own and not with the help of a consortia deal
Offer for current ebook collection (to 2006) and/or new books in 2007 (5/5/07)
RSC 2007 Offer to CAUL (via Swets 7/8/06)
2007 RSC institutional holdings (4/12/07)
2007 prices for RSC journals and packages (1/9/06)
Template for calculation of expenditure (14/9/06)
RSC 2006 Offer to CAUL (via Swets 27/7/05)
Journals Prices for 2006 (28/7/05)
Current subscribers (28/7/05)
Template for calculation of expenditure (28/7/05)

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