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Technical Contact
Customer Services, Nature Publishing Group, Asia Pacific: E-mail: Business  +81 3 3267 8751
When sending emails regarding any technical issues, please also cc to Tamara Joyner and the CAUL Office
In order for our web services team to investigate the problem; would you please provide the answer of the following questions?
1- your IP address as seen at
2- your debug information as seen at
3- the URL or screenshot of an article or title you are unable to access.
Status.  This page lists upcoming maintenance and technical announcements regarding the availability of This includes site license access to all NPG publications and access to online services. Note:  it will help identify whether a system problem is at the end or the subscriber end.

Palgrave Connect.
Palgrave Macmillan and Nature Publishing Group collaborate to launch new ebook platform. In response to the growing demand for digital resources Palgrave Macmillan will launch its own ebook platform, Palgrave Connect, in January 2009. (12/11/08)
Palgrave Connect offers library users unlimited simultaneous access to Palgrave Macmillan’s complete ebook collection or any combination of collections in the following eight subject areas:
Business & Management
Economics & Finance
Language & Linguistics
Literature & Performing Arts
Political & International Studies
Religion & Philosophy
Social & Cultural Studies

Nature’s online archive is offered as three major collections, containing over 400,000 articles – a wealth of high quality content:
•    Nature archive:  November 1869 - December 1949 (180,000 articles)
•    Nature archive:  January 1950 - December 1986 (200,000 articles)
•    Nature archive:  January 1987 - December 1996 (37,000 articles)
Content published more recently can be purchased as single years or as customizable packages. (update 28/10/09)

2010 NPG Offer to CAUL (draft 18/5/09, finalised 28/5/09, updated 13/11/09)
CAUL - Nature Publishing Group 2009 Summary (19/5/09, updated 4/9/09)
NPG Pay Per View Licence Agreement (27/5/09)

Proposal to CAUL for 2009 (13/5/08, updated 21/8/08)
CAUL - Nature Publishing Group 2008 Summary (13/5/08, updated 21/8/08)
Academic Licence Agreement Schedule - 2008 (13/5/08)
Corporate Licence Agreement Schedule - 2008 (13/5/08)

Proposal to CAUL for 2008 (22/6/07)
CAUL - Nature Publishing Group 2007 Summary (22/6/07)

Proposal to CAUL for 2007 (31/1/06, updated 7/8/06)
CAUL - Nature Publishing Group 2006 Summary (31/1/06, updated 7/8/06)
Academic Licence Agreement Schedule - 2006 new licence (7/8/06)
Corporate Licence Agreement Schedule - 2006 new licence (7/8/06)

Proposal to CAUL for 2006 (24/6/05, updated 4/7/05)
Summary pricing and discount schedules from NPG 2006 proposal (4/7/05)
Price simulation (quotation) for 2006 (23/6/05)

Proposal to CAUL for 2005 (3/8/04, updated 27/8/04)
Supplementary proposal for 2005 (3/11/04)
Pricing for 2005 is based on a different definition of FTEs, Medical and Biological Sciences, not Physical Sciences and Engineering.
List prices for 2005 print journals (17/9/04)
Price simulation for 2005 (quotation) (based on FTE figures already provided) (15/7/04, updated as confirmations received)
On the new sheet .... indicated by PINK highlighting if the FTE or SciFTE has gone up, and YELLOW highlighting if it went down. .... also indicated in the same way whether the band definition changed. There seem to be quite a few cases where the numbers go up and in four cases the bands have actually gone up.  There are also cases where the SciFTE has been reduced considerably. In some cases this did not make a difference because they still ended above the cap. In some cases there has been a significant reduction. .... The overall average rise before the cap went from 50% to 46% and after the cap from 33% to 29%.  This result makes the idea of the cap more important than ever ....

Updates from the original version of the offer include:
- Outline of purchase option re Site License or Site License with Print.
Academic Journals:
- Description of policy relating to the separate purchase of AJ's per site license and/or print purchases. Site licenses will be calculated on an Scientific FTE basis as per some other Nature titles.
 - Discounted pricing for members renewing print subscriptions in addition to purchasing titles via site license.
Archive note.
- Statement that CAUL members who buy Nature Methods or the Nature Clinical Practise journals early (during 2004) and receive the 20% pre-pub discount will not receive any additional discounts until they renew.
- Confirmation of the rebate for EMBO customer who also buy print.
- Confirmation that the 26-35 member discount level will be guaranteed for ALL products.
- Impact factors updated

Proposal for 2004 from the Nature Publishing Group (NPG)

CAUL Site License Calculator  (NPG password required)
- Nature Reviews Microbiology
- Nature Archive 1987-1996
- EMBO Journals
- Nature Reference Works
---Nature Encyclopedia of Life Science
---The Cancer Handbook
---Encyclopedia of Astronomy and Astrophysics
- A new consortium for NPG Academic Journals (Nature Online, Nature Research Journals, Nature Review Journals)

5 possible license types: Nature, Nature Research Journals, Nature Reviews Journals, Nature Archive 1987-1996 and EMBO Journals.

The size of the consortium for 2004 shall be determined by the number of members (new and renewing) on 5th December 2003. Any members entering the consortium after this date shall not affect the size of the consortium for 2004. Final Numbers from 2003.

Nature - Weekly, Journals & Reviews

Proposal to CEIRC 17/9/02  - Expressions of interest to CAUL Office by 16/10/02
[Indicative costs for current subscribers][Site Licence Base Pricing - for Academic Institutions, for Governement & Research Institutions, for Corporate Institutions]
Expressions of interest in offer to CAUL for 2003 (12/8/02)
Quote for 2002 subscriptions for CEIRC universities (24/10/01)


Licence for Academic Institutions and Government/Corporate Institutions (1/10/04)
Academic and Government/Research members: CAUL members are classified as either “Academic” members (Universities) or “Government/Research” members (Government Research Laboratories, Government Libraries, Hospitals).
Nature Online & Consortium Licence (March, 2002)
Nature Research and Reviews Journals. & Consortium Licence (March, 2002)
& updated version - includes Nature and the Journals (August, 2004)
The Cancer Handbook
ELS - Encyclopedia of Life Sciences
Encyclopedia of Astronomy and Astrophysics Online
FTE Definitions for NPG products:
Pricing is based on an FTE (Full Time Equivalent) model.

For the Nature license, the FTE number is calculated as the total number of full time faculty, researchers, research associates, graduate and undergraduate students at the institute purchasing the license.

Science FTE
For the Nature Research and Nature Reviews [and EMBO] licenses, the FTE number is calculated as the total full time faculty, researchers, research associates, graduate and undergraduate students in all life science and medical science departments at the institute purchasing the license.

Physics FTE
FTE for Nature Materials and Nature Physics is determined as the total number of full time faculty, researchers, research associates, graduate and undergraduate students in all physical and materials science departments. As a general guide members should include pure and applied physics departments, materials science departments and electronic engineering.

Examples - Members should include: 
Pure and Applied Physics 
Materials Science 
Electronic Engineering 
Earth & Environment Sciences 
Examples - Members may exclude: 
Chemical Engineering 
Mechanical Engineering 
Mathematical Sciences 
Advanced Manufacturing 
Microsystems Technology 
Industrial Engineering 
Civil Engineering 
Applied Statistics 
NEWS: Wiley Acquires Nature Publishing Group's Reference Portfolio
Chichester, England, December 21, 2004.  John Wiley & Sons Ltd., announced today that it had completed the acquisition of the reference portfolio of Nature Publishing Group (NPG), a division of Macmillan Publishers Ltd., on December 3. ....
    The acquisition brings to Wiley a collection of three major reference works, including the flagship Encyclopedia of Life Sciences (ELS), an online and 20 volume print resource for life scientists.  Launched in 2001, ELS has quickly become a major online publication with a significant customer base. It is widely recognized as a leading scientific resource, with content that is frequently updated, and approximately 3,000 articles, written by 5,000 leading experts in the field. ....
    In addition to ELS, Wiley also purchased from Nature Publishing Group the Encyclopedia of the Human Genome (EHG) and the Encyclopedia of Cognitive Science (ECS). These three new titles will enhance Wiley's already vibrant collection of major reference works, and will contribute to its growing online STM book business.  The acquisition further builds Wiley's strength as a leading publisher in the area of Life Sciences.

Encyclopedia of Astronomy and Astrophysics (now published by IOP) (18/3/05) update - now published by Taylor & Francis (June, 2005)

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