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Updated 24 September, 2009

NEWS 21/5/09: OECD Publishing announces price freeze for 2010 .... This applies to the full range of SourceOECD products, as well as OECD Journals and Statistical Databases, irrespective of format - online-only or online-and-archive (print/CD/DVD). ... The price freeze will apply to all Euro, US Dollar and Yen prices, but 2010 will necessarily reflect the fall in the value of Sterling, given that the Euro is the currency in which OECD costs are incurred. In order to alleviate the financial pressure, the OECD will absorb half of this exchange-rate impact and ask UK customers to cover the other half via a 15% price increase.

OECD iLibrary (formerly SourceOECD): the OECD's own publications portal. From January 1st 2001 access to the full text of our publications and to the statistical databases will be restricted to authorised users at subscribing institutions.

OECD Subscription Prices 2008 (23/8/07)

CAUL Pricing.
SourceOECD renewal offer to CEIRC for 2010 & offer for new subscribers   (via DA Information Services, 12/9/09 updated 24/9/09 with FTE bands)
SourceOECD renewal offer to CEIRC for 2009 & offer for new subscribers   (via DA Information Services, 2/10/08)
SourceOECD renewal offer to CEIRC for 2008 & offer for new subscribers   (via DA Information Services, 8/10/07)
SourceOECD renewal offer to CEIRC for 2007 & offer for new subscribers   (via DA Information Services, 29/9/06)
SourceOECD offer to CEIRC for 2006 & offer for Category C new subscribers   (DA Information Services 11/9/05, updated 21/9/05)
    FAQ (updated 20/9/05)
SourceOECD offer to CEIRC for 2005  (DA Information Services 10/9/04, updated 16/9/04)
SourceOECD offer to CEIRC for 2004  (DA Information Services 16/10/03)
SourceOECD offer to CEIRC for 2003  (DA Information Services 7/8/02))
Price List 2002 (List prices)

2008 Terms and Conditions (2/10/08)
2004 Terms and Conditions (29/9/06, valid 8/10/07)

Technical Contact/s (if no technical contact available, the sales contact has been provided): Johna Low  - DA Information Services
Database Statistics.  Unfortunately, accurate usage stats are currently not available due to the diverse format of the SourceOECD database material; PDF eBooks, abstracts, periodicals, statistical databases, tables.  We have been informed the new SourceOECD interface will be launched soon. The new interface was expected this year but has been delayed and took much longer than anticipated - the joys of having to work with diverse material format. OECD now expects to launch the beta-site in December 2007. The new interface is expected to be released in the first quarter of 2008. (30/10/07)

Summary of terms & conditions (10/7/02)
1. we allow subscribers to self-archive e-back-issues, and we allow back-issue access via the Ingenta platform and will provide the latest statistical datasets on CD-ROM to ex-subscribers.
2. we allow e-interlibrary loans from our portal (SourceOECD) and via others such as Swets etal that carry our content.
3. Yes, we encourage usage of our materials in course packs and teaching as part of a normal subscription.
4. Yes, we allow walk-in use.
5. Yes we allow remote access.
The other question that usually comes up:
6. Yes, we allow 3 months grace online access at the end of each subscription period.

Our full terms and conditions are available via the Librarians area of our portal ( If clients insist on a license (we don't) then we prefer to use the standard license at We welcome orders via subscription agents or directly - it's your choice.

Toby Green
Head of Marketing
OECD Publications
Public Affairs and Communications Directorate
+33 1 45 24 94 15 (phone)/ 53 (fax)
2 rue André Pascal, 75775 Paris Cedex 16, France

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