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For help with your account and your access to the website, please contact Online Customer Service at:  +1 888-307-5984 (21/2/09)

JAMAevidence License Agreement (15/9/09) Change request (Deakin University, 17/9/09)
CAUL licensing information (5/10/07)
Terms of Subscription and License Agreement for AccessPharmacy (2/10/07)
Standard AccessMedicine License Agreement (23/3/07)
Standard Terms of Subscription and License Agreement for AccessMedicine (1/9/06)
2006 AccessScience License Agreement (18/8/06)
AccessScience License Agreement (13/12/05)

2007-2008, see 2009 pricing spreadsheet (26/8/08)
2008-2009, see 2010 pricing spreadsheet (29/8/09)

Pricing for CAUL.
NB: HCN have an arrangement with McGraw-Hill whereby McGraw-Hill invoice CAUL directly due to [GST]  requirements. As a result ALL university subscriptions which are invoiced by McGraw-Hill are actually allocated to HCN.  HCN have acted as McGraw-Hillís distributor for many years and the sales team constantly send out McGraw-Hill material and meet with university staff to discuss their products.
The McGraw-Hill platform is the same via HCN or direct. HCN additionally act as a 24/7 support desk in case any issues occur. HCN support also provides usage statistics to all the universities and correlate their various resources into one location.  (18/9/09)

2010 pricing (30/8/09) includes new pricing for AccessAnesthiology, AccessEngineering, JAMAevidence, USMLEasy

AccessMedicine Suite
Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine, 15/e  [Harrison's Online]
Hurst's The HEART, 10/e  [Hurst's The Heart Online]
LANGE Educational Library  (1/9/06)  (33 titles) The AccessLANGE suite of basic sciences and clinical texts
Goodman & Gilman's Pharmacology
CMDT Online - Current Medical Diagnosis and Treatment including Practice Guidelines in Primary Care 2002 and Pocket Guide to Diagnostic Tests , 3rd Edition
Tintinalli's Emergency Medicine
Williams Obstetrics
Fitzpatrick's Color Atlas of Clinical Dermatology
Schwartz Principles of Surgery
Adams & Victor's Neurology
Williams Hematology
Hall Critical Care
Scriver's Online Metabolic and Molecular Bases of Inherited Disease (MMBID), 8th Edition Online
Harrison's Practice
2009 pricing (30/7/08)
Special pricing for Access Pharmacy [ACP], Surgery [ACS] and Emergency Medicine [ACEM] Products - to 31/12/08 (29/11/08)
2008 pricing (7/7/07)
2007 pricing (28/6/06) | (direct from McGraw-Hill) 2006 (& 2006 subscriptions, 13/10/05) | (via HCN) 2005 | 2004
Any subscriber to AccessMedicine will receive all updates, including new titles, to the suite during the period of their subscription.  The future prices are based on standard across-the board increases the following year but are not priced out separately (i.e. "it will be an extra $500 for access to the newly added title X").  (Eileen Linzer, 1/9/06)

Pricing for CAUL for 2004
AccessMedicine (CAUL Pricing for AccessMedicine valid until 31st Dec, 2003)
AccessMedicine List Price  Service Fee  USD TOTAL
5 concurrent users 
$19,400  $1,940  $21,340
additional licences, each $1,500  $150  $3,440
Pricing Notes:  * Minimum of 5 concurrent user licences, and a minimum of one user per institution.  Pooled users.

Harrison's Online & Hurst's Online (CAUL Pricing for Harrisons Online (via HCN) Valid until 31st Dec, 2003)
NB Pricing direct from McGraw-Hill does not include the service fee.
Harrison's Online 
Hurst's Online
  List Price  CAUL 10% Dis.  Service Fee USD  TOTAL
(1 user)  875.00  87.50  39.38  $826.88
(2 users)  1,025.00  102.50  46.13  $961.88
(5 users) 1,475.00  147.50 66.38  $1,366.88
(10 users)  2,225.00  222.50  100.13  $2,041.88
(20 users)  3,725.00  372.50  167.63  $3,391.88


About AccessMedicine (1/9/06)
Custom Curriculum Tool to Ease Medical Training Rotation Management (20/11/09)
Clinical Library  (1/9/06)
Pricing via Ovid platform (9/9/05) McGraw Hill books currently available via Books@Ovid, with list prices. Discounts are available depending on the number of Books@Ovid the institution subscribes to - these would need to be custom-quoted.
New pricing for AccessMedicine begins July 1 2007 (18/4/07)

AccessScience  - the online version of McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of Science & Technology
AccessScience Statistics (29/6/06)

CAUL Pricing for 2008 (11/7/07)
Standard Pricing for 2007 (28/6/06)
CAUL Pricing for 2007 (29/6/06)
Standard Pricing for 2006 (28/10/05)
CAUL Pricing for 2006 (28/10/05)
CAUL Pricing for 2005 (22/8/05)

Update for 2003-2004.
We have recently confirmed the pricing for the 2003-2004 season.  The pricing is viewable on SOLINET's web site, located at

The price is $.20 US per weighted fte.  The weighting schdedule is as follows:
University - 100% of students
2 YR College - 50% of students
Greg Hohman - McGraw-Hill Professional  21 March, 2003

2000 Details
Free Trial!  (commences 14 April 2000 8am US EDT) [for IP-authentication for the trial contact] and click on "subscriber login" to go straight to the search screen, or, register individually and nominate an ID and a password.
Terms & Conditions
CAUL has entered into discussions with international consortia Solinet (US), NESLI (UK) and two Canadian consortia for an international FTE-based subscription to AccessScience.  Beta testing will commence February, with free trials available April and May.  Aggregated FTEs from all consortia will close 25 May with an expected subscription start date of 1 June or 1 July.  Solinet will manage the international consortium; CAUL will manage the Australia/New Zealand coordination.

International Consortium Documentation.
AccessScience Contract with CAUL
Exhibit A [original signed copy to be sent to CAUL (LPO Box 169, ANU, Canberra ACT  2601) prior to activation of subscription]
AccessScience Order Form [to be completed and faxed to CAUL (02 6248 8571) by 19 June 2000]
Consortia Pricing [password required]

AccessEngineering (20/7/09)
NEWS:  5/3/09:  McGraw-Hill is pleased to announce the pending launch of AccessEngineering, a major redesign of the online engineering resource now known as McGraw-Hill's Digital Engineering Library. AccessEngineering's new user focused design enhances this dynamic source of engineering content, and will support all levels of scientific and technical research in the corporate, industrial, government and academic sectors.  The new URL for AccessEngineering will be active on March 9, 2009: <>
Terms of Subscription and License Agreement (20/11/09)
AccessEngineering Subscriptin [terms and conditions] (21/11/09)

Digital Engineering Library
About DEL (29/8/05)
DEL titles (29/8/05)
Pricing (29/8/05)

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