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Updated 13 July, 2009

NEWS: 19/5/09: Our Board of Trustees has decided that there will be no price increases on AMS journals, the Database Fee or the MathSciNet fee for 2010.

MathSciNet Consortium License Agreement
[Exhibit A: Acknowledgment of Terms and Conditions may also be downloaded for each member of the consortium to complete and return to the AMS]
License agreement signed in 2000, no change has been made to the agreement (21/7/08)
Use of course-packs or electronic reserve – this is allowed even though the license agreement may not make that very clear.
Linking direct to article level – since the license is for an abstracting/indexing/reviewing database and not a journal or a book, this doesn’t need to be addressed.

Technical Contact:
If you are having access problems, do an IP Address check on the computers where you cannot gain access using the following link:
(from July 2000)  Version 8 of MathSciNet will be released in September 2002.  There will be several new features; in particular, it will incorporate the OpenURL protocol and support for SFX services, which enable localized services in an open linking environment.  If your institution currently has an SFX service, please send e-mail to, so that we may ensure that your end-users will be able take advantage of the OpenURL-enhanced MathSciNet.

MathSciNet Consortium Pricing

Consortia pricing consists of the same two fees involved with single subscriptions to Mathematical Reviews products--the Data Access Fee (DAF) and the Product Delivery Fee. The Consortium DAF is based on the number of previous subscribers (DAF-holders) in the group. Consortia MSN fees are calculated per site based on "Mathematical Activity" (MA). For academic institutions, different campuses are considered different sites even if they are within the same city. IP domains supporting usage from other sites are specifically prohibited unless those other sites are listed as Consortium members in this agreement. If a site can not preclude access by remote sites, then those sites are required to be included as Consortium members.

For CEIRC pricing, a consortium benefit applies to those original subscribers for whom AMS charges the full DAF.  The CEIRC consortium benefit is derived from new subscribers, who are not charged a DAF by the AMS, but who contribute a "partial DAF" to the consortium.

Consortium Pricing for CEIRC for 2009 and 2010 (21/7/08, updated 13/7/09)
Consortium Pricing for CEIRC for 2008 (9/8/07)
Consortium Pricing for CEIRC for 2007 (16/6/06)
Consortium Pricing for CEIRC for 2006 (1/7/05, updated 10/8/05)
Consortium Pricing for CEIRC for 2005
Consortium Pricing for CEIRC for 2004
Consortium Pricing for CEIRC for 2003
Consortium Pricing for CEIRC for 2002
Consortium Pricing for CEIRC for 2001.
Consortium Pricing for CEIRC for 2000.

The American Mathematical Society has provided information about a CAUL consortium deal for 1998.

Some initial comments:
* they have given us a total cost for a consortium of the institutions who expressed interest; some of these may decide not to join, while others may decide to join. It is up to the consortium to work out how much each site in the consortium contributes to the consortium subscription.
* any member of the consortium can subscribe to classic Mathematical Reviews in 1998 for $389 (the paper version of MR)
* access to MathSciNet will be made available to consortium members when payment, the signed Site License and Site Acknowledgements have been received at the AMS. For example, if this occurs on 15 September 1997, the access will be made available from this date through 31 December 1998.

The AMS philosophy is:

Total MSN 
Consortium Price
= Consortium Data 
Access Fee (DAF)
+ Consortium 
MSN fee

Data Access Fee (DAF) = N x $5,460 + $500 (where N = # of old subscribers; $5,460 = 1998 single site DAF)
MathSciNet Fee (MSN Fee) = sum of MSNs (where each institution's MSN is based on its mathematical activity (MA) = # of papers reviewed in MR from 1994-1996 by authors at this site; MSNs = lesser of: $1775 or $250 + $20 x MA)

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