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IP-blocking (16/10/08)

NEWS (2/10/08) Liebert is digitising all its journals back to v.1.n.1 - see list of titles.
(28/6/04): If an effort to better serve our customers, Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. is in the process of launching a new e-journal site that will debut on September 1, 2004.  To ensure uninterrupted access for your institution, please activate your e-journal subscription(s) on our new site by visiting and entering your institution's Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. customer number. If you do not know your institution's customer number please e-mail (include institution name and full mailing address).  Please note: If this process is not completed your institution will not be able to receive access to purchased content.
Liebert Online Brochure (18/6/07)
Liebert Online presentation to CAUL (15/6/07)
Liebert Online presentation to CAUL (7/7/05)
Liebert 2009 new journals and titles changes (18/7/08)
Terms and Conditions (20/8/09)
General Terms and Conditions for Libraries (5/10/05)
Academic Site Licence (2004)

We will also be putting our front list books up online sometime late this year...once this is done we can come up with a discounted price for CAUL members ... you can read more about our books here (7/7/05)
Liebert Online e-book prices 2009/2010 (15/8/09)

2010 Pricing for CAUL for Liebert Online & Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology News (E-GEN) (15/8/09)
Liebert Journals list pricing for 2010 (3/9/09)

2009 Pricing for CAUL  (18/7/08)
2008 Pricing for CAUL (3/7/07)
Quote for current CEIRC subscribers for 2008 (3/7/07)
Offer to CAUL for 2007, for Liebert Online & Biotechnology Database (4/8/06)
Offer to CAUL for 2006, for Liebert Online & Biotechnology Database (7/7/05)

Offer to CAUL for 2005 (29/7/04) 2005 publication list
Offer to CAUL for 2004 (26/11/03)
Offer to CAUL for 2001 (23/4/01)

GEN Biotechnology Database
You can go directly to the site: and begin searching!...
There is a link from the GEN site at  (but not from the Liebert site!)
2 new journal titles and 2 new newsletters (3/7/07)
Sustainability: Practice and Research
Medical Acupuncture
Planned Giving Today
Planned Giving Mentor

Please take the following steps to activate your institution:

1. Go to
2. UNDER "LIBRARIANS" at the lower left hand side click "Activate your institution".
3. You will be asked to sign in.  If you already have a Liebert Online user account, enter your username and password (PLEASE NOTE: usernames and passwords from previous Liebert Online sites are not valid).  Otherwise, create one now –this user name and password are for administering your account only, not for assessing the content, which is done through I.P. validation.
4. Read and accept our Terms and Conditions by entering "yes" when prompted.
5. Enter your institution's Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. customer number:
6. Enter I.P. addresses for your institution.  This step is required for your users to access full-text content.

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