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NEWS (1/10/09): Springhouse Publisher - For years, the Springhouse Corporation has been a distinguished publisher of nursing books and materials. Springhouse books are well-known throughout the nursing industry for their easy-reference format and cohesive team of authors and editors. Lippincott Williams & Wilkins has acquired the Springhouse Corporation and has chosen to retain these popular features, continuing to publish such recognizable titles as the Clinical Companion series, Straight A's and the Incredibly Easy! series. All these titles and more, formerly published by the Springhouse Corporation, are now available online through Lippincott Williams & Wilkins at

NEWS (24/1/07):  Healthcare publisher Lippincott Williams & Wilkins (LWW), part of Wolters Kluwer Health, has announced that it has been awarded publishing responsibilities for Current Sports Medicine Reports, a leading sports medicine journal of the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM). For more information, visit

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Journals@Ovid Electronic Archive Policy (5/9/07)

Master Techniques in Orthopaedic Surgery (MTOS) Series
2010 Offer to CAUL (via Ovid, 23/3/10)

Nursing Skills Collection (includes The Incredibly Visual! quick reference books; Disease & Drug Consult handbooks; Facts Made Incredibly Quick series)
2010 Offer to CAUL (via Ovid, 23/3/10)

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Books@Ovid Purchase Model: e-Book Resources in Medicine and Allied Health from Lippincott Williams & Wilkins (offer via Ovid, 23/8/06)
Titles list for Books@Ovid (23/8/06)

LWW's Doody-classified titles.
2009 LWW offer to CAUL for Doody-classified titles (via Ovid, 18/5/09)

Made Incredibly Easy! Book Collection for Nurses.
2009 offer to CAUL (via Ovid, 1/5/09)

LWW Journals Online (3/8/06)
LWW@Ovid 100 Collection (100 core journals for medical, nursing and health sciences schools)
LWW@Ovid 100 Collection 2010 - Offer to CAUL (via Ovid, 4/9/09, updated 30/9/09)
NB: In general, if the university has a medical school they should be in Group A or Group B depending on the age of the school and the size of the institution.
LWW@Ovid 100 Collection 2009 - Offer to CAUL (via Ovid, 14/8/08)
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2007 LWW@Ovid100 Collection Proposal (via Ovid, 23/8/06)
2006 Offer to CAUL (LWW@Ovid 100 Collection via Ovid, 7/9/05)
LWW Journal Changes for LWW 100 and Nursing Collection Offer:  Proposal for CAUL - September 2005
Offer to CEIRC for LWW@Ovid 50 and LWW@Ovid 100 (via Ovid, 19/5/03)
See also the covering letter from Ovid.

LWW Nursing & Health Professions Premier Collection, formerly LWW@Ovid 50 Collection (50 core journals for nursing and health sciences schools)
2010 LWW Nursing & Health Professions Premier Collection offer to CEIRC (via Ovid, 4/9/09, confirmed 30/9/09)
2009 LWW Nursing & Health Professions Premier Collection offer to CEIRC (via Ovid, 11/8/08)
2008 LWW Nursing & Health Professions Premier Collection offer to CEIRC (via Ovid, 27/8/07)
2007 LWW Nursing Collection Proposal [Premium Electronic Nursing Journals] (via Ovid, 23/8/06)
2006 Offer to CAUL Nursing Collection Proposal: Premium Electronic Nursing Journals and Books (via Ovid, 7/9/05)
Nursing Education Package offer  (via Ovid, 17/9/02)

LWW Journal Legacy Archive
Offer to CAUL (via Ovid, 27/8/07)
Offer to CAUL (via Ovid, 17/10/06)
Current List of titles and coverage  (17/10/06)

LWW Nursing Journal Legacy Archive.
2008 Offer to CAUL (via Ovid, 11/8/08)
2007 Offer to CAUL (via Ovid, 2/10/07)

Lippincott Clinical Choice Collection
Offer to CEIRC (8 October 2003) via Ovid
2nd year pricing cap not yet available
Pricing not dependent on the number of subscribers
39 titles, latest edition, print cost approx. USD 6,000
Archival access not included - access for current subscribers only
Trial available to 31/10/03 - contact CAUL Office
Offer valid to 30/11/03 for subscription start up to 31/12/03


Institutions wanting a quote for consortial purchase of  LWW Online Journals, please download the spreadsheet of titles, tick those that are held by your institution, and return to the CAUL Office by 12 April, 2002.

From Fanny Wong, 20 February 2001
I would like to inform you that we are offering institutional subscribers in 2001 the following charter subscription offer:

Fanny Wong
Institutional Sales & Marketing Manager, Asia Pacific
Lippincott Williams & Wilkins Asia Ltd.
direct line: 852-2610 7031
tel: 852-2610 2339
fax: 852-2421 1123
email:   homepage:

Launch Date December 2000
Phase I (December 2000):

DeVita, Hellman & Rosenberg: Cancer: Principles & Practice of Oncology, 6E
Titles Added During Phase II (April 2001): Harris et al: Diseases of the Breast, 2E
Hebel: Drug Facts and Comparisons
AJCC Cancer Staging Manual, 5E
Casciato and Lowitz: Manual of Clinical Oncology, 4E
Chabner and Longo: Cancer Chemotherapy and Biotherapy: Principles and Practice, 3E
Titles Added During Phase III (December 2001): Perry: The Chemotherapy Sourcebook, 2E
Hoskins et al: Principles and Practice of Gynecologic Oncology, 2E
Pass: Lung Cancer: Principles and Practice, 2E
Chao et al: Radiation Oncology: Management Decisions
Rosenberg: Principles and Practice of the Biological Therapy of Cancer, 3E
Additional Contents Institution Pricing 2/2/01 (in USD)
Concurrent Users   BASIC  MEDIUM  PREMIER 
    DeVita Only  Devita plus any 4 Titles All Titles 
1   $699  $1,499  $2,499 
5   $2,799  $5,598  $8,397 
10   $4,478  $8,956  $13,434 
15   $6,717  $13,434 $20,151 
20   $8,397  $16,794  $25,191 
25   $10,496  $20,992  $31,488 
30   $11,755  $23,510  $35,265 
35   $13,715  $27,430 $41,145 
40   $15,674  $31,348  $47,022 
45   $17,633  $35,266  $52,899 
50   $18,193  $36,386  $54,579 
100   $33,588  $67,176  $100,764 
200   $67,176  $134,352  $201,528 
400   $134,352  $268,704  $403,056 

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