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LexisNexis Select - on LexisNexis NZ platform -  Online Titles (25/6/07)
Note:  LexisNexis Select Advantage replaces Butterworths Direct package.

LexisNexis Legal (Australia)
LexisNexis Butterworths Online - it would appear that Windows XP is not supported by Butterworths Online. However, Windows XP is supported by our new online platform, LexisNexis AU, and all our existing online customers will be migrated to LexisNexis AU in the coming months (from the LN Australia site 13/1/05)
IMPORTANT UPDATE:  Changes to the LexisNexis AU Terms & Conditions Screen
... as of 22 October, 2005 the LexisNexis AU Terms & Conditions acceptance screen will no longer be displayed!  Instead a message and hyperlinked text will be included on the LexisNexis AU home page. These changes are for Academic customers only.
This linked text will be displayed only on Home Page - General Search form and no other search form. The inline linked text will be displayed at all times when a user returns to the Home Page - General Search form.
Please contact if you have any questions about this e-mail. I can be reached on my direct line (02) 9422 2005. Alternatively, please feel free to contact Audrey Braun, Academic Sales Manager, on (02) 9422 2223 or at

Announcing the new LexisNexis AU
Intranet Tools for LexisNexis AU
If you have any queries, please contact the LexisNexis Electronic Helpline on 1800 999 906 or email us on
GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS (Global Platform) For Use of the LexisNexis Services  Effective December 1, 2003
GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS (Global Platform) For Use of the LexisNexis Services  Effective April 14, 2005

LexisNexis Academic

"LexisNexis Academic is the brand name for the university version of (News)" - Audrey Braun (20/10/03)
Pricing for 2008 (20/7/07)
LN Academic Source Package (ASIA-PACIFIC) Content (11/7/07)

Access to Canadian Law still available from (24/4/08) Lexis-Nexis Educational Subscriptions (Australia-New Zealand consortium discussion) - CAUL access only
Lexis-Nexis Educational Subscriptions 1997 (Australia-New Zealand consortium pricing) Licences.
Terms for LexisNexis Services. Your use of the LexisNexis online services, case law, legal forms and other related legal materials (“LexisNexis Services”) is also governed by the General Terms and Conditions for Use of the LexisNexis Services, and if applicable the LexisNexis Services Supplemental Terms for Specific Materials, (collectively  the "LN Services Terms") which are provided during the registration process for these LexisNexis Services, all of which are incorporated by reference herein. Your completion of the LexisNexis Services registration process constitutes your acceptance of the LN Services Terms. If you do not agree with any LN Services Terms, you are not permitted to access the  LexisNexis Services.

LexisNexis Solution Service Agreement (JCU, 24/3/10)
Request for amendment (Neil Renison, JCU, 24/3/10)

LexisNexis® Environmental

Description and pricing Discounts are available if 3 or more universities decide to form a consortium.  (21/7/06)
Complete Source List for Environment Abstracts (26/7/06)
LN Australia says:  I understand it would cover those universities which offer environmental science (or equivalent) as a bachelor degree or postgrad. They would normally have an environmental science school or would be under the faculty of science. Most universities would have something like a BSc in Enviromental Science  or a Bachelor of applied Science in environmental studies. It's a pretty loose term, so we're open to what universities need and require for their specific studies. (21/7/06)

Environment (BNA on Lexis Nexis Services)

BNA Practice Area Content Available on LexisNexis at
BNA materials are available on LexisNexis at as a separate subscription.
LexisNexis Statistical
Description and pricing (21/7/06)
LN Statistical – Base Edition Source List (26/7/06)

Capital Monitor
Capital Monitor is a parliamentary and political monitoring service bringing the very latest information from a wide range of [Australian] sources.

Lexis Nexis News and Business. .... is no longer able to be sold to Academic customers. LexisNexis Academic is the alternative. (6/9/08)
Publisher - LexisNexis®Publisher is an advanced content management tool that offers an easy way to integrate crucial, comprehensive and on-point information to your web site portal, or for your intranet visitors. Lexis Nexis presentation on Publisher (16/6/06)
ABIX - SmartBIX is no longer sold under this name. [LexisNexis] now sell ABIX content as a source on LexisNexis AU (6/9/08)
e-Newsletter - LexisNexis®Enewsletters can be generated by the LexisNexis team for a range of businesses, faculties and sectors due to the structure of our ABIX news service.

Lexis Nexis presentation on e-Newsletter (16/6/06)
E Newsletter Special Offer Order form (25/8/06)
Terms and Conditions (mediaBIX) (25/8/06)
Terms and Conditions (legalBIX) (25/8/06)
legalBIX         Legal news summaries [See sample email]
ABIX no longer produces the following newsletters - taxBIX, mediaBIX, hrBIX, Top 20 News, financeBIX, My Business. (6/9/08)
NEWS 13/3/08Removal of Canada Law Book Titles from
Currently 11 titles produced by Canada Law Book (CLB) are available via CLB has made a strategic decision to not allow any third parties to license these materials anymore. This means as of the end of March, these materials will no longer be available as part of Lexis subscriptions.
All Canada Weekly Summaries
All-Canada Weekly Summaries & Judgments
Canadian Criminal Cases
Canadian Patent Reporter
Canadian Labour Arbitration Summaries/Digests of Awards
Canadian Labour Arbitration Summaries & Judgments
Dominion Law Reports
Labour Arbitration Cases
Weekly Criminal Bulletin
Weekly Criminal Bulletin & Judgments
Canada Law List
All the significant federal judgments, and most of the significant provincial judgments from the 1970’s and 80’s forward can be found in the Canadian Federal and Provincial Caselaw files that will remain available through This takedown will not affect any Canadian statutes, journals or news and business sources through
Removal of this content will occur between the 21st and 31st of March.

Canada Law Book content no longer available on Quicklaw.

Access to Canadian Law still available from (23/4/08)
The All Canadian Cases Group file (CANCAS) is a good place to start. has better or similar coverage of Canadian Federal Courts through the below sources:
All Supreme Court of Canada Decisions (group file) (CANSCC)
    Canada Supreme Court Reports from 1876 (SCRRCS)
    Supreme Court of Canada, Unreporteds 1995-2003 (CANSCT)
Canadian Privy Council Decisions 1936-1949 (CANPRV)
National Cases 1989-2002 (NTC)
Federal Court Cases from 1986 (FEDCC)
Canada Federal Court Reports from 1971 (CANFCR)
Recueil des arrets de la Cour federale du Canada from 1971 (RFCCAN)
Federal Court of Canada, Unreporteds   1997-2004 (CANFCT)
Exchequer Court Reports  1882-1970.  See Fed Ct after 1970. (EXCR)

Coverage of the provincial courts is not as comprehensive as through CLB but is available through the below sources:
Alberta Cases from 1976 (ABC)
British Columbia Cases from 1991 (BCC)
Manitoba Cases from 1979 (MBC)
Newfoundland & Labrador Cases from 1971 (NLC)
Prince Edward Island Cases from 1971 (PEC)
New Brunswick Cases from 1969 (NBC)
Nova Scotia Cases from 1969 (NSC)
Ontario Cases  (Group file) (ONTLAW)
Ontario Cases  from 1984 (ONC)
Ontario Reports from 1931 (ONTREP)
Causes du Quebec (Quebec Cases 1987-1995) (CQC)
Saskatchewan Cases from 1980 (SKC)

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