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Updated 11 September, 2009

Project Euclid/Archiving
Project Euclid  is one of the latest generation of Mellon-funded digitization projects. It is unique in that it is discipline-specific, focusing only on math and statistics journals, which have in common the widespread use of TeX by both authors and publishers. It is a collaboration between the Cornell University Library and Duke University Press and is expected to be fully operational in eighteen months. Our plan is to house DMJ with Project Euclid at Cornell, which will help us fulfill our commitment to its long-term preservation.
Project Euclid Collections and Titles (27/9/06)
Project Euclid Subscriber License (27/9/06)
Terms of Use (27/9/06)

Euclid Prime (30 titles)
Subscriber Option (22 titles)
Euclid Prime Collection Additional Pricing Model for 2010 (10/8/09)
Project Euclid announces new pricing model for Euclid Prime collection. (21/7/08)
Euclid Prime Collection Site License (6/8/08, updated 30/8/08)
Update 6/8/08 re Euclid Prime 2009:  Duke University Press and Cornell University Library are pleased to announce a joint venture to expand the services of Project Euclid. Your members may be interested in the Euclid Prime collection, which includes 21 high-impact, peer-reviewed journals in theoretical and applied mathematics and statistics.  Among other features, Euclid Prime offers links from each article to MathSciNet (Math Reviews), Zentralblatt MATH, and CrossRef and full-text searches across the entire collection.
    The pricing model for Euclid Prime features a tiered pricing structure based on full-time enrollment. Institutions retain perpetual access to content from years for which they have paid. Access to all 21 journals in the collection includes the 2009 issues as they are published, as well as all available back issues. COUNTER 2- and SUSHI-compliant usage statistics are available through Project Euclid.
    For more information about Euclid Prime or for free trial access, please visit our Library Resource Center at If you have questions or would like to place an order, please contact our journals customer service department at, 888-651-0122, or 919-688-5134.
Kimberly Steinle  Library Relations Manager  Duke University Press
Phone (919) 687-3655  Fax (919) 680-6078

2010 pricing for CAUL (via Duke UPress, 11/9/09)
2009 pricing for CAUL (via Duke UPress, 6/8/08)
Euclid Prime 2009 Pricing Information (21/7/08)
Offer to CAUL for 2006 (via iGroup, 12/8/05)

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