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NEWS. From: on behalf of Blondel, Alexandra, SV USA []
Sent: Thursday, 10 February 2005 11:14 AM
Subject: Completed Migration: Kluwer Journals now on SpringerLink

Springer is pleased to announce that, effective February 8th, we havecompleted the migration of over 750 Kluwer Online journals to our new andimproved content site, SpringerLink,, resulting inone of the world's largest collections of scientific, technical andmedical literature. We would like to take this opportunity to inform youabout some changes you will experience.

Legacy URL Conversion/IP Ranges (for former Kluwer Online journals)
* Thanks to our Legacy Converter, there is no need to change librarybibliographic systems. Kluwer Online URLs ( will automatically be rerouted to thecorresponding page on SpringerLink, at the journal, issue and articlelevel.
* Kluwer Online will now redirect to SpringerLink.
* Your access rights for subscriptions, consortia licenses, and IP rangeshave been completely migrated to SpringerLink.

Springer Online Journal Archives
* Springer is expanding our online contents by providing an Online JournalArchive of all English language scientific articles published before 1997from Volume 1, Issue 1 onward.
* With the launch of the new SpringerLink, the first journal archives(journals articles published before 1997) have become available. Everyjournal with historic content now has two entries: one for current andcontemporary articles (1997-2005) and one for the archives (indicated asHistorical Archive). In January more than a half million back articleswere available in SpringerLink, and each month about 150,000 new backarticles will be added.
* The total project is estimated to digitize about 2 million back articlesand will be finished in the autumn of 2005.

Online Reference Works and eBooks
* The Online Reference Works and eBooks sites that were formerly featuredon Kluwer Online will retain all their current functionality as a part ofSpringerLink. New titles from Springer (the merged Springer-Verlag -Kluwer company) will be added continuously as usual.
* Browse Online eBooks at
* Browse Online Reference Works at

To learn more about Springer's products and services, please contact aLicensing Manager or visit our Web site at

For further information, or should you have any questions, pleasecontact the SpringerLink Helpdesk:
Outside The Americas
T: +49-6221-345-4306
F: +49-6221-345-4229

Kluwer Online Reference Works
Offer to CEIRC via iGroup (2/6/04)
Licence agreement

Kluwer Online Journals
Kluwer invoice details for 2006 (14/10/05)
Springer/Kluwer price list for 2005 (9/9/04)
Kluwer Invoice details for 2005 (26/11/04)
The current offer to CEIRC participants, excluding the Go8 who have a separate agreement, is available (4/9/03).
CAUL licence  (10/9/03, updated 1/10/03, final 12/12/03) (Walk-in users are permitted for both Springer and Kluwer. Confirmed 27/2/05)
DRAFT licence Appendix C (27/10/03)
CEIRC Holdings & participation responses  N.B. 7.3mb file (updated 12/12/03)
Members' Print Subscriptions for 2004 (15/4/04)
Invoice Summary for 2004 (15/4/04)
If Kluwer's version of the holdings is inaccurate, please supply the current list of your holdings, in print, in online only, in print & online.  If there are only a few discrepancies, please just list those.  Send to the CAUL Office.

Statistics  Shortly you should receive the stats for the initial members, this should occur on the 15/16 of each month.  We maybe able to include all the members with this month's stats.  Otherwise we'll see their usage in the next month's report.  Kevin Steiner 15/1/04
Any problems, contact (24/11/05)
Statistics Procedures [to February 2005 only] (11/3/04)
Statistics - 2005, January to date (25/7/05, updated monthly thereafter)
Statistics - 2006, January to date (3/5/06, updated monthly thereafter)

2004 subscriptions.  Any renewals through agents should be cancelled prior to November 15, 2003.  Any 2004 print subscriptions should be replaced with agents at the DDP rate.  For details, please see letter from Kevin Steiner (30/10/03)

Invoices  Issue of an invoice from Kluwer (and subsequent invoicing by CAUL) is pending the final application of print payments against electronic subscriptions.  CAUL will be sent a statement detailing all such applications prior to the issue of the invoice, so all will be able to check its accuracy.  (VALA discussion 3/2/04)

MARC records are not available from Kluwer (VALA discussion 3/2/04)

Persistent URLs  A list of URLs for Kluwer 2003 titles (minus new start-ups) is now available -  the URL for the current TOC and a list of all the issues available electronically. (11/2/04)

At the moment we don't allow linking to the articles directly, or the abstracts. However, we will soon have a "Tell a Colleague" button on every content page in our Journals platform and that will email a link directly to whatever page you are sending. That will be available in the begining of Q2. (13/2/04)

Our site is Open URL compatible so you can use SFX. (13/2/04)

Co-Branding.  Yes, with each of our products we're able to co-brand with the library or library consortium.  If there is a logo/emblem that you would like to place on the webpage, we can do that.  If you have a file you can send me I'll get it included. Kevin Steiner 15/1/04

Kluwer Online Custom Books

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