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Keesing’s World News Archive
Media:  Beyond Web 2.0, Here's History 2.0. Are We Ready? By Angela Natividad. Content Management Matters  Published: Mar 1. 2007 (5/3/07)
Media: Keesing's World News Archive Puts Web 2.0 into Practice. by Marydee Ojala Posted On March 5, 2007 Information Today, Inc.
A partial list of published books citing Keesing’s (22/3/07)
A partial list of published scholarly papers and articles citing Keesing’s (22/3/07)
Keesing's editorial process (22/3/07)
Keesing's brochure (22/3/07)

Keesing's Institutional license (23/9/07)

Keesing’s World News Archive & Keesing’s Record of World Events
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