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RLG - The Research Libraries Group see OCLC

RLG and OCLC combined on July 1, 2006
Updated 15 August, 2008
RLG Subscriptions and pricing for CAUL - for pricing from 2008, see the OCLC page (15/8/08)
Databases available in FirstSearch. Twelve databases formerly available through the RLG Eureka service have moved to FirstSearch. (15/8/08)

NEWS 20/6/07:  We have additional information about plans for migrating the Eureka databases to FirstSearch.  It is available here   As more information becomes available, we will send out further notices and continue to post information on the Current Transitions page
9/6/06: RLG Membership approves proposal to combine with OCLC. An FAQ that includes information on the combined organization as well as updates on some specific products and services is at  The FAQ is updated as information becomes available.

CAUL Subscriptions and Pricing

Implementing Open URL with RLG databases.
Institutions need to complete the OpenURL form on the web (which requests account information).  Here's a link both to the PDF form - - and to additional information about using Open URL in Eureka -

Error reporting (message from RLG)
Please use the address in the RLG Information Center.  It is better not to direct it to a particular person, since someone could be away and not get the e-mail.

The RLG Information Center is staffed from 6 am - 5 pm Monday - Friday (US Pacific Time).  Outside those hours, you can call 650-691-2333 and leave a message.  Someone will be paged, and will try to verify if the system is up.  You should try to make sure that the problem does not originate elsewhere before doing this, as our off-hours support is limited to verifying that the system is up during scheduled hours.

Regarding accounts and passwords, all accounts are in the format gg.uuu -- they all have a '.'  A password can be changed if you like -- it must have 5 - 8 characters.  If people don't like entering the account and password, and are using web access, it could be scripted in.  RLG can do a script  if necessary.

Setup.  These pages explain how to configure Eureka® for access to RLG databases


When dates for the training are known, just contact the RLG Information Center at  They will make a temporary adjustment to the account user level so the training can be accommodated.  Here's what we need:

- Notice of the session at least a week in advance
- Session date and time
- Which file
- How many will need access including both students and instructors

RIC sets up a separate temporary account for the appropriate number of users and emails the account and password the day or so before.   It is not set up by IP address.

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