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Updated 22 August, 2007

Letter to DA re netLibrary - drafted by Martin Borchert re ordering, MARC records, integration with acquisitions (21/3/06, sent 21/11/06)

Technical Contact/s (if no technical contact available, the sales contact has been provided): Johna Low - DA Information Services

NEWS (3/11/06): Academic Subject Sets. Developed specifically for college, university and Academic Research Libraries, these pre-selected collections give students, faculty and staff quick access to eContent within specific academic disciplines.
Update 1/3/05: ebooks Essential collections are not available for consortia due to publisher restrictions. However [DA] can sell these individually to libraries that are interested.  You should be aware that all the imprint dates of these collections are pre 2000.

NetLibrary eBooks – Patron Driven Acquisition Program - offer to CEIRC (via DA, 22/8/07)
Library eBook Agreement for a Library Located outside the U.S. (22/8/07)

netLibary offer to CAUL for 2004 (via DA) 19/11/03, offer closes 31/12/03, extended to 29/2/04 (13/2/04)
International Consortium eBook Agreement (includes Exhibit D - An example of the International Library eBook Agreement) DRAFT dated 10/3/04, received 15/3/04

Message from DA Information Services 15/3/04:  The consortium offer is now closed. We have a total of 9 members, namely:
Auckland University of Technology
University of Adelaide
Griffith University
Macquarie University
Murdoch University
James Cook University
University of Wollongong
University of Technology Sydney
University of Newcastle

At this stage, all 9 have submitted their 200 titles.  Murdoch and JCU who submitted theirs last year are already accessing their titles.  The others will access theirs once all the titles are confirmed (in process at the moment).  All, except UTS have purchase their titles outright.  UTS chose the subscription option. They will be renewing their titles annually, unless they choose to purchase outright later on.

FYI, once closed, no new members can join later on to access this collection of titles.  New interest in the future will have to form a new collection within the CEIRC consortium.  However, existing consortium members (the 9 members) can add to this current collection.

netLibrary offer to CAUL (DA Information Services 1/8/02)

[trial] netLibrary Trial Agreement (1 September, 1999) | follow-uup to trial (2 December, 1999)
netLibrary Agreement (International Library Customer) September 1999
netLibrary Publishers List | netLibrary Book Lists - History, Philosophy, Religion
Messages from netLibrary [6 October 1999 - licensing options]  [20 September 1999 - Welcome to the trial] [September 13 - start of trial]  [ September 1- trial length]  [ August 11 - licensing of eBooks]  [ August 10 - background of netLibrary]

December 2, 1999
CEIRC members are asked to notify of their interest in subscribing to netLibrary, either individually or as part of a consortium package by 16 December 1999.

When expressing interest, members should indicate if they are interested in Option A or Option B or both or something different.  Members may wish to consult the netLibrary Publishers List or the compilation of books in History, Philosophy, Religion or may wish to suggest another subject or publisher listing which netLibrary will be requested to compile.

Members should indicate when they would like a subscription to begin, and whether they prefer the annual or perpetual access fee.

Diane Costello, CAUL.

October 6, 1999
Outlined below are a couple of licensing options for you and your group to consider.  These options are in response to inquiries from CAUL member libraries for netLibrary pricing.  If you have other ideas, please don’t hesitate to let me know.  I look forward to building a relationship that best meets the needs of your libraries and patrons.

As you know, there are two components to the licensing of netLibrary eBooks. First, the books themselves.  Our prices are based on the hard copy list price of the title.  In addition to the price of the book, there is an access fee that provides CAUL members with access to our extranet site (including electronic commerce-based ordering, account status, tailored usage reports, etc.), management and maintenance of the eBooks, escrowing of the eBooks and continual management of the network infrastructure (servers, software, etc.). This fee can be paid as a one-time charge equal to 50% the cost of the book(s) or if you prefer, you can pay this fee over the life of the book beginning in the 2nd year of licensing the book at 15% the cost of the book(s).  Both options provide you with access to the books in perpetuity, as long as the access fees are current.

Option A – General Collection
This option allows your libraries to acquire 4,000 eBooks from the entire netLibrary collection (currently over 6,500 titles) and to share these books among all your libraries. CAUL will be provided with one copy of each of the 4,000 eBooks in the collection, be able to purchase multiple copies of individual titles, as well as have the ability to return titles that aren’t as valuable to your collection. This program allows for an initial collection of 4,000 eBooks to be purchased for $176,000 less the negotiated discount. The discount is based on the total volume initially purchased as well as forecasted future volumes.  CAUL has the opportunity to share the cost of (and access to) the collection among as many (or as few) members as you so desire.  The available discount schedule is outlined in the attached agreement.

As this collection grows, your libraries will continue to have access to these books as well as the additional titles purchased by your group. Perpetual access to the books is guaranteed through the pre-paid or annual access fees.

Option B –Subject & Publisher Collections
This option allows you to license specific collections that are represented in the entire netLibrary collection.  For example, we could package collections for the following popular subject categories: Computer Science, Technology & Engineering, Business & Economics, Literature, Consumer Health, and Travel Guides. In addition, this option allows you to select eBooks from a number of publishers.  You may want to create standing (i.e. blanket orders) for eBooks available from O’Reilly, McGraw, Macmillan, Oxford and Cambridge and Harvard Business Press.  To simplify future eBook selection, we could create standing orders for future eBooks that fall within these subject classifications or are published by these select publishers. We can work with you to define the collections that would be of value and the associated costs in starting the collection, as well as building it over the next 6-18 months.

Both options allow CAUL to establish a deposit account with netLibrary and allow you to debit funds to pay for future eBook purchases.  We provide a system that permits you to manage the allocation of the funds toward eBooks manually or automatically based on an electronic commerce-purchasing model.

When you decide to purchase eBooks, the netLibrary license agreement will need to be signed.  I have included a copy for your review.   This agreement provides for CAUL to license the initial shared collection as well as the opportunity to license individual, unique member collections.  For example, Australian National University may participate in the shared collection, yet may also find value in establishing their own unique collection for exclusive access.  By participating in the shared collection and developing a unique collection, Australian National University’s patrons will have seamless access to both collections.

I can be reached via telephone at 303.415.2548 or via email at

Lisa Elliott
Manager , Program Development

Lisa Elliott
20 September 99
Welcome to the CAUL/CONZUL trial of netLibrary!
Through this trial you will have the ability to experience the most comprehensive collection of online books and resource materials available.  Following, you will find answers to some of the more frequently asked questions.  If you have a question that isn't answered here, please contact Diane Costello at +61 (0) 2 6249 2990 or

What is netLibrary?
netLibrary™ is an easy-to-use, web-based system for accessing and retrieving full text reference, scholarly, and professional books. By combining the time-honored traditions of the library system with electronic publishing, netLibrary helps libraries create a richer, more productive learning environment for your patrons.

What is an eBook?
The term eBook applies to published materials such as reference books, textbooks, and research materials that have been converted into digital format for electronic distribution.  By creating a virtual library of full text titles, netLibrary has made it possible for librarians to expand their collections without building new storage facilities.  eBooks also eliminate other inefficiencies associated with printed materials.  For example, eBooks can be delivered to patrons in remote locations immediately, without the need to spend time and money delivering books from library to library, campus to campus.

Does netLibrary require eBook devices such Rocketbook and softBook?
No. Hand-held eBook readers are not required. Libraries and their patrons can access their collections from any in-library or remote computer with Internet access and a browser version of 3.X or better.

Why would anyone want to read a book on a computer screen?
In general, people are using eBooks for their empowering qualities rather than for cover to cover reading.  By focusing on reference, scholarly, technical and professional books, netLibrary is turning books into a compelling electronic resource.  Patrons are using this resource as powerful research and reference tool as well as a high-speed method of previewing books before going to the stacks.

What types of eBooks are available?
The netLibrary collection consists of a broad range of reference, scholarly, and professional works from some of the world's top university and commercial presses. Please see  and to access the latest book list and publisher list.

How does netLibrary protect publishers' copyrights?
netLibrary's technology permits only one person at a time to view a copy of a given eBook. Patrons are also limited in their ability to print or copy the eBook.

What happens to our eBooks if netLibrary ceases operations?
netLibrary has established an escrow agreement with OCLC to store copies of all eBooks purchased. In the event netLibrary ceases operations, the purchased eBooks will be made available to your library.

How much does netLibrary cost?
Book pricing is equal to or less than publishers' list price for printed books, with discounts based on volume. For netLibrary's services (extranet, MARC records, OCLC escrow arrangements, customer support, etc.) a fee allows libraries to access the eBooks and receive the associated services.  There are two options for payment of this fee: a one-time up front payment equal to 50% the cost of the eBook for immediate ownership in perpetuity or, beginning in year two, a fee equivalent to 15% the cost of the eBook declining by three percent each year to year six where the fee remains at 3%.
(see also

How can the distance learner take advantage of eBooks?
netLibrary provides twenty-four-hour-a-day, seven-day-a-week access to eBooks from any location in the world. Visitors to the netLibrary Web site can efficiently search thousands of titles simultaneously, finding multiple references for a subject or topic.

How do I know if eBooks are being used by my patrons?
netLibrary has invested in a world-class system that provides libraries with volumes of aggregate usage data-information that is simply not available from traditional circulation reports. These reports are available through the netLibrary extranet.

What is the Extranet?
The Librarian's Extranet is a secure portion of the netLibrary site that allows libraries and library consortia to administer and review the status of their netLibrary accounts. By accessing the Librarian's Extranet, authorized library personnel can add or remove users, establish IP addresses for authentication, and set checkout times for eBooks. The Librarian's Extranet also provides a number of real-time financial and usage reports.

How do I protect patron privacy?
Developed according to American Library Association recommendations, the netLibrary Web site is designed with built-in safeguards that ensure patron confidentiality. netLibrary is committed to the timely separation of personal identifiers from tracking elements. Our system detaches research strategies and usage patterns from recognizable patrons.

When will netLibrary be available?
Now. Simply visit from any library-based computer terminal. If the CAUL logo is present, you will be able to access copyrighted eBooks. If not, please contact Diane Costello.

Does netLibrary integrate with our OPAC catalog?
Today, netLibrary makes MARC records available via OCLC. These MARC records allow you to integrate eBooks into your OPAC catalog with direct links to the text via the 856 field.

How do I learn more?
For more information about netLibrary, eBooks, and the title list, visit the netLibrary Web site at Or contact Diane Costello at  +61 (0) 2 6249 2990.

Lisa Elliott
13 September 99
The CAUL/CONZUL trial of netLibrary is underway!  Please let me know if you experience difficulty of any kind on your end.  I'd like to make certain you're seeing a branded site when you access netLibrary and that you are able to view copyrighted books.

Lisa Elliott
1 September 1999
<snip>  We would also like to brand your netLibrary trial website with a logo or graphic so your users will recognize your netLibrary ebooks as part of your collection.

What I'd like to do is try to get your trial set up to begin September 13th.  We'll plan on having your trial site up for 30 days.  Just prior to turning your trial site on I will email you and let you know everything is a go.

Message from netLibrary 11 August 1999:
eBooks are licensed on a model similar to how you currently purchase hard copy books at a price comparable to the printed version of the book.  This "simultaneous use" licensing allows for unrestricted patron use on a book-by-book basis.  In otherwords, if your library licenses one copy of a particular eBook, that book is available to as many people that want to use it, but only one user at a time.  In addition, there are no restrictions on whether your patrons are on campus or remote. If you license more than one copy of the book, it will be available to the respective number of users. In addition to the price of the book, an access fee is extended.  This access fee provides you with usage reports tailored specifically to your eBook library, the continual upgrade and maintenance of the technology, bandwidth, the escrow of eBooks and the access to eBooks.  This fee can be dispersed over the life of the book or paid up-front as a one-time fee.
Lisa Elliott

Message from netLibrary 10 August 1999:
To give you a brief background about who we are and what we are doing: netLibrary is the most comprehensive collection of online books and resource materials available. By translating books into an electronic format netLibrary creates a virtual world that is as easy to use as a library, but is faster, more efficient, and accessible from any location

Some of the outstanding features of netLibrary include:
netLibrary allows users 24-hour-a-day, 7-day-a-week access via the Internet.  Patrons can use eBooks when it is convenient from any computer (home, school or library-based).

Increased Search Capabilities
netLibrary searches are precise, thorough, and efficient. Users can conduct full-text searches of every word in every eBook in a library's collection and search by MARC record. eBooks are cross-referenced and linked, and search terms are specified by your controlled vocabularies.

Our system employs advanced data-collecting capabilities. While maintaining patron privacy, netLibrary can provide libraries with valuable, aggregated usage data. This information will aid management and acquisition decisions, increasing libraries' abilities to identify and meet their patrons' needs. netLibrary reports do more than show the circulation patterns of eBooks. These reports can offer such information as demand, queuing activity and patron searches that were not satisfied by a library's collection.

Lower Book Overhead
Research suggests that the average lifetime costs of managing and maintaining a hard copy book are 2.5-4.0 times the original purchase price of the book.  The costs over the life of a netLibraryä eBook are between 1.4-1.5 times the original cost of the purchase price of the book.  These costs are built into the upfront cost of the eBook or can be distributed over the first 6 years of the eBooks life.

Each page is dynamically rendered, allowing netLibrary to establish a unique visual identity for each participating library. We use logos and color schemes that make netLibrary look like your library's home page; we become an extranet! Branding increases the library's visibility. With a simple click, patrons go from netLibrary to the libraries' home pages.

Annotation Capabilities
netLibrary's Knowledge Station is a more-advanced tool than anything currently available to library patrons, allowing them to use library books in new ways. Patrons can make notes in the margins of eBooks, highlight text, and bookmark pages. These notes can be saved as shadow files and reapplied to the text when the eBooks are borrowed again. These notes also can be shared, allowing professors to make notes in the course texts for students and letting students share notes and comments - both of which are means for deeper understanding of the texts. Without the Knowledge Station, your patrons would still experience all of the features of netLibrary, minus the ability to download books for viewing off-line and creation of annotation sets.

Special Collections
Our system can increase libraries' revenues by allowing libraries to put their special collections online and offer them to remote users. netLibrary also increases free patron access to these unique collections, while eliminating the risk of collection damage.

We officially launched on March 29, 1999, and are very excited about the impact we can make on libraries, their patrons, distance education and beyond. Please take a look at our application by going to HTTP://   You can also find more detailed information about the application itself by going to HTTP://  [There is also] an article about netLibrary that the Chronicle for Higher Education featured in their April 16th issue.  Along with this article we were also featured in the April 1 issues of Library Journal and American Libraries.

Lisa Elliott
Manager - Program Development
303 544-0796, ext.164



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