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Updated 12 March, 2010

NEWS 18/3/09:  On February 18th, 2009, The National Research Council of Canada (NRC) announced the results of a strategic review of NRC programs conducted by the Federal Government of Canada. As a result of this review, the Government of Canada and the National Research Council of Canada have decided that the journals and services of NRC Research Press will be transferred to the private sector.

2008 NRC-CISTI Price List of Products and Services (14/3/08)
Technical Contact (if no technical contact available, the sales contact has been provided):
Statistics.  (28/8/08)

Academic Consortium Licence (18/7/05, valid 28/8/08)
Licence amendment re NRC back files (10/2/09)

List pricing for 2009  (23/9/08) - for DDP, subtract E-only price from P+E price.
List Pricing for 2008 (21/8/07)
2007 Annual Subscription Rates (2/8/06)

CAUL Pricing for 2009 & 2010 (28/8/08, valid 23/7/09)
CAUL Pricing for 2008 (17/8/07)
Offer to CAUL (at 20/8/07, unchanged since 17/10/05)
Three notables:
1. The Canadian Journal of Botany will be changing it's name to Botany. Here's a link to the announcement:
2. JEES and ER will be going electronic-only beginning January 2008. A 20% bundle discount will be available for the two.
3. Back files are still available for one-time purchase. Let me know if CAUL is interested.
CAUL Pricing for 2007 (2/8/06)
An additional offer for new subscribers to Canadian Journal of Civil Engineering, Canadian Geotechnical Journal, and the Canadian Journal of Forest Research is available. (3/8/06)
Amended Offer to CAUL (18/7/05, revised 17/10/05)
Offer to CAUL (11/3/05)  See also Q&A.
Offer to CAUL (1/3/01, updated 21/4/01) Terms and conditions for consortia access to NRC Research Press electronic journals to CAUL - note current cost of site licence to all electronic journals is $9852.50

Journal Backfiles.
NRC Research Press back files available for purchase! (23/2/07)
Updated offer to CAUL (30/8/08)

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