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Media Release 7 February 1997

The Australian Vice-Chancellors' Committee Database Access Working Group has selected two IAC databases for unlimited usage in all Australian universities for the next 12 months. Both databases are accessible via the World Wide Web, requiring no additional installation of software or hardware by the universities.

DA Information Services and Information Access Company (IAC), through resources from the National Priority (Reserve) Fund, will be providing the service, which officially starts 7th February.

IAC's SearchBank Web interface provides access to both text and images. SearchBank offers users a choice of output options:

Expanded Academic ASAP

IAC's flagship academic database, Expanded Academic contains more than 1,500 indexed titles, with over 520 of them available in full text. Coverage includes 1980 to present - updated daily.

The range of subjects covered includes: * agriculture * arts * business * communications * law * economics * education * engineering * history * languages * literature * philosophy * women's studies

In short, Expanded Academic ASAP is an excellent one-stop database for undergraduate studies in all but the pure sciences.

Computer ASAP

A comprehensive information technology research database, covering computer science, electronics and telecommunications. Computer ASAP indexes over 150 titles, with over 100 of those in full text. This includes many popular technology publications such as PC Magazine, Electronic Engineering Times, Journal of Systems Management, etc. Coverage includes the current year plus most recent 3 years, and is updated daily.

A complete list of journals for either of the databases, this can be found at IAC's web site:

As a SearchBank Web version of LegalTrac is also available, current CD-ROM subscribers of the database will be provided access to LegalTrac via the Web for no extra cost.

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