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Updated 29 September, 2009

Content - eBooks from Distinguished Commercial Publishers (15/5/08)
Why buy MyiLibrary from Coutts Information Services? (15/5/08)

Great Books of the Western World
Ingram Digital is excited to make Great Books of the Western World, the 60-volume set of classics published by Encyclopaedia Britannica, available to libraries, universities and schools electronically, through its MyiLibrary™ publishing platform. (13/2/09)

Salt Modern Poetry Collection (via MyiLibrary, 25/8/08) - see Salt Publishing

MyiLibrary Publisher and Subject Offers for 2009 (via Coutts 12/9/09)
Wiley 2008-2009 content
Elsevier  2006 content and older
Continuum Press
Guilford Self Help collection (29/9/09)
ALPSP (Association of Learned and Professional Society Publishers)
- full package, 11 subject packages
IGO (Inter Governmental Organizations) ILO, WHO, etc
Medical - 8 subject sets
Essential Collections - 23 Collections

2008 Offer to CAUL (via Coutts, 15/5/08, revised 27/6/08)
Extension of Close of MyiLibrary CAUL Offer to the end of September plus additional offers for Salt Modern Poetry Collection and IGI 2009  (9/9/08)
Close of MyiLibrary CAUL Offer plus additional offer for Salt Publishing and IGI 2009 and increase in number of titles in the 2008 Cambridge and Elsevier Front List packages (26/9/08)
MyiLibrary Online Access License Agreement (15/5/08)
Titles Lists.

Salt Publishing Titles list and collection pricing (via MyiLibrary, 25/8/08) See also Salt Publishing - Information for CAUL
MyiLibrary ABC-CLIO  (18/7/08) See also ABC CLIO - Information for CAUL
MyiLibrary IGI Global 2006-2008   (18/7/08) See also IGI Global - Information for CAUL
MyiLibrary IGI Global 2009 (9/9/08)
MyiLibrary Cambridge University Press  (18/7/08, updated 26/9/08) See also CUP - Information for CAUL
MyiLibrary Oxford University Press (18/7/08) See also OUP - Information for CAUL
MyiLibrary University of Chicago Press  (18/7/08) See also UCP - Information for CAUL
MyiLibrary Health/Medical Subject Bundle  (18/7/08)
MyiLibrary Taylor & Francis (22/7/08) See also TandF - Information for CAUL
MyiLibrary Elsevier (22/7/08, updated 26/9/08)
Title lists and other supplementary material for packages will be placed on an FTP server and be made available for pickup to CAUL members.
FTP Pickup Address:
The access details of the FTP pickup are also in the proposal document.
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