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Updated 13 March, 2009

Synthesis Digital Library of Engineering and Computer Science.
Synthesis series and their editors.
Recently Published and Forthcoming Titles (17/7/06)
Synthesis Pricing for Academic Institutions (9/3/09) SYNTHESIS pricing for academic institutions is available in three tiers based on engineering school enrollment: large institutions (greater than 2500 students), medium institutions (between 500 and 2500 students) and smaller institutions (fewer than 500 students).
Synthesis lectures are available online to all users at licensing institutions or by individual purchase and download from the Morgan & Claypool site.
Contact Page.
Help Page.
New MARC Records Available from Morgan & Claypool Publishers. December 18, 2008
We are pleased to announce that MARC records for all Morgan & Claypool titles published through November 2008 are available on our site. These records were put together by Special Libraries Cataloguing and have considerably more data than the OCLC records, including complete tables of contents and abstracts. Files are organized by Synthesis collection, with the complete Collection One set available as a single .mrc download. Collection Two records (for titles published through November) are available in a single batch; in future they will be available as monthly updates (see below). If you need a particular batch of records and don't find what you need on our site, please email us.
Future Records
In January 2009 we will begin posting monthly batch updates. These records will be for titles published the previous month and will be in a single easily-downloadable date-stamped .mrc file. These updates will be posted by the 25th of the month. On January 25th you can expect to download records for all titles published in December (we generally publish six to ten new titles per month). If possible, you might consider setting a reminder to check our site on that date and download the new file.
Morgan & Claypool License Agreement (17/7/06)

Offer to CEIRC (via DA, 13/3/09)
Synthesis Collection No. 1 - consists of 100 Synthesis lectures.
Synthesis Collection No. 2 - consists of 125 Synthesis lectures.
Synthesis Collection No. 3 - consists of 125 Synthesis lectures (to be published from mid-2009).
Synthesis Digital Library is now also divided-up into eight smaller subject-based packages for outright purchase:
Biomedical Engineering Collection One (15 titles)
Biomedical Engineering Collection Two (25 titles)
Computer & Information Science (50 titles)
Digital Circuits & Systems  (25 titles)
Electromagnetics & Antennas Collection One (25 titles)
Electromagnetics & Antennas Collection Two (25 titles)
General Engineering, Technology, and Mathematics (30 titles)
Signal Processing & Communications (25 titles)

Offer to CEIRC (via DA, 30/7/08)
Synthesis Collection No. 1 - consists of 100 Synthesis lectures.
Synthesis Collection No. 2 - consists of 125 Synthesis lectures.
Six subject-based packages.
Offer to CEIRC (via DA, 13/7/07)
Synthesis Collection No. 1 - consists of 100 Synthesis lectures. Currently 80 lectures are available. Expected to be complete by September 2007.
Synthesis Collection No. 2 - consists of 125 Synthesis lectures. Publication expected to commence in October 2007.
Four subject based packages.
Offer to CEIRC (via DA, 24/7/06)

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