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Lian Todd - DA Information Services

News (23/12/04): CSA has just acquired the Public Affairs Information Service (PAIS), publishers of the PAIS International and PAIS Archive databases, from OCLC Online Computer Library Center, Inc. CSA will continue to publish the products in print and make the databases available through the CSA Illumina platform.

Offer to CAUL via DA Information Services (18/4/04).  Trials available.  Offer closes 30 May, 2004.  Expressions of interest to the CAUL Office by May 3. [Note that the offer was completed, but only two of the minimum of three subscribers were achieved.  The quoted price was therefore increased by 4%. (2/12/04)]

From Lian Todd, 20/4/04:  OCLC advised that the standard FirstSearch order form can be applied to the PAIS Archive and/for PAIS International subscription.  [See] FirstSearch Group order form, and a FS order form for Individual institutions.  CEIRC may either complete/sign the FirstSearch group order form in behalf of the subscribers at the consortium level, or simply forward the "order form for individual institutions" to each scriber for their signature.  Either way is acceptable to OCLC.

I am also pleased to advise that OCLC will set up PAIS Archive and PAIS International trial for IP access.  We will need the institution names, contact information, and the IP ranges to set up the one-month trial. The URLs will be supplied once we know who will be trialing.

"Subscriber" means the institution subscribing and "logon" means the number of login access.  For example, La Trobe Uni will be the subscriber and they can choose to subscribe to one Logon (which means that only one user can access the database at any one time) or multiple logons.

From Lian Todd, 27/4/04:
(1)  What period does PAIS International cover?  Does it follow on from PAIS Archive, i.e. from 1977 onwards?  Or some other start date?
[ANSWER: PAIS International: 1972 to present.]

(2)  Is it possible to set up links from PAIS International (which is only an index) to full-text articles in journals included within publisher packages such as Cambridge UP, Oxford UP, Project Muse, Elsevier, Kluwer, Wiley, etc?
[ANSWER;  Libraries can set up access to their Open URL server via the PAIS database to link their users to fulltext resources that they have configured. The PAIS database only links to fulltext in the OCLC ECO database as well as other FirstSearch fulltext databases.]

(3)  If the CAUL subscriptions start on 1 June (or 1 July), will the subscription run to 31 December 2004, with the cost pro-rated?  Or will it run for 12 months from start date?
[ANSWER: a 12-month subscription from June 1 or July 1 is preferred. However, we will consider pro-rata subscription if necessary.]

(4)  We have a print subscription through OCLC, which runs to 31 December 2004.  Will it be possible to cancel this, and use the balance of the print subscription cost to put towards the cost of the online subscription?
[ANSWER: OCLC does not offer a PRINT subscription to PAIS International via OCLC's FirstSearch service.  This print subscription is probably obtained directly through PAIS in New York.  If you can send us more information regarding this print subscription, OCLC will can contact the head of PAIS in New York...and enquire if the balance of the print subscription fee can be applied towards an OCLC FirstSearch service subscription.]

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