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NEWS 7/7/09: We are pleased to inform you that there will be no increase in the online-only price between 2009 and 2010 for the majority of our journals.
24/4/09: From: Oxford Online Products Sent: Wednesday, April 22, 2009 6:03 PM   Oxford to hold Reference & Monograph Subscription Prices at Current Levels. ...Oxford is announcing that our reference and academic monograph subscription product prices will remain at their current levels of pricing, with no increase on July 1, 2009. This applies to institutional subscriptions in North and South America ....
NEWS 1/3/09:  New Science Press Limited Announcement
All rights in the Primers in Biology Series published by New Science Press Limited have been acquired by Oxford University Press.
Primers in Biology titles are The Cell Cycle, Immunity and U.
For further information see New Science Press information for CAUL. (7/10/09)

Sales & Support:
Oxford Journals  - sales contact Matthew Howells (25/6/08)
For all enquiries over print journals please contact
Send notification of any access problems to
OUP Reference - sales contact Marika Whitfield (30/11/09)
Send any invoice queries to Marika Whitfield and access or technical queries to Tel: +44 (0)1865 353705. (18/4/08)
Law Resources - Louise Bowler, Professional Law Sales Executive Telephone: +44 (0)1865 355179 (1/8/08)
IP blocking principles via HighWire - OUP version (1/8/08)
Statistics. For online products and journals  (12/8/08)

CAUL 2010 Consortium Licence for OUP Databases (under discussion, 3/3/10)
2008 Consortium Licence for OUP Databases (13/5/08)
2006 Consortium Licence for OUP Databases (7/8/06)
2004 Consortium Licence for OUP Databases (draft 19/12/03)

Excluding TAFE students from FTE counts.
From 9 August 2005:  I am happy to charge TAFE students at 50% from now on.  Susanna Lob.
Previously:  If the institutions can guarantee that the TAFE students will be unable to take advantage of the service, that's fine.  ...It is our standard policy to base the cost of a licence on the total number of students rather than on a subset.  And we agreed in CAUL's case that we would base costs on the EFTSU figures available on your website.  If we were to compromise in this case, it would be unfair on our other HE subscribers around the world, the vast majority of which have a significant proportion of non-degree level students. Also, .... Oxford Reference Online will be suitable for TAFE students as there has been a tremendous uptake from further education colleges in the UK which offer similar vocational courses. .... There is the concurrent user option but, for multi-site institutions, this is very unlikely to prove cost-effective.


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Update 14/7/05: Further to our posting in June regarding the move of Oxford Journals to the new domain name, we have added some more information to our linking-in page at to help you to update your databases. Please forward this information to the relevant library contacts within your consortia:
OpenURL   Details of a mechanism for linking to Oxford Journals content using an  OpenURL 0.1 syntax is available, along with a full journal listing.
EZProxy   If your institution uses EZProxy you can download details of Oxford Journals websites for inclusion in your ezproxy.cfg file.

OUP Prices and Ordering (standard)
NEWS:  we are pleased to report that there will be no increase in the online only price between 2009 and 2010 for the majority of our journals. (27/5/09)
From 2008 customers outside Europe and North America will be invoiced in sterling. If any of these customers would prefer to pay in US dollars they will need to ensure that payments are converted from the sterling price using the current exchange rates. (Oxford Journals Update Issue 1 2007 - size 4.3mb)
Changes to the Journals Listing in 2010 (7/7/09)
Oxford Journals - Institutional Price List 2010 (7/7/09)
Oxford Open Pricing - "In keeping with our pricing policy, for 2009 we have again made adjustments to online-only subscription prices for journals that offer the optional Oxford Open model. These changes reflect the amount of open access versus non-open access content published within each journal during 2007, and have resulted in some Oxford Open journals experiencing a price reduction to the online-only subscription compared to 2008." (7/7/09)
OUP Journals - Institutional Price List 2009 (24/7/08)
Oxford Journals Collection  (24/7/08)
Newly Acquired Journals for 2008, changes and leaving titles  (10/7/07)

OUP Journals - CAUL agreements & offers
2009 Oxford Journals: Consortium Agreement (Current) (Annual) (28/4/09, updated 6/11/09, still being finalised) Request for amendments (Deakin, 30/4/09)
Note 6/11/09:  Regarding the license, perpetual access is granted to the full collection for the years in which your library participates in the agreement. It is not restricted to subscribed content. (MHowells)
Offer to CAUL for 2010-2012 & Price quote for 2010 - including new titles (14/9/09, updated 10/12/09) Titles lists comparison 2009 and 2010 (6/10/09)
NB: Q. There is still a "1" beneath Applied Economic Perspectives & Policy in the updated spreadsheet. Is that because it is bundled with American Journal of Agricultural Economics?   A.  It is bundled and therefore we do tend to record a "subscription" to each, but you are only ever charged the combined rate (there is no other rate). (10/11/09)

Offer to CAUL for 2009 (15/8/08)
Detailed quote for CAUL for 2009 (27/8/08) Revised Quote for 2009 (21/11/08, finalised 22/12/08)
New/transfer titles for 2009 - for holdings check (15/8/08)

Offer to CAUL for 2008 (20/8/07)
Detailed quote for CAUL for 2008 (26/11/07)
2008 Oxford Journals Collection - details of titles, collections, pricing (20/8/07)
Offer to CAUL for 2007 (28/8/06)
Invoice appendix - includes 2007 title list and CEIRC subscribers (1/3/07)
Access fee variation 2003-2007 vis a vis cost of new titles (7/2/07)
Detailed quote for CAUL for 2007 (27/10/06, updated 11/12/06)
OUP Journals - Institutional Price List 2007 (31/8/06)

Offer to CAUL for 2006 (28/9/05)
Price quote for 2006 (28/9/05)
Explanatory information re the quote spreadsheet (28/9/05)
2005 subscriptions held by OUP-CAUL agreement participants (1/8/05)
2005 subscriptions held by those not participating in OUP-CAUL agreement (1/8/05)

OUP-CAUL agreement (licence) for 2005 (29/6/05)
Trial offer for 2005 (21/6/05)
CAUL offer for 2005 (20/8/04)
Price quote for 2005 (updated version) Summary (5/11/04)
Template for reporting holdings of "new" titles (20/8/04)
Titles included in the collection, with USD pricing (20/8/04)
Full price list, in GBP, for print and online.

OUP-CAUL agreement for 2004 (28/2/04)
CAUL quote for 2004 (updated version)
OUP Journal Titles (including print-only, online, and those excluded from consortial deals)
2004 further information.. (including information on New Titles)

Offer to CAUL for 2003  [See also clarification of offer 21/11/02]
NB the offer is for the full corpus of online titles available to consortia, so all participating institutions will have access to all the titles listed regardless of how many institutions take up the offer.
CAUL-OUP license v.01 (30/12/02) signed copy (10/2/03)
Final pricing spreadsheet (updated 8/1/03)  Draft pricing spreadsheet. [Pricing bands / FTE updated 13/12/02]
Trials available to 31/12/02 - eoi to CAUL Office by 29/10/02 [Trial information]
Journal titles available for trial in 2002.
Titles excluded from OUP Journals Online in 2003 (updated 6/1/03)

Oxford Journals Online Archives
Oxford Journals Archive Collections (Title lists) (26/7/05)
Archive Pricing Information (12/10/09)

Archive packages - 2010 pricing for supplementary sets and new purchases (31/3/10)
Archive packages - supplementary titles - pricing (23/10/09, updated 16/11/09)
Revised proposal to CAUL 2008 (28/3/08, currency amended 25/4/08)
Licence Agreement for Remote Access to the Oxford Journals Archive 2008 (Full Archive) (6/12/08)

Proposal to CAUL for the provision of access to Oxford Journals Digital Archive (26/7/05)
    Revised proposal to CAUL (13/10/05, valid at 19/12/07)
Oxford Journals Archive - Licence for a locally loaded archive (18/11/05)
Oxford Journals Full Digital Archive Collection - Licence Agreement (18/11/05)

2010 pricing for CAUL (24/8/09, medical products updated 23/9/09, OHO updated 1/10/09)
CEIRC current subscriptions (25/8/09)
CEIRC current subscriptions (12/8/08)

American National Biography Online
See current pricing.
2009 pricing for CAUL (12/8/08)
2008 pricing for CAUL (20/8/07)
2007 pricing for CAUL (27/7/06, updated 5/9/06 and combined with pricing for Oxford African American Studies Center)
2006 pricing for CAUL (8/8/05)
ANBO pricing for CAUL (1/1/03-31/12/04)
ANBO content overlap with ODNB (8/8/05)
Further information for CAUL

Oxford African American Studies Center
See current pricing.
Pricing combined with ANBO (5/9/06)

Oxford Dictionary of National Biography
The Oxford Dictionary of National Biography will be published simultaneously in print and online in September 2004.
See current pricing.
2009 pricing for CAUL (12/8/08)
2008 pricing for CAUL (20/8/07)
CEIRC pricing for 2007 (24/7/06)
CEIRC pricing for 2006 (25/7/05)
Cost for print subscribers to continue access to ODNB to the end of 2005 (following free access) (22/7/05)
CEIRC Price Bands (26/6/04, updated 23/11/04))
CEIRC Institutional Pricing (26/6/04)
More information about ODNB (17/10/06)
Oxford DNB, Australia, and New Zealand (6/9/04)
60 volume print edition
The Oxford DNB is available at the introductory price of £6500 or $11,000 until September 30 2004 (later amended to November 30). The published price will be £7500 or $13,000. In addition if you purchase the Oxford DNB before publication you will also receive unlimited free access to the online edition for 12 months. (Note that postage is approximately GBP 300)
After the first year, e-access cost will be the same for everyone, whether or not you take the print.

Oxford English Dictionary
OED Brochure
See current pricing.
2009 pricing for CAUL (12/8/08)
2008 pricing for CAUL (20/8/07)
CAUL pricing for 2007 (24/7/06)
CAUL pricing for 2006 (5/8/05)
CAUL Pricing for 2005 & Renewal details for current subscribers (5/8/04)
CAUL Pricing for 2004 & Renewal details for current subscribers (at 15/8/03, updated 5/9/03)
Further information for CAUL

Oxford Languages Dictionaries Online.
OLD Brochure (23/11/07)
See current pricing.
2009 pricing for CAUL (12/8/08)
2008 Pricing for CAUL (23/11/07)

Grove Dictionaries
Grove Art Online.
Grove Music Online.
The Encyclopedia of Aesthetics is part of the additional content which subscribers to OAO get without any extra charge as part of the relaunch of Oxford's art resources. This, together with Concise Oxford Dictionary of Art Terms which is also included, is meant to provide a quicker route into unfamiliar terms than users might get with the in-depth Grove Dictionary of Art. It is not linked to ORO in any way, but is self-contained within the Art site. (18/4/08)

See current pricing.
2009 pricing for CAUL (12/8/08)
2008 pricing for CAUL (20/8/07)
CAUL pricing for 2007 (24/7/06)
CAUL pricing for 2006 (5/8/05)
New articles on art in Australia and New Zealand available from December 2004 (6/9/04)
CAUL pricing for 2005Renewal details for current subscribers (4/8/04)
CAUL pricing for 2004 (29/9/03)

Encyclopedia of Popular Music.
EPM Brochure (23/11/07)
See current pricing.
2009 pricing for CAUL (12/8/08)
2008 pricing for CAUL (23/11/07)

Previous offers for Macmillan Grove products.
The Grove Dictionary of Art
The New Grove Dictionary of Music & Musicians 2e

Oxford Islamic Studies Online.
OISO Brochure (23/11/07)
See current pricing.
2009 pricing for CAUL (12/8/08)
2008 Pricing for CAUL (23/11/07)

Oxford Biblical Studies Online.
See current pricing.
2009 Pricing for CAUL (9/4/09)

Electronic Enlightenment (EE) (12/8/08)
See current pricing.
2009 pricing for CAUL (12/8/08)

Who's Who & Who Was Who.
See current pricing.
2008 pricing for CAUL (28/1/08)

Oxford Bibliographies Online (14/5/10)

Oxford Reference Online
Further information re content of collections

See current pricing.
2009 pricing for CAUL (12/8/08)
2008 pricing for CAUL (20/8/07)
Pricing for 2007 (24/7/06)
Pricing for 2006 & renewal details for current subscribers (25/7/05)
Western Civilisation Collection - upgrade to ORO Premium (30/6/05)
Pricing for 2005 & Renewal details for current subscribers (4/8/04)
Pricing for 2004 & Renewal details for current subscribers (18/8/03, updated 5/9/03) Includes pricing for the enhanced "Premium Collection".
Pricing...A 25% discount is available to CAUL members.
Unlimited user licence prices & subscription information
Oxford Scholarship Online
Oxford Scholarship Online is available by annual subscription or purchase to libraries and institutions.
Update 4/11/08: pending changes to the OSO multi-module discounts for 2009.  From next year, the multi-module discount will change to reflect the very large number of modules now available (will be 16 by mid-2009).  These discounts will be as per the following:
Discount for multiple modules
5 modules:        10%
8 modules:        15%
11+ modules:    25%
Subject modules available in Philosophy, Religion, Political Science, and Economics & Finance
New modules available 2007 - Biology, Business and Management, Classical Studies, History, Linguistics, Literature, Mathematics, Physics, and Psychology. (19/12/07)
OSO FAQs (23/8/06)
Perpetual Access Agreement (18/12/07)

See current pricing.
OSO 2010 titles lists (updated 14/5/10, includes proposed titles up to 2011)
2009 OSO pricing for subscriptions and perpetual access (12/8/08)
2008 offer to CAUL for OSO perpetual access, with group discounts (12/8/08)
OSO updated pricing (4/3/08) - includes new OSO modules, and perpetual access pricing (17/3/08)
2008 pricing for CAUL (20/8/07)
CAUL subscription Pricing for 2007 (24/7/06) Costs for 2007 updates (4/4/07)
2006 Perpetual Access Pricing - FTE-based (23/8/06)
Updates - this pricing includes all updates to December 2006.  Updates can be purchased annually - there will be three per year. Updates will be priced as a function of the actual print value of the titles included.
Two years free hosting if all four modules purchased, and continued free hosting when updates in all subjects purchased.
For institutions that purchase the full collection, the USD $450 per annum hosting fee will only apply where the two years of free hosting (for all who purchase the full collection) have lapsed and the institution is not purchasing the annual updates for all subjects.  So long as an institution has purchased full collection and continues to purchase all updates, the hosting fee will never apply.
Free hosting for the year of purchase for institutions purchasing fewer than four modules.
Otherwise, hosting fees will be $150 per module per annum or US$450 per annum for the full collection.
CAUL Pricing for 2006 (29/8/05)
CAUL Pricing for 2005 (5/8/04)
CAUL Pricing for 2004 (29/9/03)
Invoice for 2004 (based on a reduced # of subscribers) (10/03/04)

Oxford Handbooks Online.
The complete texts of the prestigious Oxford Handbooks in Business and Management, Philosophy, Political Science, and Religion now available online. (1/10/09)
Contents (1/10/09)
See current pricing.

Oxford Digital Reference Shelf
Content:  .... 12 multi-volume reference works will be available for purchase. .... 5 out of the 6 titles included in the Western Civilization Collection of Oxford Reference Online are available as part of the Digital Reference Shelf.  There are no immediate plans to update the content of DRS titles which is why they are available for purchase.  There may be new editions at some stage in the future, and I'm sure we will offer a discounted rate to those who have purchased the previous e-edition.  Those who subscribe via the Western Civilization cluster of Oxford Reference Online will get the new editions as part of the subscription as is the case with ORO already. (17/9/05)
Hosting services are available for an annual fee.  Libraries may choose to self-host the content.  And hosting is free for Oxford Reference Online: Premium Collection subscribers. (16/9/05)
See current pricing.
2009 pricing for CAUL (12/8/08)
2008 pricing for CAUL (20/8/07)
ODRS pricing (9/9/06)
ODRS pricing, including hosting fees and multi-title discounts (valid to March, 2006) (2/11/05)

Oxford Medical Handbooks Online
See current pricing.
2009 CAUL Pricing for Oxford Online Medical Texts (30/4/09)

Oxford American Handbooks in Medicine.
2009 Proposal to CAUL (via Ovid, 14/5/09)

Oxford Textbook of Medicine Online (14/5/10)

2010 CAUL Pricing for ORIL, including individual modules ILDC+ICL+IHRL+IIC+IC, & Max Planck EPILO & Oceana Law products (25/3/09, updated 17/11/09, valid to 31/12/10)
2009 CAUL Pricing for ORIL, including individual modules ILDC+ICL+IHRL+IIC, & Max Planck EPILO (31/7/08, updated to include IC 14/1/09))

Oxford Reports on International Law:  ORIL (ILDC + ICL + IHRL + IIC or IC) and MPEPIL
For 2010 pricing see Oxford Law Resources (2/9/09)
ORIL Brochure (4/7/08)
Oxford Reports on International Law is a new modular service offering broad coverage of international case law from international courts and tribunals, domestic courts and ad hoc tribunals. The current modules included are: (20/8/08)
International Law in Domestic Courts (ILDC) (25/3/09)
International Criminal Law (ICL)
International Human Rights Law (IHRL)
International Investment Claims (IIC)
Investment Claims (IC) - NEW (14/1/09)
The Max Planck Encyclopedia of Public International Law Online (MPEPIL)

New benefits for ILDC subscribers
Free access to ICJ and PCIJ cases: From August ILDC subscribers will have automatic free access to the new Oxford Reports on International Courts of General Jurisdiction module, which includes cases from the International Court of Justice and Permanent Court of International Justice.
The Oxford Law Citator: The Oxford Law Citator is powerful research tool provided free of charge with Oxford Reports on International Law. It is an ongoing project which will continually improve and enhance linking and referencing throughout the service.
How to access International Law in Domestic Courts after 10th July, 2008.

International Law in Domestic Courts (ILDC)
NEWS 2/7/08:  On 10th July 2008 ILDC will become part of a broader service called Oxford Reports on International Law.
New! Online Law Service - Launching September 2006!  (11/8/06)
International Law in Domestic Courts (ILDC) is an online law reporting service focusing on the salience of international law issues before domestic courts.
Brochure (12/10/06)
For 2010 pricing see Oxford Law Resources (2/9/09)
2008 pricing for CAUL (27/8/07)
Pricing (12/10/06)
Access will be for an entire institution, as with our other products, but the pricing is based on the FTE of the law school only rather than the FTE of the whole institution.  Prices are:
USD $2,090 for an academic institution with a law school FTE of 299 or less
USD $2,490 for an academic institution with a law school FTE of 300-749
USD $2,990 for an academic institution with a law school FTE of 750 or more
It is worth noting at this stage that increases in the region of 10% will be applied for each of the next two years.  Because so much content will be added in the fortnightly updates, the value of the resource will increase at an above-average rate, and we need the pricing to reflect this.
For non-academic, non-commercial institutions, the price is a flat USD $1,995, with a projected 12.5% increase each year for three years.
For firms, chambers and other commerical customers (which I think doesn't apply to CAUL?), the price is a flat USD $2,995, with a projected 12.5% increase each year for three years.

The Max Planck Encyclopedia of Public International Law (MPEPIL). A New Edition of the Definitive Reference Work on Public International Law. (4/7/08)
Launching August 2008. This is a fully updated online edition of the Encyclopedia of Public International Law published in print between 1991 and 2001 under the general editorship of Rudolf Bernhardt.
MPEPIL Brochure (4/7/08)
For 2010 pricing see Oxford Law Resources (2/9/09)

Oceana Law.
For 2010 pricing see Oxford Law Resources (2/9/09)
2009 pricing for CAUL (12/8/08)
CAUL Pricing (14/5/08)

Consitutions of Countries of the World
Constitutions of USA
Consitutions of Dependencies and Territories
Territories and International Agreements
New York Code of Professional Responsibility and Ethics
Oxford TextBook of Psychotherapy
OUP Brain Science Collection
See Ovid Technologies for access to these packaged with APA products (25/8/06)

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