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License Depot
Updated 9 May, 2003

Trial of License Depot (to commence 16 November 1999)
Participants should connect to License Depot and link to the Login page.  Click "continue" because your IP ranges should allow direct connection.  (At midday 16 November, these were still not implemented)

Date: Mon, 09 Aug 1999 12:48:30 +1000
From: Andrew Knibbe ISA-RoweCom Australia [purchased by, no longer in business 2003]
Subject: Re: License Depot possible arrangements.

CAUL & License Depot Arrangement

License Depot was created to remove the time and labour costs involved in procuring electronic information access details.  These include, licensing, access procedures, access registration and pricing.  Rather than drifting around the World Wide Web trying to find these details, License Depot provides them for over 3,000 titles using a single interface/URL.

These can be accessed by either searching (across publisher, title or ISSN) or browsing (publisher or title) the titles and are verified/amended as required (i.e. at least once each month).  By following the appropriate links, users (i.e. librarians, information providers etc) will be presented with information from the publisher's web-site, or from the License Depot online database server.

The results are presented in groups of five (i.e. five titles/publishers). License Depot does not list all 3,000 titles from A-Z on one page.

Access is available through IP address or User Name and Password.  Any LD user will be able to change the time-out (i.e. automatic log-off) settings as required.

For the purpose of the CAUL, we propose a 10 x ten user arrangement for $A4,500 per year.  This offer is regardless of whether the library is or is not an ISA Australia client.

To remove the concerns regarding the risk of the transaction, we are more than willing to offer a 30 day money back guarantee if the product fails to provide as promised.

Further information regarding License Depot is available at ISA-RoweCom Australia [purchased by, no longer in business 2003].  This includes a brief run through of the service and a list of the major publishers involved in the service (let me know if you would prefer for us to send the comprehensive publisher listing).

I trust this meets with your approval and once again wish to thank you for your on-going interest in License Depot.  Be sure to let me know if you or any CAUL members have any questions regarding this service.

* The previous suggestion regarding libraries contacting their respective subscription agencies for their electronic subscription listing was for the sake of obtaining a list for which to work through in License Depot.  Sorry if this had caused any confusion - it has just been the most popular place to start ...

Yours sincerely,

Andrew Knibbe
Marketing & Projects ISA Australia
ISA-RoweCom Australia [purchased by, no longer in business 2003]

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