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Updated 20 August, 2009

Kluwer Law International eJournals
Kluwer Law Journal Library (31/3/08)
The Hein company has teamed up with Wolters Kluwer to bring researchers this new HeinOnline a-la-carte library.  This library will contain 12 of Kluwer's most popular journal titles.

Kluwer Law Online Licence Agreement for 2008 (26/9/07, amended 29/10/07)
Kluwer Law International Consortia Agreement (25/8/06)
Terms & conditions (standard, at 10/8/05)

CAUL Pricing.
Kluwer Law International eJournals 2010 pricing for CAUL (via DA, 22/7/09, revised 20/8/09)
2009 offer to CAUL (via DA Information Services, 5/9/08)
2008 Renewal Offer  (via DA, 26/9/07)
2007 Renewal Offer and Offer to New Subscribers - All CEIRC Members (via DA, 25/8/06)
2006Offer to CAUL (via DA, 9/8/05)
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From message received 2/5/03:  Most of the titles under the KLI or Kluwer Law International imprint have moved to Aspen Publishers, starting in 2003.  They are being sold as Kluwer Law International, this is separate from Kluwer Academic Publishers.  Please find the attached list of titles, in the notes field you will find a description of their current status (if blank the title is still a title ours).  It's important to remember that though Kluwer is no longer selling KLI titles, if an institution purchased a KLI title from Kluwer that institution is entitled to access the title even though Kluwer Law/Aspen now owns these titles.  For questions regarding KLI titles now belonging to Kluwer Law/Aspen please contact:
Marcel Nieuwenhuis, Head of Sales,

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